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Top 5 Perfect Options to Place Toilet Paper Holder on Vanity

By Albert G. Croley
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Once! I faced an awkward situation on the first day in my new bathroom when I tried to use toilet paper. It’s not in my reach.

Then I realized why it’s important to install it in the perfect spot and found the vanity as an option.

So, if you are also on the same page as me, this blog is here to the rescue!

After all, toilet paper holders are the smallest details that create a big difference, especially when you have a vanity.

But the million dollar question is: where to place toilet paper holder on vanity?

 Any ideas?

Well, you can easily install this very functional holder next to your loo, under the side of the vanity, between the vanity and walls, and in a few other spots.

In this blog, you’ll find tons of details about it. Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways:
Toilet paper holders make a huge difference when it comes to giving a stunning visual appeal.
Installing a toilet paper holder on the back of the vanity door, under the vanity, on the side of the vanity, or tucked between the vanity and the wall is the most common and popular option for the perfect placement.

Factors to Consider Before Placing a Toilet Paper Holder on a Vanity

While under-vanity placement saves space and creates clean lines, prioritize accessibility. Sometimes, reaching it can be quite difficult, so you can consider a side-mount holder for an effortless grab from a standing position.

Some key factors to consider are as follows –

Height and Accessibility

Installing toilet paper holders in a bathroom at comfortable heights makes their use a breeze. Just move your hand and reach it. Boom!

Don’t forget about your children. After all, they also need to use it.

The ideal placement is around 26 inches above the floor.

That’s the sweet spot for most people, ensuring easy access without any unnecessary yoga poses.


Next up, consider the distance between the toilet and the holder. You don’t want to feel like you’re participating in a relay race every time you need a square.

Aim for a comfortable distance, typically around 8-12 inches from the front of the toilet.

Placement on the Vanity

Now, let’s think about where on the vanity you want to set up shop for your TP holder. Placing it within arm’s reach of the toilet is the goal, but also consider the clearance of the swing of the bathroom door. After all, you don’t want any accidental TP casualties when someone swings the door open with gusto.

Mounting Stability

Nobody wants a wobbly toilet paper holder.

Hence, make sure it’s mounted securely and give it a gentle tug to ensure it won’t come crashing down in the middle of the night.

You can also provide additional support through high-quality anchors and mounting hardware.

Visual Appeal

Even the smallest details are important, as is the functionality of toilet paper holders. Before anything else, it must match your preferences and style.

So, check the material, design, and finishing of the holder. All of them can create a stunning visual look.

5 Ideal Sopts to Place Toilet Paper Holder on Vanity

Using toilet paper far away from your toilet seat is just like a roller coaster ride.

I’m here with my best shot to help you.

Here are some of my top suggestions for you:

Spot 1 – Next to the Toilet

The most popular option that I prefer! But what about you?

It’s the closest to the toilet option you ever have. It gives you the freedom to use it with ease and eliminates body stress from moving. Perfect for spaces that are limited and small.

Next to the Toilet
Next to the Toilet


  • Easy to reach and use when sitting on the toilet.
  • No stretching is required to get the toilet paper.
  •  Perfect for limited spaces or small bathrooms.


  • A mismatch in style between the vanity and toilet paper holder makes the appeal imperfect.
  • Need to be placed perfectly to avoid unwanted interference with other fixtures.

Spot 2 – Under the Vanity

Under the vanity is also a good spot to keep the toilet paper holder within reach. And for the best record, they give a clutter-free look and save space for more uses. Just make sure it’s not interfering with any plumbing accessories.

Under the Vanity
Under the Vanity


  • Gives a clean and clutter-free look.
  • Save space on your counter.
  • Protects rolls from splashes.


  • Awkward for those with limited mobility.
  • Create an obstacle to reach plumbing or other fixtures.
  • Harder to see the remaining paper.

Spot 3 – Side of the Vanity

It’s an option for a larger bathroom that allows more flexibility. In fact, the vanity side is the best spot to get a visually balanced look. Such placement also makes other uses of toilet paper, like washing hands or applying makeup, easier.

