Home Decorating Ideas 18+ Innovative LED Strip Lights Ideas For Home in 2024

18+ Innovative LED Strip Lights Ideas For Home in 2024

By Sophia W. Martin
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Want to try LED strip lights to add brightness and give an aesthetic look to your room? But are you running out of ideas?

Well, you are in for a treat!

I am here with the top 10 groundbreaking LED strip lights ideas for home to brighten up your space like never before. Don’t worry, it’s super versatile and customizable!

From special corners to any particular area, you can easily fit them in all kinds of places. And for the best part? You can install them without the need for an expert.

Cannot wait to get started? Let the magic of lightning begin:

Top 18+ LED Strip Lights Ideas For Home: Create The Magic With Lighting! 

It’s true, LED strip lights are the go-to option with the right planning. It’s only limited by your imagination. However, if you are still confused about where to use then I have some cool LED strip lights ideas for home you can try. 

They are as follows:

1. LED Strip Lights for Wall lighting

Turn your walls into a canvas of light with LED strip lights! 

How to do it?

Outdoor led strip lights ideas for home
LED Strip Lights for Wall lighting

You can create a mesmerizing ambiance by outlining the edges of your wall, or go bold with geometric patterns. You can also play with different colors and intensities to match your mood or the time of day. 

Time to transform your room into a living masterpiece with just the flick of a switch!

2. LED Light Strips for Backlighting in LCD Screens

Upgrade your movie nights and gaming sessions with the magic of backlighting! Attach LED light strips to the back of your LCD screen to create a halo of light that not only enhances your visual experience but also adds a futuristic vibe to your entertainment setup. 

led strip lights ideas for home ceiling
LED Light Strips for Backlighting in LCD Screens

Sync the lights with the on-screen action for a captivating experience that’ll make your friends think you’ve got a mini-cinema in your living room!

3. LED Light Strips for Holiday Lighting

Why limit the holiday spirit to just a few weeks a year? With LED light strips, every day can feel like a celebration! 

Twist them around your staircase railing for a fanciful effect or weave them through your furniture for a cozy, festive atmosphere. 

You can also choose warm tones for a Christmas feel, or go for a dynamic color scheme for a party-ready vibe. 

Who said holiday lighting is just for December?

4. LED Accent Lighting Ideas for Staircase

Illuminating your staircase is just a few steps away. You might notice many people already using LED Strip lights to make their staircases grander. 

best led strip lights ideas for home
LED Accent Lighting Ideas for Staircase

The staircase is the most perfect place to install LED strip lights. At night, it makes your stairs not only a perfect example of beauty but also safe to use in case of depth stairs.

Even using it on the handrail also gives a stunning visual effect as well. Powerful LED strip lights make it cool. Besides, you can use them on your different staircases that are made of glass, metal, wood, etc. 

5. LED Strip Lights Ideas for Living Room

Getting bored with your traditional-looking living room? 

It’s time to bring LED strip lights to your living room and redecorate it with proper lighting. Perfect placement of strip light always adds a layer of focus and also removes the large blocks of shadows.

“To change and set your mood in the living room, LED strips of light are undoubtedly the best option. “

6. LED Strip Light Ideas for Bedroom

LED strips are known for their versatile and colorful uses! 

led strip light ideas for bedroom
LED Strip Light Ideas for Bedroom

In fact, when it comes to creating a relaxing ambiance and coziness, LED strip lights are second to none. After all, this is the thing you need to make your bed the perfect option to fall asleep. 

Where to use? 

You can use them under the bed, behind the bed, ceiling, or cove to get significant impact. However, my suggestion is, to try indirect lighting, the cove lighting method for the best result. 

7. LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinet Lighting​

Make your kitchen a wonder for everyone! 

It’s a focal point of every house and surely it’s the best place where we love to cook! Using LED strip lights method with a modern touch can create the mood for cooking.

how do you make LEDs look good?
LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinet Lighting​

Appropriate lighting, especially LED neo flex lights including warm and cool white colors helps to avoid contamination in the kitchen and brings the joy of cooking! 

“It will be best to use counters and kitchen cabinets (both inside and outside)”

8. LED Strip Lights for Ceiling Lighting

Do you need a wide area to implement LED Strip light ideas? 

Then try your room ceiling! 

It not only influences the general appearance but also increases the style of your room decoration with lighting. You can play with cool and warm tones to set the mood – it’s like having your own personal sky indoors, without investing a huge amount! 

“Whether you’re daydreaming or having a cozy night in, your ceiling can be a source of inspiration.”

