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Velvet Hangers vs. Plastic Hangers: Choosing the Right Hangers! 

By Sophia W. Martin
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Let’s admit it!

Even the most organized person you’ve seen so far has never given much thought to which clothes hanger they should pick.

We bet, like lots of others, they, too, went for the cheapest one.

However, the cheapest or most common type of cloth’s hangers and best hangers are not always the same.

But people are still okay with whatever doesn’t make a hole in their wallet.

Now the question is when it comes to Velvet Hangers vs. Plastic Hangers, which hangers do they prefer the most? After all, these are two of the most common clothes hangers we see these days. And should you even care about picking randomly? 

Well, that confusion is about to come to an end today. All you have to do is keep scrolling.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Velvet Hangers Over Plastic Hangers?

Why would you get anything if it’s not providing you with what you’re asking for? Well, the same goes for different types of hangers as well, including plastic and velvet hangers. 

But somehow, velvet hangers are staying ahead in the efficiency race.


Well, let us answer that in a different way, with a few questions you might have in your mind right now. 

How Do Velvet Hangers Prevent Clothes From Slipping?

Have you checked the nylon-made surface of the velvet hangers? This is what keeps the hangers non-slippery in the first place, thanks to the friction it creates with the fabrics.

And the best part is that these hangers grip the clothing without creating any possibility of damaging it. So, even if you tilt or bump it,  the hanger won’t let your clothes slip off, unlike the plastic clothes hangers you use.

Velvet hangers can also mimic the natural curve of your shoulder. So, they can easily prevent your clothes from falling and ending up at the bottom of your closet, regardless of thick or thin straps. 

Are Velvet Hangers Better for Delicate Clothing Materials?

Velvet hangers are a great option if you want your delicate clothing materials sorted. The surface of these hangers not only establishes the perfect grip but also keeps the clothes crease-free. That’s the beauty of a soft covering of velvet. 

Is velvet hangers better than plastic?
Image by Orna from Pixabay

And guess what? These hangers work perfectly not only for silk and other materials as well, such as satin or chiffon. Another good side that makes them the right hangers for clothes is that they won’t let your clothes snag. It’s quite helpful in extending the fabric’s lifespan. 

Plus, they can easily keep up with your heavier clothes as well. This is where flimsy wire hangers lose the battle to the velvet ones. 

So, if you’re still thinking – are velvet hangers good for clothes or not, we guess you’ve got the answer. By the way, delicate or not, don’t put damp clothes on these hangers unless you like wearing stained dresses.

Do Velvet Hangers Make a Closet Look More Organized?

Velvets might not be the sturdiest, but they can surely be one of the best space-saving hangers. 

But can they make your closet look more organized? 

The answer in one word is – YES! 

Velvet hangers usually come with a sleek design that creates the uniformity you want in your clothes. It will help you to find your desired dress within a short time and make it all look neater at the same time. So, say goodbye to wasting time! 

Indeed, wooden hangers are more durable, but these slim hangers come with a thinner structure than plastic and wood hangers. So, as your closet organizer, they won’t occupy too much space in your closet for sure. And the less space they’ll take, the more clothes you’ll have room for. Isn’t it the purpose of having hangers? 

Can Velvet Hangers Provide Better Support For Different Types of Clothes?

Due to having a non-slip surface, these hangers are quite good at securing no matter what type of clothes you own (except a few).  So, yes, they can pretty much hold it whether you’re using them as suit hangers or pant hangers. 

Plus, they come with shoulder contours to keep your jackets in their best shape. And in case you’re worrying about your clothes with thin straps, the ones with a notched design can hold them without any chance of slippage. 

But that doesn’t mean you can throw your heavier items on them. The same goes for suede and leather items. And yes, they can handle clothes with straps.

Are Velvet Hangers Worth the Investment Compared to Plastic Hangers?

Compared to plastic hangers, we think velvet hangers are worth every penny. That’s not only because they’re gentle on fabrics or have a non-slippery surface but their slim profile makes the closet look more well-sorted. 

Plus, the versatility in handling different types of fabrics is also a big win-win. And unlike some cheap wire and plastic hangers, they look way more elegant. In case you’re worrying about durability, they’re ahead in this race, too. 

