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How to Find Ideal Comfortable Beds for Tall People?

By Sophia W. Martin
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Did you ever feel like you’re in the wrong place? Well, I did.

Guess where? In my ‘not so long’ bed and mattress. Isn’t it what you’re finding relatable too? Clearly, your height is not the problem here, but the bed is.

But can getting a bigger bed fix this? Well, not exactly!

To get the ideal comfortable beds for tall people, there are some aspects you need to look into. Such as the bed’s size, the mattress’s thickness, firmness, and what kind of supportive material is being used, etc.

Want to know in detail? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways
It’s easy to find the right bed frame for tall people by focusing on its height, measurement, and strength.
Beds and mattresses for taller people are comparatively expensive due to the high material and construction costs and low market demand.

What Bed Size is Suitable for Tall People?

The bed size mostly depends on the height of the person. But when it comes to beds for people who are six feet tall or more, there are lots of varieties.

They are as follows:

California King

If you’re asking for the best beds for tall people, this one is surely going to be on that list. With a width of 72″ and a length of 84″, this big bed can provide taller people with extra space.

California King
California King


Thanks to the 76″ width and 80″ length, king size is a pretty decent one for taller individuals. When it comes to width, it’s quite ample. But people who are above 6 feet 6 inches might find it inadequate for the length part.

Twin XL

When you want nothing but a single bed for you, the Twin XL might serve the purpose. With 38 inches of width and 80 inches of length, it should be enough for anyone under the height of 6.6 feet.


This is mostly the common choice whenever someone thinks of buying a couple bed. The standard size of a queen bed is 60″ wide by 80″ long. So, if you’ve got a height up to 6’2″, this one should be perfect for you.

Custom Beds

A custom bed or bespoke bed is what I’d suggest you go for if you’ve got a height of around 7 feet or more. After all, bespoke sizes should be extra long, and the edge of the bed will also be as per your requirement.

What Type of Mattress is Suitable for Tall People?

Only a new bed is not enough to get you a peaceful sleep, right?

You need a perfect mattress too. But figuring that out too can be a bit challenging unless you’re focusing on your actual mattress requirements and the support it’s providing.

Let’s dig in a bit more for a better understanding:

Mattress Requirements for a Taller Sleeper

As a taller sleeper, you can’t just grab a random memory foam mattress with pocket springs and expect it to be perfectly comfortable. You need to consider two major aspects before you put your hands in your pocket.

Length and Size

You know your height already. So, pick a size that won’t make your feet hang out of the bed.

You can go for anything like California King (72″ wide x 84″ long), King (76″ wide x 80″ long), and Twin XL (38″ wide x 80″ long). Or, you can simply order custom sizes if the earlier ones I’ve mentioned don’t match your requirements.


Another thing you should never skip checking is the thickness. After all, it has to do a lot with ensuring proper support. So, make sure the one you’re picking is at least 12″ thick and can deliver better comfort and support.

Mattress Support for Tall Sleepers

Okay, I don’t know what you consider ‘support’ from your mattress. But if you really want it to serve you perfectly, you better keep the following things in mind:

Mattress Support for Tall Sleepers
Mattress Support for Tall Sleepers


If you’ve got a tall height, it’ll be best if you can get a mattress that’s medium-firm or firm. This will save you from sinking deep and protect your spine from misalignment. 

Supportive Materials

While buying a new mattress, you’ll see quite a variety here. So, pick yours based on what matches your needs:

  • Innerspring Mattresses: Great for strong support, are typically more durable, and help in maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • Memory Foam: Good support as conforms to the body’s shape and distributes weight evenly.
  • Hybrid: A combination of innerspring coils and foam or latex, provides stronger support backed by comfort layers.
  • Latex: Highly durable and provides a responsive and supportive feel.

Edge Support

The best thing about a mattress with reinforced edges is that it doesn’t give sagging a chance. Plus, tall sleepers can easily make the entire surface area useful.

Zoned Support

If you need targeted support, you can get a mattress with zoned support systems. With different levels of firmness all over the mattress, it’s great at providing targeted support.

Cooling Features

Mattresses with cooling features add an extra feather to your comfort. So, try getting something with gel-infused foams or any other breathable materials.

