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Best 6 Expert Tips on Moving an Adjustable Bed

By Sophia W. Martin
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Have you ever tried moving a dead elephant? Well, I didn’t, but I got a similar kind of feeling when I tried to move an adjustable bed base. Thankfully, I got some professional help later, who showed me how easy moving the bed is if you’ve got the right tricks under your sleeve.

All you have to do here is prepare the route, do the pre-move preparation, disassemble the bed, and move it to your desired location or bedroom. After that, simply assemble it.

Seems like a lot?

In the following blog, we are going to talk about the top 6 expert tips on moving an adjustable bed. So you can ensure your bed remains in perfect condition and your move is as smooth as possible.

Read on to find out!

Key Takeaways
The difficulty level of moving a bed depends on its weight, size, design, and electronic components.
Taking professional help, and assembling and disassembling the bed in a proper manner will ease up the moving process.

Top 6 Expert Tips on Moving an Adjustable Bed

Moving an adjustable bed might sound tricky, but with the right tips, it can be a breeze. Here are the top 6 expert tips to make your move smooth and stress-free:

1. Prepare the Pathways

Start with clearing the pathways. Make sure nothing is blocking the way while moving your adjustable bed to its next destination, whether it’s the next room or a moving vehicle.

Don’t forget to measure the hallways, doorways, and staircases, as you need to pass through these as well.

However, if the doors are making it impossible to pass, remove them temporarily. And in case you see there’s a chance of the floor getting damaged, place some protective coverings to prevent it.

2. Pre-Moving Preparation

Put together all the supplies you need, whether it’s a furniture slider, packing tape, moving blankets, or any other tools.

Pre-Moving Preparation
Pre-Moving Preparation

Read the manual properly, as that will help you with disassembling and moving this model of your bed. Also, make sure you’re unplugging the bed and securing the cords in a way that doesn’t cause any tripping.

3. Follow Safe Moving Techniques

It’s not a one-man job. So, ensure you’ve got enough men to make it easier to move. After all, adjustable beds are often heavy and almost impossible to relocate alone.

But what you need to keep in mind above all is using proper lifting techniques. Otherwise, it’ll be tough for you to avoid injury.

Just keep your back straight, bend at your knees, and lift it with your legs. And yes, you must use moving equipment like dollies and furniture sliders. These will help you move the bed without much of a physical strain.

4. Disassemble the Adjustable Bed

Next up, remove the mattress and any bedding. This way, you can make the bed lighter and easier to handle. There should be other detachable components as well.

Disassemble the Adjustable Bed
Disassemble the Adjustable Bed

Remove them as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Start with detaching the footboard and headboard.

Make sure the screws, bolts, and other small components are stored properly before moving. After all, losing any of them can cause extra hassle. You can put them in labeled bags so that you can track them later.

5. Move the Adjustable Bed to the Desired Destination

As a hassling process, moving can damage disassembled parts and mechanical components. So, protect them in the first place by wrapping them in bubble wrap or moving blankets. This will reduce the chance of scratches and damage during transit.

Also, be extra careful while loading the bed parts into the vehicle, along with driving carefully so you don’t trip anything inside.

6. Reassembling Your Adjustable Base

Once you reach the destination, rearrange or reassemble the bed by following the manual as a guide. When you’re done with the frame, reconnect the electronic components.

Reassembling Your Adjustable Base
Reassembling Your Adjustable Base

Once that’s done, plug it into the power source again. To be sure about setup, test the functions of the bed after plugging it in and fix issues if there are any.

Are All Adjustable Bases Easy to Move?

No, not all of them. But which factors exactly make it hard or easy? Well, here are the things I can share with you from my understanding:

Weight and Size

Adjustable bases are heavy! Depending on the size, these bases can be a real workout to move, especially up and down stairs. Some can be disassembled into smaller parts, but you’ll likely need a helping hand.


Some bases are designed with mobility in mind, featuring foldable frames or detachable legs. However, others with extra features like massage functions can be more challenging to move. So, make sure to check if your model has any mobility-friendly features.

The more complicated its assembling and disassembling will be, the more hassle you’ll have to face to set it in a new position or location.

Excessive Electronic Components

Most of the adjustable beds come with motors, wiring, and control units. Clearly, all these are delicate components and can get damaged if not handled with care.

Plus, it’s not always easy to prevent damage to those components while disassembling, transporting, and reassembling them. So, all of it can make the moving process quite difficult.

Need of Professional Help

If your adjustable base is particularly heavy or loaded with tech, professional movers or technicians might be your best bet.

They have the expertise and tools to safely disassemble, transport, and reassemble your base without any hitches. Yes, it’s an added expense, but it could save you a lot of hassle and potential damage.