Side of the Vanity
Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash


  • Visually balanced and can go perfectly with the décor.
  • Offers flexibility and lets you grab the paper easily while standing.


  •  The position of the toilet and vanity should be perfect to ensure easy access.
  • Require counter space.

Spot 4 – Tucked between Vanity and Wall

Need a clean look?

Notice the small gap between the wall and the vanity. This is the spot you need to fit your toilet paper holder. It lets you reach the paper in a limited space. Also, it ensures that there is enough space to keep your wall or holder from being damaged.

Tucked between Vanity and Wall
Tucked between Vanity and Wall


  •  Save your space in the bathroom.
  •  Gives an uncluttered and clean look.
  •  Never interfere with other fixtures in your bathroom.


  • Need space for easy access.
  • Contact with the wall increases the chance of damaging it.
  • Difficult to see the remaining toilet paper.
  • Requires awkward contortions to replace the roll.

Spot 5 – Back of the Vanity Door

Ever tried the back of the vanity door to install a toilet paper holder?

As a space-saving option, you can maximize the space. It’s within your reach when the door is locked and also offers easy access to the paper.

Back of the Vanity Door
Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash


  •  Creates a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Save counter space.
  • Keep the holder out of your sight.
  • Allow to use the available space more freely.
  • Easy access to toilet paper.


  • Need a sturdy door to support the weight of a toilet paper holder.
  • Prone to getting crushed or damaged when the door closes.

Some Extra Tips for Installing a Toilet Paper Holder on Your Vanity

Installing a toilet paper holder is a DIY project, and it looks so simple.

But trust me, it can put skill level and patience to the test. However, a few tips can make the process smooth like butter. Such as:

Installing a Toilet Paper Holder on a Vanity
Photo by Lotus Design N Print on Unsplash
  • Make the Proper Measurement: Take accurate measurements of the installation site and mark them with a pencil. Recheck the measurement before drilling to avoid any necessary adjustments.
  • Use the Right Hardware: Next up, pick the right mountain hardware, considering holder types, design, and weight. Afterward, use it to hold the holder securely.
  • Drilling Pilot Holes: Pre-drill pilot holes that help to prevent cracking or splitting of vanity material. Take a smaller-sized drill bit to make a hole for screws and focus on the smooth insertion.
  • Use Wall Anchors: The fragile material of the vanity makes the paper holder unstable. In this case, you can use the wall anchors to make the paper holder stable and secure.
  • Test, Test, and Test: Test the holder and its functionality after the installation. It might highlight issues while testing it.

Wrapping Up

There you have it—a handy guide on where to place toilet paper holder on vanity. From maximizing convenience to enhancing your bathroom’s aesthetics, we’ve covered it all.

Hopefully, you can now confidently make a decision that suits your style and makes your daily bathroom visits a little more enjoyable.

Happy Decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you install a toilet paper holder on the vanity?

Yes, you should install a toilet paper holder on the vanity if you have figured out the right spot to install it. But installing under the vanity, on the side of the vanity, or between the wall and the vanity is a pretty good idea.

How do you install a toilet paper holder on the side of a vanity?

First of all, pick the shorter screw. Mark the pencil for holes. Afterward, make holes and screw the bracket into the hole. And then fit the toilet paper holder on top of the bracket.

What is the height of a toilet paper holder?

The recommended height for installing toilet paper holders in every commercial restroom is 19 inches from the floor. And, the measurement will end in the center of the holder.

What is the ADA code for toilet paper dispensers?

ADA (Americans Disabilities Act) defines the rules for using toilet paper dispensers for people with disabilities. Under this act, you need to mount the toilet paper holder nearest the side wall at a minimum height of 19 inches (480mm) and a maximum height of 36 inches (910mm).

Which side should the toilet paper holder be on?

Both the right and left sides can ensure easy access to toilet paper. Meaning, you can place it on any side, but you must ensure it is within your arm’s reach. After all, at the end of the day, convenience is above everything!

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