How to Find a Bed Frame for Taller People?

No matter how good your mattress is, without the right frame, it’s never going to be comforting enough.

But how are you going to get that in the first place? Well, there are two parts to this game: how to find it and where to find it. Let me clear that up a bit more for you:

How to Find a Bed Frame for Taller People
How to Find a Bed Frame for Taller People

Focusing on Height

Just getting long beds is not enough; you need to focus on the height as well.

So, try picking something like platform beds that are designed for taller people. Usually, they come with a higher profile, such as 14″ or more. With this height, your feet shouldn’t hang at all.

Measure First

Always check the height of the frame manually. Don’t forget to include the footboard and headboard in the measurement, to be sure that it’s meeting your needs.


Any person who is 7 feet long or a bit less will weigh more than regular-sized people. So, their bed bases and bed frames need to be made of stronger materials.

Such as solid wood or metal, as they can carry heavy weight without compromising the support.

Utilizing Online Platforms

Searching with the right keyword can easily get you what you’re looking for, whether it’s the regular one or the Super King size. So, try utilizing online platforms to get the right bed frame. But make sure to get it from a reliable site with positive reviews.

Specialty Stores

There are specialty stores where bespoke beds are made, which can be the right source for you. They basically specialize in making furniture for taller people. So, getting suitable bed frames here shouldn’t be a problem.

Are Ideal Comfortable Beds for Tall People More Expensive?

Ideal comfortable beds for tall people are often not mass-produced. So, due to lack of availability, they’re often expensive. But exactly at which points does the price go up?

Well, here’s your answer:

Material and Construction

The bigger a bed is, the more material it’s going to need during construction. The same goes for the mattress and divan base as well.

Clearly, that makes the initial cost and the final price go up. Plus, these beds need to be strong enough to handle more weight. So, additional high-quality materials are required in building the beds and these materials are often not cheap.

Specialized Design

Whether you’re 6’4″ or more than 7′, you’re mostly going to need something custom or tailor-made.

And when the makers have to go for that, they’re going to charge extra as they have to involve custom craftsmanship, and that increases overall costs.

Also, some may ask for unique features like extra support or reinforced edges. Adding these features will surely make you lose some extra pennies.

Low Market Demand

How many people have you seen so far who are 6 feet 6 inches?

Not too many, I believe. So, when it comes to making beds for them, the makers don’t see a reason to go for mass production, and the lower economies of scale don’t let the costs stay low.

On top of that, larger beds somehow slip into the ‘luxury’ product category, and in there, higher prices are nothing unusual.

Higher Delivery costs

For obvious reasons, bigger beds are heavy in weight, which often increases their shipping cost. So, compared to regular beds, their overall costs come in bigger numbers. Besides, the assembly by professionals adds extra fees as well.

Final Thoughts

Size doesn’t matter? I don’t think taller people agree on that when it comes to picking their bed. After all, who wants a bed that makes their feet ‘hang out’? But getting the right size bed hasn’t been easy for all of them.

Therefore, I thought of making the process much easier to find ideal comfortable beds for tall people in this blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop adjusting to that small bed and get the right one to experience the restful sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do tall people always need a custom mattress?

No, not always. It’s also possible for them to find comfort in extra-long mattresses. But some of them can look for thicker options for better support. However, custom mattresses are capable of maximizing comfort and reducing aches.

Is a full-size mattress big enough for a tall person?

A full mattress with a size of 75 inches can possibly be okay for people under the height of 6’3″. But for anyone taller, it might make the feet hang out of the bed. For them, a Twin XL with 80 inches or a king-size with 80+ inches will be enough for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Are low beds good for tall people?

No, they’re not. Lower beds can cause them discomfort while getting in and out of the bed. Plus, while sitting on the bed, their feet won’t be in a balanced position with their body.

Are platform beds good for tall people?

Yes, they are. Due to skipping the box spring, they add extra height and give the sleepers more legroom. Plus, they’re available in different sizes, serving people of almost all heights.

How tall is too tall for a bed?

There is no size ‘too tall’ for a bed, as that depends on the height of the sleeper and his/her preference. However, for most of the sleepers, a standard bed works just fine. But for taller ones, it’s better to use a higher frame with better legroom.

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