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How to Move a Queen-size Mattress with 9 Easy Steps?

By Sophia W. Martin
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Are you excited about your new mattress purchase? Well, you’re only getting started, as shifting your old mattress away and moving the one in is one hefty chore.

Fear not, for we’ve got your back (and your mattress)!

Whether you’re relocating to a new home or just rearranging your furniture, navigating the challenge of moving a queen-size mattress can be a real puzzle.

That’s why, today, we will be talking about how to move a queen-size mattress in the right way without breaking a sweat or damaging your precious luxury firm mattress.

However, before we jump any further, let’s make sure we have the right equipment and mindset.

Key Takeaways:
Measure the mattress dimensions and calculate its weight before moving.
Make sure to call a friend or helper for assistance, especially for heavy mattresses. Plus, large mattresses may not fit in a car, so consider renting a moving service or using a van/truck.
Cover the mattress with bubble wrap for extra protection during the move.

Some Must-Know Things Before Moving a Mattress

Don’t take the mattress off just yet!

If you’re moving a queen-size mattress, it probably weighs around 70 pounds or more. Any unfortunate steps, and you might fall and hurt yourself.

Below is a list of the things to know before you start moving a queen-size mattress:

  • Take out a tape and measure the length and width of the mattress
  • Calculate the weight of the mattress
  • Call a friend or helper to assist with the move
  • Call service to move the best online mattress to a long-distance location

Necessary Equipment Before Moving the Mattress

Gather essential equipment before moving the mattress to ensure a smooth process. Here are all the pieces needed to move a queen-size mattress:

Necessary Equipment for Moving a Mattress
Necessary Equipment for Moving a Mattress

Here is the equipment needed to move a queen-size mattress:

  • Sturdy cardboard
  • Nylon ropes or strong ropes
  • Package opening retractable blade or scissors
  • Hand truck or dolly
  • Strong tape
  • Mattress bag
  • Ratchet strap
  • Work gloves

Choose the Right Vehicle for Carrying Your Mattress

Most queen-size mattresses are too big for a car trunk or backseat, so folding or packing them may harm the mattress. 

For that reason, renting a moving service is a good option. Plus, the mattress can be safely stored in the trunk or moving truck. 

So, if you have a medium-sized van or SUV, just fold or remove the back seats, then secure the mattress with a strong rope in the back.

Or, if your car is only for passengers, place the mattress on the roof. Make sure to tie it down securely with a strong rope. Use more ropes or ties, if necessary.

How to Move a Queen-Size Mattress Step-by-Step?

Moving a queen-size mattress doesn’t have to be a royal pain. Instead, with the right steps to follow, you can ensure your mattress gets to its new kingdom safely and swiftly.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Start With the Packing Materials

The mattress bag, packing tape, and scissors must be prepared first. Keep these materials close at hand before you unpack the mattress.

Also, have a separate bag at hand to pack your bed sheet and other materials.

Step 2: Remove and Pack the Bedding

Strip the mattress of all its bedding, including sheets, blankets, and pillows. This not only keeps your bedding clean but also makes the mattress more manageable to handle.

Step 3: Pack the Queen-size Bed Mattress

Now it’s time to pack your queen-size mattress. A pair of extra hands will be a great help.

  • Take off the mattress by gripping both ends
  • Avoid folding the mattress or disturbing its shape
  • Settle the mattress into the mattress bag or container with help from another
  • Close the bag securely before carrying the mattress to the moving vehicle

Step 4: Disassemble the Queen-size Bed (If Necessary)

Some queen-size beds come with detachable bed frames. In that case, the best is to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This will make the moving process smoother and save you some space in the moving vehicle.

Usually, these frames are attached tightly and secure the mattress in place. You may need to remove the bed frame first to move the mattress.

How to do it?

  • Grab your tool kit and a screw-removing tool
  • Find all the bolts on the bed frame and unscrew them
  • Carefully remove each of the four-bed frames
  • Keep the bolts or screws in a box so they are easy to find later
  • Balance the bed frame slats on the wall or somewhere near
  • Exercise caution during this process, as it’s easy to get hurt using such tools

Step 5: Make Safety Your Top Priority

Before lifting anything, make sure the pathway is clear of obstacles. Check for any tripping hazards or potential obstacles that could interfere with your progress.

Also, remember to wear those gloves; protecting your hands and eyes should be the top priority when moving a queen-size mattress.

Step 6: Lift and Maneuver the Mattress

When the foam mattress is properly packed, it’s ready to be carried outside. You can get the help of your moving buddy and lift the bag up. Of course, you both must be careful.

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Any sudden movements with the heavy mattress can hurt your back or arms. So steadily move the mattress between two people.

The bag may have carrying straps for easy access. If your bag doesn’t have straps, attach the ratchet straps to make it easier to carry. Lift the mattress up and carry it carefully outside.

Step 7: Load the Mattress onto the Moving Vehicle

Now it’s time to get your mattress on higher ground again.