Considerations for Different Types

While planning to move your adjustable bed to your new home or room, the first thing you need to assess is its type. That’s because, depending on the type, there are a bunch of things you need to keep on your list of considerations.

Such as the following:

Manual Adjustable Beds

Among all the options, these are the most budget-friendly ones. It’s true that they don’t come with motors and other electric features, but they’re surely not any less comfortable.

To reach the basic comfort position, you need to use levers or cranks here. Now the question is, what do you need to keep in mind while moving one of these? Well, here’s the list:


The good news is they’re lighter than the electric ones, as they don’t come with motors. But still, they can be decently heavy, as some of the parts are made of metal. So, make sure you’re checking the manufacturer’s information to be sure about the weight.


Most of these beds come with removable footboards, headboards, and side rails. The credit goes to their simpler design. Still, you need to learn properly how to easily disassemble it in the first place. So, keep the manufacturer’s guide close for that.


Though the adjustments are manual, maneuvering it through tight spaces can still be challenging. So, make sure that you’ve got all the tools in hand to make the maneuvering easy.

Semi-Electric Adjustable Beds

If you’re asking for something that comes with both convenience and affordability, this is it. Thanks to the electric motors, you can adjust the head and foot easily for more comfort. Plus, it comes with a crank system that will help you raise or lower the bed’s height.

Unlike the manual ones, it’s comparatively heavy as it’s got more components. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while moving it:


This one is even heavier than manual beds, as the moving parts for back and leg adjustments add extra weight. So, while planning your moving task, keep this one in mind and plan accordingly.


Like the weight, this one too can be a major concern. After all, unlike the manual ones, it has tons of additional sections to detach. So, prepare yourself accordingly and get professional help if required.

Power Source

You need to locate the power cord and pay extra attention to it during transportation. Any damage to that can cost you extra money later on for repairs.

Fully Electric Adjustable Beds

Fully electric beds are what you can call the ultimate adjustability. With them, you can adjust almost everything independently, including the foot, head, and entire bed height.

Plus, as they’re the most feature-rich option, they even offer massaging features. Clearly, a sophisticated bed like this will need extra attention while moving.

Multiple Motors

I won’t say about the weight and complications of assembly, as both will be high, for obvious reasons. So, you need to handle it as required. But it’s the multiple motors that I’ll ask you to be concerned about.

You need to be very careful at every step while detaching and packing them. The best way to transport them is to use bubble wrap or moving blankets.

Professional Assistance

If you really want to get it done safely, make sure you’re letting the professionals assist you here. They can keep the work clean and do it with maximum flexibility.

Tips for Protecting Your Adjustable Base During the Move

There’s a high chance of the bed getting damaged if the process is not done in a careful and manageable way. So, to keep things in a safer phase, here are a few expert tips on moving an adjustable bed you can follow:

  • Break down the bed into smaller sections to make the relocation easier. Always follow the manual during the process.
  • Pack the mattress separately after removing it. This will give extra protection from dust and debris.
  • Use furniture blankets or moving pads to wrap the disassembled base parts. This will give them proper cushioning and save them from impacts during transportation.
  • For delicate parts, use bubble wrap. You can use packing peanuts for extra protection, especially if it’s something like motors, cables, or hand controls.
  • Always use the right equipment, such as a furniture dolly or hand truck, to avoid extra hassle.
  • Put the heavier items underneath, and let the lighter items be on top.
  • Take photos of the base before disassembly. It will help you remember how it was previously reassembled.
  • Label the parts, as that will help you avoid confusion during the reassembling process.

Final thoughts

Moving an adjustable bed doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. With the right tools, a bit of preparation, and these expert tips, you’ll have your bed set up in its new location in no time.

Remember, taking your time and being careful can make all the difference.

Happy moving!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the life expectancy of an adjustable bed?

Regardless of the brand, an adjustable bed made of good materials can last up to 10 years. But with regular care, including lubricating and fixing parts, it can last up to 20 years.

Can a split king adjustable bed be separated?

Yes, it can be separated. The two twin XL adjustable bases they come with can be disconnected and used as individual beds in two different rooms.

Can you take apart an adjustable bed frame?

Lots of the adjustable beds can be disassembled. But to be sure about yours, check out the manual. If you don’t find anything specific there, go to the manufacturer’s website for specific instructions.

Why won’t my adjustable bed move?

This can happen for several reasons. Usually, it happens due to an unplugged power cord, dead batteries, motor issues, and loose connections.

What not to do with an adjustable bed?

Sitting on the edge is highly discouraged, as that can strain the frame. Overloading and extreme positioning can also lead to mattress damage. Plus, jumping on it can damage the internal components.

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