How Do Plastic Hangers Compare to Other Types of Hangers?

Plastic hangers somehow managed to turn into the most obvious choice for hanger users. It’s mostly not the material they’re made of but the cheap price that plays the part. Besides, the lightweight structure, availability, and versatility influence the decision of people who buy hangers. 

Now the question is – how good are they when compared with other options? Well, let’s answer all the questions you’ve got on this.

plastic hangers
Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Are Plastic Hangers More Durable Than Velvet Hangers?

Usually, durability depends on their proneness to breakage. Plastic hangers are indeed sturdier, thanks to their rigid structure. But whenever there’s an excessive weight, snapping or cracking becomes inevitable.  

On the other hand, velvet ones are stronger regardless of the weaker structure as these clothes hangers are made of high-quality materials. It mostly happens due to their flexibility, which allows them to distribute cloth weight in a balanced way. 

So, in the race of velvet hangers vs plastic hangers, velvet wins again. 

Can Plastic Hangers Provide the Same Level of Support as Velvet Hangers?

When it comes to support, plastic hangers fall behind in the race, especially when it comes to certain clothing. 

  • Velvet hangers are suitable for hanging almost any garment without letting it slip or slide off. This comes in handy with delicate fabrics as well as dresses with narrow straps. 
  • But plastic hangers come with a smooth surface, where the grip is almost next to zero. So, bad news for your silky fabrics.

Hold on a second! That goes for the grip part only. If it’s a matter of holding heavier clothes, plastic hangers still can carry most of them, as long as they stay within the weight limit. 

Do Plastic Hangers Save More Closet Space?

Okay, it’s velvet hangers vs. plastic hangers, and both are strong on certain points. But which one is more space saver? Well, it depends on which you’re comparing it with. 

If the competition is with wire coat hangers or velvet hangers, plastic hangers won’t be the winner for sure. But if you compare it with something like wooden hangers, plastic hangers will save you more space. 

Do Plastic Hangers Prevent Clothes from Slipping As Effectively As Velvet Hangers?

No, they don’t. 

They surely can hold most of your clothes but not all of them. Due to having a smooth surface, they miss the textured grip to keep some clothes in place.

This is truer than ever for delicate materials like silk or satin. So, it’s better to use a velvet hanger instead. 

What Kind of Clothes are Best Suited for Plastic Hangers?

Plastic hangers are great for holding clothes made of non-slip, lightweight materials. Yes, we’re talking about tank tops, t-shirts, and thin sweaters

The same goes for clothes of bigger sizes and casual everyday wear clothing.

And what if your plastic hangers have notched shoulders? Good news! You can also use them to keep thin shoulder-strapped clothes. 

Velvet Hangers vs. Plastic Hangers: Which Type of Hanger is Best for Maximizing Closet Space?

Let’s talk about upgrading your closet game and making the most out of your space – because who doesn’t love a well-organized wardrobe, right?

velvet hangers vs plastic hangers
Velvet Hangers vs Plastic Hangers

First up, the Velvet Hanger – the smooth operator of the closet world who plays a big role in preventing that annoying “wardrobe avalanche” when you’re trying to grab your favorite shirt. Plus, they’re slim and sleek, meaning you can squeeze in a few extra items without turning your closet into a chaotic mess.

On the other side, we have the Plastic Hanger – the reliable workhorse. They’re durable, they’re lightweight, and they get the job done without any fuss. Not to mention, they come in a variety of colors, so you can color-coordinate your closet and make it look Instagram-worthy.

In a nutshell, it really depends on your personal preference and what you need from your closet. Whether you’re Team Velvet or Team Plastic, just remember – a well-organized closet is a happy closet, and that’s a win in anyone’s fashion playbook. 

Do Space-saving Hangers like Velvet Hangers or Plastic Hangers Really Work?

Moving on to the real question: do these space-saving hangers actually work? 

Short answer – heck yes! 

Velvet hangers, with their slim profile, allow you to pack your closet tighter than a suitcase before vacation. Plastic hangers might not be as slender, but they still do a commendable job, especially if you’re not a fan of your clothes slipping and sliding around.

