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Where to Put Toilet Paper Holder: A Comprehensive Guide

By isha.m
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where to put toilet paper holder

I shifted to my new home and messed up with lots of things, and the toilet paper holder is one of them!

Do you know why? It was perfectly placed in my old bathroom.

In my new bathroom, it seems like a puzzle to me because I’m out of options to install my toilet paper holder. So, where to put toilet paper holder?

Well, I asked a few experts and found solutions to it. Now I have the option to place it wall-mounted or freestanding.

It was quite a hassle, indeed!

That’s why, in this following blog, I’m going to walk you through a whole new world of toilet paper holder basics and the way to put it.

Let’s start from the beginning and finish the job right:

Key Takeaways:
Put your toilet paper holder where it’s easy to access and complete your bathroom décor. In this case, considering a few things like installation, space, individual preference, and type can help to keep it under your control.
You can put it adjacent to the toilet, behind the toilet, under the sink, near the vanity, and adjacent to the bathtub or shower.
There are various toilet paper holder options available, like wall-mounted, freestanding, and a few others. For a small bathroom, consider a compact design.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Location

New bathroom, new setup, and a new place for the toilet paper holder!

You may be looking for an update, like adding toilet paper holders. A few considerations at the time of choosing the location to place a toilet paper holder make the upgrading process quick and easy.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Location
New Place for the Toilet Paper Holder

So, what are all these considerations? Let’s dive in:


Reaching toilet paper at any moment from the toilet seat should be easy for you. Stretching the body is not an option to grab the toilet paper.

Keep it at a comfortable height and away from your toilet seat. That’s how you can keep it within your arm’s reach.


Not every spot is equal and convenient for using toilet paper. Remember, all of your family members, including children, are going to use it. Keeping it in mind, choose a place within easy reach of the toilet seat for all ages.


To keep the holder in your desired position, you can adopt any method, like using the structure of the wall or mounting hardware. Sometimes, the wall becomes a better option to install toilet paper holders than other fixtures.


Toilet paper can make a big difference in your bathroom, especially with the look. Hence, always try to match your bathroom’s design and other fixtures to get that cohesive look.


Space is the key that makes your paper holder adjustable. So, make sure to pick a perfect spot that allows you to use toilet paper with ease.

However, if your space is limited, then choose a compact holder to utilize and maximize the space rather than blocking it. Alternatively, you can even try other mounting options as well.

5 Popular Locations of Where to Put Toilet Paper Holders

After knowing about the consideration, do you have anything special in mind?

I think you are still itching your head to find an easy-to-reach location. However, the choice of location depends on your preference.

Need help?

Let’s take a look below for some popular, practical, and convenient locations you can use:

Adjacent to the Toilet

Adjacent to the Toilet
Adjacent to the Toilet

To avoid hassle, installing a toilet paper holder within arm’s reach is the easiest way. If you have such an option to place the holder in this way, then try it!

Behind the Toilet

Behind the Toilet
Behind the Toilet

Another popular location is to keep your toilet paper holder behind the toilet. It’s basically for keeping the toilet paper within your reach but out of sight. I prefer this option because it gives my bathroom a neat appearance.

Under the Sink

Under the Sink
Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash

Need a more discreet option? Then try to place the toilet paper holder under the sink. It’s a great way to use toilet paper in a limited space.

Near the Vanity

Near the Vanity
Near the Vanity

Do you have a vanity in your bathroom? Then make it a convenient option for placing toilet paper holders on the vanity. In addition, it opens the scope to use it for other purposes as well.

Adjacent to the Shower or Bathtub

Adjacent to the Shower or Bathtub
Adjacent to the Shower or Bathtub

The bathtub or shower is the best fixture and a smart choice to place toilet paper holders for easy use. Such an option helps you use the paper after using the shower and bathtub. Ultimately, it minimizes the chance of accidental sleep.

Wall-Mounted Options

The variation of toilet paper holders always amazed me. What style do you prefer? Wall-mounted, freestanding, or over-the-tank options?

Let’s start with the wall-mounted option.

By the way, what is the wall-mounted option?

Well, it’s a popular choice that comes with a space-saving design. All you need to do is install it directly on the wall. See, that’s why it’s popular.

Hold on!

