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8 Clever Ways to Organize Your Corner Kitchen Cabinet for Maximum Storage

By Sophia W. Martin
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Do you constantly feel like the corners of your kitchen are the Bermuda Triangle of storage? And wondering how to make the most of that awkward corner space in your kitchen?

We have all been there.

That’s why, today, I will share 8 clever ways to organize your corner kitchen cabinet for maximum storage. And for the best part – you can pick your favorite one and try them for your pantry. 

So, are you ready to turn chaos into order and make your kitchen a space that not only looks good but works like a well-oiled machine?

Well, let’s get started:

8 Best Ways to Organize Your Corner Kitchen Cabinet Space

Corner kitchen cabinets can be a bit tricky when it comes to maximizing their space. So, if you don’t have enough storage space in your pantry, you may want to use the corner the finest way possible. 

On that note, you can layout your corner kitchen cupboard according to your needs anytime. Don’t believe it?

Here are the 8 fantastic ways to make those corners work for you:

1. Get Creative with Baskets

Tackle the chaos in style! 

Yes, I am talking about the hanging baskets. 

corner cabinet storage
Creative Baskets

In fact, you will be surprised to know that they are considered one of the best storage ideas for storing spices and small things. Well, it is definitely for a reason.

They are super stylish and an easy solution that you can start implementing anytime.

Already become a fan? Wait, there is more! From perfectly fitting in the corner cabinets to using them to store everything from spices to silverware, they work like magic. 

Last but not least, baskets can transform your cluttered corner cabinet into an organized haven. And you have got plenty of options to choose from.

A dream come true, indeed!

2. Install a Lazy Susan

Want to make the most out of every inch of space? Adding Lazy Susan is a creative and effective solution for you.

how to organize a corner cabinet without a lazy susan
Lazy Susan

It’s a rotating tray that maximizes accessibility to items in the back of the cabinet. In this way, you can pick or store items in mixing bowls without reaching deep into the corner. 

Plus, you can customize the design and heights to align with your preferences. And store utensils, jars, or whatever you want.

3. Use Drawer Dividers

Do you feel like your kitchen cabinet is turning into a junk drawer? 

Use drawer dividers instead.

what is the best way to organize a corner kitchen cabinet?
Photo by Orgalux on Unsplash

Even for deeper corner drawers, these dividers are pretty useful. How? 

From segregating items to preventing them from becoming a cluttered mess, they ensure that every tool, utensil, or piece of cutlery has its designated spot. 

So, if you love to keep every little thing neat and organized, this is a must for you. 

4. Use Multi-Drawer Organizers

Do you use too many kitchen utensils or tools and silverware but fail to keep them accessible and tidy? 

upper corner cabinet organizer
Use Multi-Drawer Organizers

Well, why take the hassle when you have a customized multi-drawer organizer for your things? It’s easier to install this appliance in your cooking area’s corner space.

Plus, you can buy the organizers from your nearest markets or Amazon at an affordable price. Just make sure to check the quality and review it before buying. 

5. Store Food Items Where You Can See Them

Let’s face it: the corner area usually remains neglected in the cooking hub. You can’t really help it. I also used to struggle, but now I don’t have to worry anymore.

There is a perfect solution to deal with this issue.

blind corner cabinet organizer
Store Food Items

Opt for clear containers to store your grains, pasta, and snacks. What will happen? You will know at a glance what needs restocking, you can have them before they expire. And, let’s be honest, it looks pretty darn cool!

6. Add Shelf Liners

Give your shelves some TLC with stylish liners. Not only do they protect your cabinet from spills, but they also add a pop of personality. Plus, you can categorize by using different types of shelf liners. Managing your things in the pantry will not be boring anymore.

corner cabinet storage
Add Shelf Liners

You can also add hardwood shelves and then put shelf liners. Then, you can keep a jar, pot, dish, or whatever you want on the shelf and save your cooking area from becoming cluttered. Talk about a makeover!

7. Utilize Extra Space on Door Handles

Do you already have cabinetry? Still, you have a space shortage to keep things? 

Use the cabinet door’s extra areas. It’s one of the popular kitchen cabinet storage ideas. Over the door, you can attach hooks or racks. 

ways to organize your corner kitchen cabinet
Door Handles

This additional area is perfect for hanging kitchen towels, measuring spoons, small pots, oil bottles, canned goods, or smaller items.   

8. Use Utensil Racks Inside Drawers

Dreaming of a decluttered kitchen? Using utensil racks inside your cupboard is one of the ideal ways to deal with the mess in your cooking area. 

what to put in upper corner kitchen cabinet
Utensil Racks Inside Drawers

I, personally, use it in my home for organizing the silverware. It helps me to find things efficiently in a short time.  

How to Organize L-Shaped Corner Cabinets?

It’s wise to use corner space in a small cookhouse for better arrangements. You can store many small items in the corner in l-shaped cabinets designed for blind corners. 

Below are some strategies to organize an L-shaped cupboard in the best way possible:

how to organize L-shaped corner cabinets
L-Shaped Corner Cabinets

Adjustable Shelves

First up, adjustable shelves are your best friends. They are like the chameleons of your kitchen, adapting to whatever your storage needs may be. 