9. LED Strip Lights for Large Space Lighting

Got a spacious room that needs some love? Fear not! LED strip lights are here to sprinkle some magic. 

They are like the the most powerful way to make large spaces more appealing. In fact, these LED strip lights have the power to keep you engaged with light, especially when it comes with a range of different colors. 

led strip lights
LED Strip Lights for Large Space Lighting

Plus, it’s an ideal tool and a perfect blending option with space and your style. 

On top of that, you can easily separate any specific area and highlight it with LED Strip lights. For example, color-changing LED strip lights set every corner of your large space in a different mood especially when you are arranging a party. 

10. LED Strip Lights for Vanity Mirror Lighting

Mirror Mirror on the wall! 

A perfect piece that all ladies want. 

led light strip ideas for living room
LED Strip Lights for Vanity Mirror Lighting

Besides, who says your beauty routine can’t be a glamorous affair? To keep them happy you can do more with a mirror using LED Strip lights. It’s like a DIY project. Once it happens you can see the incredible result. 

Yes, LED strip lights are perfect for vanity mirror lighting as well.

It offers adjustable brightness and color temperature one needs to have the ideal lighting for applying makeup, taking selfies, or just admiring your fabulous self. 

Trust me! It shows more beautiful portraits than ever. 

11. LED Light Strips for Gaming Room

A gaming room is heaven for the game lover. Let me guess! 

You are one of them, right? Then sit down and start gaming in a beautiful gaming atmosphere that an LED strip light creates with ease. Even people who made gaming their hobby or profession, love to play in a versatile gaming space.

LED strip lights create an effect like starlight falling from the sky, or moonlight theme in a gaming room. It seems gamers are hanging out at night and playing games! Do you need such an environment? Grab your LED strip light to increase your overall visibility and the gameplay experience. 

12. LED Light Strips for Garage Lighting

Do you have a garage? Then make it feel better like a showroom! 

Yes, you can do it only using LED strip lights. Isn’t it cool? 

how do you style LED lights?
LED Light Strips for Garage Lighting

These strip lights are not only flexible and durable but also waterproof and such features make it a more demanding piece of decoration for garage owners.

With your ideas, it’s possible to use them in a variety of ways. Everything from the workbench to other sections, you can easily install LED strip lights to make them stand out. So, when it’s time to work on your grange just switch on the light and feel the magic of lighting. 

13. LED Light Strips for Outdoor Garden

LED Strip lights are another name for freedom because you can use them in almost every space you want, especially in outdoor spaces. 

To create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, LED strip lights can be your right decorative weapon, especially at night! It shows its true power of lighting. All you need to do is place it smartly to create the atmosphere you are looking for all the time. 

14. LED Lights for Paintings

Turn your favorite artworks into a gallery-worthy spectacle with LED lights! 

They will bring extra value to the art, or more precisely, give extra depth and dimension to your paintings. It’s a key way to draw attention. 

How to do it?

Place discreet light strips behind or around your paintings to highlight the details and bring them to life. You can also experiment with different color temperatures to evoke various moods – warm tones for a cozy feel or cool hues for a modern touch. 

Your art collection deserves its own spotlight, literally!

15. LED Lights For Furniture

Furniture is the never-ending option to use LED strip lights. 

led strip light ideas for bedroom
LED Lights For Furniture

Yes, move your head around. You can use this light in all the furniture you are looking at right now. For instance, you can outline the edges of your couch or bed to add a touch of glam to your living space. Or, can go for installation of the LED strips under cabinets or shelves for a subtle, stylish glow that doubles as ambient lighting. 

Last but not least, choose colors that complement your decor or go wild with vibrant hues to make a bold statement.

16. LED Light Strips for Children’s Bedroom

The perfect use of LED strip lights for your kid’s room creates a playful atmosphere for children – where they are going to be all the time.

best led strip lights ideas for home
LED Light Strips for Children’s Bedroom

The best part is that LED strip lights are an option to be creative with it. So, what color LED light makes you look better, especially in a kid’s room? Do the lighting differently, especially with the blue LED strip lights. Blue is best for a sea-like theme.

You can also give a theme of rainbows as well with multi-colored LED strip lights. Or even spell out their name in radiant hues.  

Don’t worry! You have the option to grab more color as you want. Even such colored LED lights can be used as backlighting. This, in return, will give a magical effect that your kids are going to love for sure. 

17. LED Light Strips for Under Cabinet Lighting

Want to do something famous with LED strip Lights? Then go under cabinet lighting because it shakes the design world! 