Wall-Mounted Options
Wall-Mounted Options

Before you make up your mind, let’s find an available wall-mounted option:

  • Standard Wall-Mounted Holder: This holder defines simplicity. It has a horizontal rod. And all you have to do is attach this holder to the wall using screws or brackets. Such an option makes it easy to use paper. Moreover, it allows them to keep both double and standard rolls.
  • Recessed Wall-Mounted Holder: It’s a directly installed option into the wall that offers a discreet and clean look. To install the holder, you need to create a wall cave with the help of a professional.
  • Vertical Wall-Mounted Holder: This holder comes with a vertical bar or rod that can be attached to the wall. It’s for hanging the holder vertically and letting the user access the paper with ease. To add a touch of style with a unique and modern look, you can try this holder.
  • Multiple Roll Holder: Need extra toilet paper in your holder? Then this option is for you because it has an extra toilet paper rolling option that can be set vertically or horizontally. So, you never run out of toilet paper.

Freestanding Options

Now it’s time to learn about a portable and versatile option, and that is the freestanding option. This option is for you if you don’t want to mount the holder on the wall.

It’s easy to place it anywhere you want. And the best part is, you can have a few options available under this category to choose the perfect holder you desire.

They are as follows:

  • Traditional Floor Stand: The traditional floor stand features a sturdy base and a vertical rod. It holds the toilet paper roll and gives a classic view. This very functional option stand is simple and perfectly blends with your existing bathroom style.
  • Freestanding Cabinet Holder: This holder comes with additional storage space. You can utilize its storage compartment to hold extra toilet paper and other essentials. In general, it’s a convenient holder to give your bathroom a clutter-free look.
  • Decorative Stand: Need to add a touch of style with an elegant look? Decorative stands could be your best bet to increase their overall look and functionality. Such holders come with jaw-dropping designs, shapes, accents, and colors. In short, it’s a statement of your taste.
  • Pedestal Holder: It comes in a different style but reflects a modern and sleek appeal. Its pedestal base is adjustable, with a minimalist bathroom design. Last but not least, the design features a simple vertical rod to make the holder stable.

Considerations for Small Bathrooms: Take It Into Your Account

Small bathroom! Big trouble!

So, how can you deal with the challenges of such limited space when installing a toilet paper holder? Looks like you are missing all the considerations that you shouldn’t miss at all. A few considerations are given below:

Considerations for Small Bathrooms
Considerations for Small Bathrooms

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding

Wall-mounted options create the illusion of more floor space, making your bathroom appear larger.

On the other hand, freestanding elements can add a touch of elegance and make the room feel less crowded. So, opt for the one that ideally matches your requirements the most.

Compact Design

Compact Design holders are easy to install near your toilet seat and save too much of your counter space.

In addition, the slim and streamlined design increases the appeal of the bathroom as well.

Multi-purpose Holders

To ensure maximum functionality, you can consider a multi-purpose holder. It’s also facilitated by additional storage and organizational features.

Also, you can try built-in shelves. It helps you store bathroom essentials, and in this way, it is possible to save space.

Hidden Storage

You can keep toilet paper out of sight using hidden storage. It not only has the same space but also gives a clutter-free look. The wall-mounted cabinet can be your option to do that.

Vertical Space Utilization

Your small bathroom has free space as you look higher and higher. So, think vertically to utilize such space.

In this case, you might consider installing a wall-mounted holder. It allows you to reach the paper easily without making you feel cramped.

Opt for a Wall Shelf

Installing a small wall shelf can solve many of your problems, including installing a toilet paper holder. At the same time, your extremely compact bathroom can breathe by providing additional space.

Why It’s Important to Install Your Toilet Roll Dispenser Correctly?

Positioning and installing the toilet roll dispenser correctly means you care about its functionality and look. I figured out why it’s important to do so, and here it is:

  • To make it perfectly visible to everyone.
  • For accessing the toilet paper with ease.
  • Make it perfect for everyone’s use, especially for children.
  • To optimize hygiene for users.
  • Avoid the tendency to hold the toilet paper to keep steady at the time of ripping.
  • To keep the toilet paper dry.
  • Minimize accidental falling of toilet paper.
  • Good-positioned toilet paper holders minimize and limit the waste of paper.

How High Should a Toilet Roll Holder Be?

The general rule to install it is 650 mm above the floor. However, it should go through the proper installation process.

Hold on!

There are height issues if the bathroom is for your children.

The height should be between 550 to 600 mm for easy reach. But installing it at 700 mm is also a comfortable height option for many users.