Hence, if you’re concerned about their weight-carrying capacity, know that it is pretty decent in both plastic and velvet hangers.

How Can Different Hanger Types Help in Organizing a Closet Efficiently?

Every cloth hanger you see around comes with the same purpose – keeping your closet organized. But all of them do it differently. Let’s start with:

velvet hangers vs plastic hangers for clothes
Different Hanger Types

Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are great for lightweight clothes. They can handle lots of day-to-day clothes, such as T-shirts, blouses, tank tops, children’s clothing, scarves, and accessories. 

Plus, as they come with a thin structure. They’re going to take at most 1/3 space compared to any other best clothes hangers out there. 

But how do they organize the closet? Well, they do it this way:

  • Slim Profile makes it easy to make space for lightweight clothes.
  • Easy to handle and can be maneuvered easily. 
  • The minimal design keeps the closet’s aesthetics intact.
  • Ensures quick access to any clothes hanging. 

Plastic Hangers

If you’re asking for something that comes with various colors, decently strong structure, and thickness, this is your catch. As they’re good enough on weight-carrying, they hold casual clothing like t-shirts, blouses, tops, lighter formal dresses, pants, and jeans. 

Plus, they’re used for lightweight jackets, activewear, and seasonal clothing as well. And when it comes to organizing the closet, they help in the following ways:

  • Maximize space by allowing to hang more items. 
  • Ensure consistency and uniformity in the clothing to make the closet look sorted.
  • Makes it easy to reach any garments hung on. 
  • Easy to handle or move as they don’t add extra weight to the clothes. 

Velvet Hangers

Looking at the pros and cons of velvet hangers, we can say, they are simply a blessing for those who asked for a non-slippery hanger. 

But apart from handling all your delicate clothing along with all other day-to-day clothing, they’re good at keeping closets organized because –

  • The non-slip surface prevents any cloth from slipping off.
  • The slim structure ensures proper space optimization.
  • Being versatile helps it to keep various types of clothes organized.
  • The tiered design allows putting pants on them. 

What Are the Features to Look for in Hangers to Optimize Closet Organization?

When you’re out there looking for your next set of hangers, make sure they come with certain features or have at least most of them. 

are velvet hangers good for clothes
Features To Look For In Hangers

But what are they? Well, let’s make it a bit simpler for you. Just find the answers to the following questions. Make sure the answer comes in ‘yes’. 

  • Does it come with a non-slip surface? 
  • Does the hanger have a slim design? 
  • Does it have any shoulder contours? 
  • Is it durable enough? 
  • Is it versatile enough to support different types of clothes? 
  • Does it keep up with the closet’s aesthetic appeal? 
  • Is it gentle on the fabrics? 
  • Will it ensure consistency in the closet?
  • Will it be saving enough space? 

How Can Hangers Contribute To Keeping Clothing In A Closet Organized?

Hangers play a crucial role in keeping our clothes organized and our sanity intact. How? Let’s find out:

  • It will create consistency and uniformity in the clothes. So, there’s no chance of your closet looking messy. 
  • You can categorize your clothes by type. So, finding the right outfit shouldn’t be a problem. 
  • Hangers with different colors make it easy to establish a color-coding system and organize clothes by season or type. 
  • With a narrow structure, hangers help optimize a closet’s space to the fullest. So, more clothes can easily be kept. 
  • There are hangers with notches, clips, and hooks that can hold different types of garments like skirts or pants. 
  • The right type of hangers helps to prevent overcrowding of clothes. 

Final Words

There you have it – the showdown between Velvet Hangers vs. Plastic Hangers. 

In this article, we tried to clear up the confusion regarding these hangers. And it seems velvet hangers provide better support and stability than plastic. 

But that doesn’t mean in any way that plastic hangers are any less, they are just better at carrying heavier clothes and ensure versatility.

Whether you’re picking velvets or plastics, both of these hangers pull off certain advantages. But what you’re going to get in both of them is the ability to keep your closet organized. 

And in the end, it all depends on your preferences. So, make sure to pick the one that will do it in the best of the ways. 

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