To reflect the craftsmanship of the cabinet, LED strip lights are the option for you. You can do it for your shelves, display case, office, and kitchen. It’s also a great way and technique to make your space wider and more open. 

In this case, how do you hide LED Strips? Use the right size in a tight corner and place it under the cabinet to hide without getting in trouble. 

18. Under Bed Glow

I know you love to spend your time in the bedroom more than any other room, right? 

Well, who doesn’t?

LED Strip Lights Ideas for Home
Under Bed Glow

So, creating a relaxing moment in this room is very important. Fortunately, LED strip light is here to save the day!

They create such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere especially when you use it under the bed that you will instantly fall in love with it.

The more color and light you use, the more effect you will get. 

The best part is, that you can change the color of the light depending on your mode. Such as, when you are reading books, watching TV, or sleeping. 

19. Hot Tub Lighting

Last on the list, Hot Tub Lighting!

In other words, they are those places that make the experience far better even in a cold environment with a dramatic lighting effect. And, with LED light strips, you can easily transform your hot tub into a haven of relaxation and luxury.

But getting the perfect lighting effect in the hot tub is lying under the hood. Install it around your hot tub. It will give enough light and soft reflection to enjoy the hot tub at night. Choose colors that suit your mood – vibrant hues or calming tones for a solo soak. After all, every person has their own preferences. 

Go Crazy With Colors

I have a question for you: Do you have any idea on how do you make LEDs look good? 

If your guess is color, know that it is absolutely right!

I also like LED strip lights the most because of the variety of colors – that just set the bar for a fun and energizing atmosphere.

Based on the place, you can also switch the color with ease. Just install all the LED strip lights strategically and see whether the color creates an inspiring environment or not. 

Benefits of Using LED Strips at Home

led strip lights
Benefits of Using LED Strips at Home
  • Energy Efficiency: LED strips are the green heroes, providing a dazzling light show without breaking the bank.
  • Mood Magic: Instantly change your room’s vibe with adjustable colors and intensity, setting the mood for any occasion.
  • Space Illusion: Create illusions and redefine spaces with strategically placed LED strips for a dynamic and spacious feel.
  • Durability: Built to last, LED strips are your long-term lighting solution, outshining with resilience
  • Versatility: Shape, bend, and place them anywhere – LED strips adapt to your style effortlessly.
  • Easy Installation: DIY-friendly, LED strips are a breeze to install, instantly elevating your home’s ambiance.

General LED Strips Installation Guide

Now we are in our LED strip lights installation segment. If you have already chosen the LED strip lights, then recheck all the essential materials from the list below. 


  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Wet Cloth
  • Ladder (if you are installing it on the ceiling)
  • Double-sided adhesive

Installation Steps

If you have all the tools near you, then it’s time for work. Here’s to how:

Step 1: Choose the Surface for Lighting

First things first – choose your canvas! Whether it’s under cabinets, along the ceiling, or around furniture, pick the surface that’s ready to glow up.

For example, if you are installing it in your game room then, the best is to opt for the ceiling or behind the screen!

Step 2: Surface Measurement

Time to bring out the tape measure! 

Size matters, especially when it comes to LED strips. Measure the length you want to illuminate – precision is key for that professional look you are eyeing!

“LED strip lights are highly adjustable. So, based on the measurement you can install it even to different lengths.”

Step 3: Adjust the Light

Dim it down or amp it up! LED strips are all about setting the mood. Before sticking them on, make sure to test the brightness and colors. It’s like a pre-party for your lighting.

Step 4: Clean the Surface and Dry It

Before the installation, clean the surface with a wet cloth. Remove debris or any oils. Remember, strip light adhesive is strong and keeps a mark when you remove it. In this case, use double-sided adhesive. It won’t put any permanent mark at all.

Step 5: Place the Lights

Drumroll, please! 

Now, carefully take the strip light and peel the backing from the adhesive. Afterward, set the light on the surface and hold it for at least 10 seconds. This time is necessary to adhere to the surface. Do it every 6 inches unless the process is complete, based on the length of the strip light.

Voilà – you’ve just lit up your space like a pro!

Wrapping Up

LED strip lights have been used for many years. This energy-efficient light changes the atmosphere dramatically. Every individual uses this light in different ways and for different purposes. I hope you already know why you need to use it, where to use it, and how to use it. 

Whether you’re aiming for a cozy, intimate setting or a bold, futuristic atmosphere, these above-mentioned game-changing LED strip light ideas for home offer endless possibilities that can define taste and style. Plus, it also helps you to personalize and enhance the environmental effect with cool lighting effects that also increase the depth. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s transform your space into a better one!

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