Here are a few recommendations and rules available from different associations:

  • NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) recommended height is 26 inches (660mm) and 8-12 inches (200-300mm) away from the toilet.
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) recommends 19 inches (480mm) above the floor and 36 inches (910mm) from the rear wall.

Should a Toilet Paper Holder Be on the Left or Right?

It completely depends on you. People who are right-handed prefer to keep to the right side. It helps to avoid stretching when grabbing toilet paper.

However, some people use the left side because it seems more intuitive to them. The fact is, both right-handed and left-handed people can easily pull the toilet paper without hassle.

Should a Toilet Paper Holder Be on the Left or Right
Toilet Paper Holder

Installation Tips for a Toilet Paper Holder: Do It Like a Pro

  • Dealing with the plasterboard? Then get a stud support and bolt it into it.
  • Use a drill bit that is specially designed for ceramic if you want to install the holder onto tiles.
  • To prevent cracking, use tape. Cover the area with it.
  • Don’t have a stud? Then use a wall plug and hammer it. Do it before adding screws.
  • Make sure you are using the kit that comes with the holder set.
  • Avoid installing the holder with smaller screws and bolts.

How Much Does a Toilet Paper Holder Cost?

Nothing is free in this world!

In recent years, installing a toilet paper holder has become an inexpensive upgrade! But how much does it cost?

If you go for the cheap option, then it will be just $6. But going for the perfect matching option with your bathroom style might cost up to $60.

How Else Can You Store Toilet Paper in a Bathroom?

Is it all the options you have to store your toilet paper?

No way!

But how do you know all these other options? Here are more options if you can’t find a good spot for toilet paper:

How Else Can You Store Toilet Paper in a Bathroom
Store Toilet Paper in a Bathroom

Freestanding Holder

Let’s start with a classic – the freestanding holder.

To add versatility and place the holder 650 mm tall for ease of access, you can use a freestanding holder. It always suits the user’s demands. Plus, it adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom!

Dedicated Shelf

For those who love a bit of organization, a dedicated shelf is the way to go. Just keep a small shelf next to your toilet seat.

Now toilet paper is within your reach. You can even get fancy and arrange them by softness or pattern. Who knew TP could be so sophisticated?

Over-the-tank Organizer

We are now living in that era where tiny bathrooms have become a part of our home. So, installing things like a toilet paper holder is a challenge in such a place.

In this case, you can consider an over-the-tank organizer. It’s like a DIY freestanding unit and lets you put it together with ease.

Discreet Storage Basket

Now, if you’re all about that minimalist vibe, a discreet storage basket is the answer. Toss your rolls in there, and voilà—instant chic.

It’s like the Marie Kondo of toilet paper storage. Each roll sparks joy, neatly tucked away in its own little basket sanctuary.

Plus, you can store a few extra rolls to avoid the one roll that is going to run out by other users.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for today!

A small bathroom is now not a wonder anymore if you know where to put toilet paper holders and the exact method of installation.

This guideline is full of tips and solutions that focus not only on your bathroom location but also on the height, distance, sides, considerations, and many more.

So, where will you choose to put your toilet paper holder?

The decision is yours, but with our top recommendations, you’re sure to find the ideal spot that combines functionality and flair.

Time to say goodbye to awkward reaches, and hello to a bathroom setup that ideally suits your style!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How high should a toilet roll holder be?

The recommended height for installing toilet paper holders is 26” from the floor. If you have a wall perpendicular, then the installed height of the toilet paper holder will be 8” to 12” from the front of the toilet seat rim.

Where do you store toilet paper in the bathroom?

In different parts of the bathroom, you can store your toilet paper. It can be freestanding shelves, baskets, bins, wall-mounted shelves, vertical toilet roll holders, or over-the-door racks.

Should toilet paper go in the toilet or bin?

All the garbage should go in the bin because there is a process to remove toilet paper from waste. But in the case of toilet paper, you can flush down toilet paper with human waste.

Can you put a toilet paper holder on the vanity?

Yes, you can easily put toilet paper holders on the vanity. In fact, it is a great option if you don’t have space to install the toilet paper holder near the toilet seat.

Where to put the toilet paper holder on the vanity?

A vanity is the best option for a compact-sized bathroom to place a toilet paper holder on. You can put it under the vanity, on the side of the vanity, or on the back of the vanity door.

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