Load the Mattress onto the Moving Vehicle
Load the Mattress onto the Moving Vehicle
  • If you’re loading the foam into the back, move the two back seats to make room
  • The mattress can be put in the trunk of a van or truck
  • If you’re moving the mattress on the car’s roof, it needs to be secured with tape and nylon rope
  • Tie the bag securely to the van with nylon ropes or equally strong ropes

Step 8: Unpack and Place the Mattress

Let’s move on to unloading your mattress. First of all, use the retractable blade or scissors to safely remove the tape and ropes securing the mattress. Then, carry the mattress bag out of the vehicle with the help of your trusted moving buddy.

Move the mattress bag to its destination (usually the bedroom) before unpacking it. After that, remove any tape or ropes around the bag using scissors or the retractable blade.

Open the bag, unload the mattress with your helper friend, and carry the foam bedding onto the bed frame. Finally, adjust the mattress position to make it comfortable.

Step 9: Reassemble the Bed Frame (If Applicable)

Lastly, follow the reverse order of disassembly and reattach all the frames one by one. After that, bolt in all the screws and tighten them, and soon your bed will be ready for a peaceful night’s sleep in its new home.

Tips for Properly Maintaining a Queen-Size Mattress

To properly maintain a queen-size mattress, rotate it every three months to ensure even wear and tear. Then again, as we all know, a queen-size mattress does cost quite a few bucks.

So it’s important to take proper care of your bedding and belongings. Here are some tips to follow:

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Cleaning a Queen-size Mattress Regularly

Regularly cleaning a queen-size mattress helps maintain its hygiene and prolong its lifespan. You can follow these simple steps to clean a queen-size mattress:

  • Remove the mattress bedding carefully. Most bedding has a zipper or an opening that can be tied
  • The bedding or cover can be washed in a washing machine or hand-washed
  • If you want to hand wash the bedding, use a friendly detergent that’s soft on the fabric and your skin
  • You can also dry wash the bedding or send it for a professional wash
  • Dry the bedding outside in the open air and sunlight

The bedding must be completely dry before the mattress is packed again. The mattress cover or bedding can be washed once or twice a month.

If you have more than one bed or cover, you can wash it more often. On the other hand, if your memory foam mattress smells bad even after washing the bedding, chances are there’s some damage on the inside.

Maybe getting professionals to clean it would be a good idea. Or, you can also replace the mattress if it’s been a few years.

Storing Techniques for a Mattress After Moving It

To store a mattress after moving it, ensure it is clean and dry before covering it with a mattress protector and storing it in a cool, dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight. 

But if you’ve got a memory foam mattress lying around that doesn’t have any use, the best is to store it for later usage:

  • Put the mattress in a mattress bag. If there are no bags available, wrapping a plastic bag around it will work as well
  • Store the bag in a closet or a large trunk
  • If you’re low on storage, you can keep the bag under your bed
  • Make sure to wrap the bag properly and secure it with tape
  • Also, put some beads of naphthalene or insect repellent with the mattress to avoid unwanted pests

Mattresses can also be packed and balanced against walls or ladders. But this might restrict your regular movement.

Can You Move A queen-size Mattress by Yourself?

In short, the answer is YES!

It is possible for someone to move a queen-size mattress alone. But this requires much more caution and attention to the process. Plus, it’s also a bit more lengthy and tedious.

Here’s how to move a queen-size mattress without help:

  • Using a hand-driven trolley or dolly: After packing the mattress, lift it onto the trolley and push it to the movie vehicle
  • Using ratchet straps or pulley ropes: Ratchet straps can be attached to the mattress bag and adjusted to fit your height
  • Using a wheeled cart: Borrow a wheeled cart and lift the bag onto it to move it to the vehicle

It’s always better to move a queen-size mattress with someone’s help. But if you don’t want to trouble anyone and don’t want to deal with hiring a service, using wheel carts or trolleys is your best option.

Final Words

Moving houses or getting new furniture can be a tiring chore. But you already know how to move a queen-size mattress safely and swiftly, right? However, there are other ways to get things done, too. But these are the most common and easy methods.

The mattress, bedding, bed sheets, and other elements all together make up your environment for a good night’s rest. So it’s important to take care of all these materials and keep them in tip-top shape.

Hence, the next time you need to move a hefty queen-size mattress, make sure to follow the simple steps and get the work done quickly and easily.

Happy Moving!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you transport a queen-size mattress in a car?

To transport large memory foam in a car, the best idea is to secure it to the roof. Most cars might not fit a queen-size mattress. But they can be tied to the roof and carried. If the car is larger, the mattress might fit in the trunk or the back after removing the back seats.

How many people do you need to move a queen mattress?

Having two people is enough to move a large mattress. But if you can manage three people, the whole process becomes a lot easier. However, with the right tools, a single person can also move a large mattress.

How much do movers cost?

The price of house helpers and movers greatly varies depending on your state. Usually, movers can cost anywhere between $25 and $125 per hour, with the average being $80. However, you might get a special student discount with certain companies.

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