Whether it’s the towering cereal boxes or the dainty spice jars, these shelves have your back. Play around with their heights until you find the perfect fit for all your kitchen treasures.

No more wasted vertical space!

Tiered Shelving

Now, let’s talk tiered shelving. It’s like creating a mini-stadium for your dishes. Place the bigger stuff at the back and let the smaller items take center stage in the front. 

This not only looks visually appealing but also makes spotting and grabbing that elusive can of soup a breeze.


But wait, there’s more – let’s shed some light on the situation. Lighting in your cabinets? Oh yes, it’s not just for fancy display cases. 

A well-placed LED light can turn your corner cabinet from a dark pit into a spotlight on culinary brilliance. So, ensure the cabinet’s interior is well-lit, making it easier to spot items in the back. 

Hanging Systems

Hanging systems are another game-changer. Consider adding hooks or a small rod on the cabinet’s inner side for hanging items like measuring cups or kitchen towels. 

You can think of it as a kitchen gallery, but instead of art, you’re showcasing your essentials. 

How to Organize Corner Cabinets with Turntables? [Step-By-Step Guide]

Retrieving items from a shelf in a kitchen corner or kitchen storage can be challenging, especially when the space is deep. In such cases, cabinets with turntables can be a fantastic solution for you.

how to organize corner cabinets with turntables
How to Organize Corner Cabinets

This system will make it easier to reach your cabinet. Since you can rotate or spin each cabinet independently as needed, you can retrieve pantry items that you use. It’s such a helpful appliance for anyone’s kitchen. 

Here’s the game plan:

Step 1: Empty the Cabinet

Alright, let’s start with a clean slate! 

Empty out that corner cabinet and spread everything out so that you can get space for organizing things. It’s like hitting the reset button for your storage space.

Step 2: Sort and Declutter

Now, let’s Marie Kondo this situation. Sort through your items, keeping only what sparks joy or what you actually use.

This part is a bit of a hassle. But the rest of the process will be done smoothly once you finish it. 

Step 3: Group Similar Items

Time to create some order! 

There are various items we use for our cooking. So, group similar items together – plates with plates, pots with pots. This not only makes finding things a breeze but also gives your cabinet a neat and organized look. Organizing will be much easier for you, trust me! 

Step 4: Add Adjustable Turn-tables

Here’s where the magic happens – the turntables! 

After dealing with the items in your cooking hub, it’s time to choose and add a proper turn table.

Just place them strategically to make the most of the space and allow easy access to every nook and cranny. Adding this kind of table will certainly turn your corner cabinet into a dream-like kitchen. 

Step 5: Place Items 

Now, the fun part! 

As you already grouped the items, it’s time to place them correctly. You can put all kinds of silverware on a shelf and pots or containers in another one. Placing correctly is kind of getting 90% of the organizing task done. 

Step 6: Regular Maintenance

Let’s keep the good vibes flowing! 

Every now and then, do a quick check to make sure everything is still in its designated place. If something seems out of sync, it’s your cue to put things back in order.

Besides, this way, your corner cabinet stays in tip-top shape, and you won’t find yourself back at square one.

Let me tell you a secret of how I do it. It’s very simple. After cooking, I just normally put things where I took them from. Besides, I clean the shelves and all once a week. Simple things really make significant differences.

“Now, you need to store and take advantage of the turn-tables. You will be able to utilize the area in the corner cupboard in the easiest way.”

Wrapping Up

There you have it – the 8 clever ways to organize your corner kitchen cabinet for maximum storage, from my personal experience. 

From lazy Susans to adding shelf-liners, this blog has explored solutions that cater to both convenience and aesthetics. So, which of these tips are you most excited to try out? 

Well, each of them is very good from their respective angles. You can try them all or one by one and start enjoying a good cooking time in a decluttered kitchen. 

Additionally, regular maintenance will help keep the area functional and prevent clutter from building up. 

Happy Organizing! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do with deep corner kitchen cabinets?

Add a cabinet with drawer separators or a lazy Susan for easy reach and access to everything. You can also use some lighting for better vision. You can take the help of a professional designer for the interior. 

How to organize corner kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets help you work better and organised way. You just need to sort out the clutter and re-organize things. Periodically review the contents of your corner sideboard. Remove items that you no longer use, and reorganize as needed.

How to install crown molding on corner kitchen cabinets?

Measure and cut crown molding at 45-degree angles for corner cabinets. Now, apply construction adhesive, put nail molding in place, and fill the holes. Finally, Caulk gaps, sand, and optionally paint or stain for a finished look.

How to build a corner kitchen base cabinet?

The kitchen base is a great place to build your tiny cabinet. You can start by cutting plywood to size, assemble with screws, and add shelves for your corner kitchen base cabinet. Install a hinged door, secure to the wall. Finish the process with your favorite color.

How do I organize pots and pans in a corner cabinet?

Your corner cabinet is best fit to organize pots and pans. To start organizing, empty out the cabinet first. Then, put pots and pans on separate shelves to get easy access.

Are corner cabinets useful?

Corner cabinets are suitable for storing non-used items (that you don’t use frequently). It facilitates better organization of your kitchenware.

Do corner cabinets save space?

Yes, corner cabinets save space efficiently. Plus, you can neatly store items like jars and oil bottles in kitchen corner cabinets.

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