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Which Fast Food Chains Have Indoor Play Areas in the USA in 2024?

By Albert G. Croley
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For me, it’s a great time to enjoy my vacation with every member of my family, including the little one.

Going out to eat is the best option, isn’t it?

But I am tense about my kid. He needs a playing area during my happy time. Thankfully, lots of fast food places allow parents with kids because of the play areas.

Hence, naturally, the next question that will cross your mind is, which fast food chains have indoor play areas? So, your child can have the best possible fun time.

After all, with so many popular options, like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Chick-fil-A, that offer great food, including playgrounds, you are bound to get confused!

The struggle is indeed real.

That’s why, to help you, I am going to share every possible little detail that can help you find fast food chains indoor play places in the USA.

Keep reading to find out more!

Key Takeaways:
Many fast food chains, like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Chick-fil-A, have play areas.
It’s easy to find fast food places with play areas using different media like the internet, reviews, and restaurant websites.

Top 3 Burger Chains with Play Areas

Fast food and play areas!

Great combination. Isn’t it?

After all, when you choose a burger chain, you can use this combination to create a family-friendly dining environment.

But did you notice only a few of them offer such an environment for kids?

Here are some top suggested options:

  • McDonald’s: It is an iconic name that offers both a great fast food experience and play areas for kids. Plus, this also offers play equipment like ball pits, slides, different climbing structures, and many more for your kids when you are enjoying your meals.
  • Burger King: Besides McDonald’s, Burger King justified its name by offering play areas and delicious food, especially flame-grilled burgers. Its concept entertains everyone, including kids. That’s why it has a colorful playground.
  • Wendy’s: Enjoy your square-shaped burger at Wendy’s and let your children play in their playground. Many of their branches include a playground for kids and different equipment like slides, swings, and climbing structures.

3 Best Fast Food Restaurants with Play Areas

Well, burger chains are not the only option for fast food play areas. Indeed, the concept of fast-food play areas is popular, and a few of them also follow the trend.

Let’s check out some options below:

  1. Chick-fil-A: It’s popular for tasty chicken sandwiches. In addition, there are also play areas in their different branches. It’s also equipped with climbing structures and interactive features, including indoor soccer fields. So, never miss your happy meal time when you are in Chick-fil-A.
  2. Sonic Drive-In: This option has play areas for kids and lets you enjoy your meal from the comfort of your car. They have colorful and bright outdoor playsets. It’s not only safe for your kids but helps them to burn off energy as well.
  3. In-N-Out Burger: Do you love simple and classic food like delicious burgers? Then In-N-Out Burger is the option for you.

What about kids? Don’t worry! In-N-Out Burger comes with an idea for play areas. Your kids can enjoy interactive games with different play structures all day.

Some Top Restaurants with Play Areas For Kids

When it comes to fast food and play areas, many full-service restaurants are now involved with these entertainment options for kids.

They are as follows:

  • Chuck E. Cheese’s: Families with kids, appreciate Chuck E. Why? Well, because, they are their best choice for enjoying a fun-filled dining experience. This restaurant is best in two ways: one is delicious food, and another is an entertainment feature for kids.
  • Ruby Tuesday: Ruby Tuesday creates a casual dining atmosphere by incorporating play areas for kids. Equipped with interactive games and a climbing experience all the time, parents can enjoy their meals when their kids are happy on the ground.
  • Cici’s Pizza: Are you a pizza lover? Cici’s Pizza is a great place to enjoy your pizza. The best part is that your kids can also enjoy their time in the play areas.

Which Fast Food Chains Have Indoor Play Areas? [3 Must-Visit Areas]

Few fast food chains established their name by creating a fun and engaging environment for dining experiences.

Let’s find out about some popular fast-food chains with play areas:

Which Popular Fast Food Chains Have Indoor Play Areas
  • McDonald’s Play Places: As one of the iconic fast food chains, McDonald’s has served communities for a long time. They’ve got something special in their grip.
    • Whether it be ball pits, slides, tunnels, or different interactive elements – they have everything for kids of all ages.
  • Burger King’s Playrooms: Burger King offers indoor play areas that boast playrooms for kids. They can easily burn off energy with activity boards, colorful play structures, and interactive games. It’s a lovely space for both kids and parents.
  • Chick-fil-A’s Indoor Playgrounds: Parents love Chick-fil-A because it has an impressive indoor playground for kids. They take it to another level by adding interactive games, climbing structures, and designated toddler zones.

Advantages of Fast Food Play Areas

Undoubtedly, the establishment of play areas for kids is the best decision for fast food chains or restaurants. In fact, you cannot even imagine how good it feels to see your kids play while you are enjoying your meal peacefully.

Advantages of Fast Food Play Areas
Advantages of Fast Food Play Areas

Some of the key benefits of having fast food play areas are as follows:

  • Playgrounds help to develop your kid’s skills like motor skills, coordination, and balance through physical activity. They can play with different climbing structures and other equipment, like slides.
  • It’s the best place for your kids to make friends and meet other kids. ultimately, helping them to develop their social interaction and skills like sharing, taking turns, and cooperation.
  • Fast food play lets the parents have a great and relaxing time when their kids are busy on restaurant playgrounds. All they can have is a moment of peace.
  • Parents can join their kids in play areas. It not only makes the kids happy but also makes the family bond much stronger and gathers some sweet memories.
  • Fast-food play areas are good for families who need to grab some quick meals. Everything is in one place.
  • Such a place is safe for your kids. That is, fast food play areas are equipped with soft materials that are specifically designed to provide your kid with a safe playing ground.

How to Find Fast Food Play Areas Near You?

Finding fast-food play areas nearby can be a total game-changer, especially when you’ve got little ones bouncing off the walls with energy.

Here’s to how:

Internet Search

The internet brings every piece of information into our hands. It’s the best way to find such an area quickly and easily.

Use internet search through search engines like Google and search fast food with a play area. That’s all. You’ll see the result on the front page.

Visit the Chain’s Website

Many fast-food chains have nifty online locators that can pinpoint the nearest locations with play areas.

Just hop onto their website, look for the “Locations” or “Find a Store” tab, and you might even be able to filter your search specifically for spots with playgrounds or play areas.

Social Media

Social media is a strong medium to deliver all your needed information. There are local group pages that share tons of information, including trending searches and suggestions about restaurants nearby.

To figure out which restaurant has play areas, you can engage with all these community pages.

Ask People

Your friends, neighbors, or colleagues can be a great source of information. Hence, make sure to ask them which restaurant or food corner they go to with their kids that has a play area.

They will give you some solid answers and personal recommendations as well. It’s a true review that helps you decide the best place.

Drive-By Scouting

Sometimes the old-fashioned way works best. That is, you can take a leisurely drive around your area, keeping an eye out for familiar fast-food logos.

Many chains prominently display whether they have a play area right on their signage. Plus, it’s a great excuse for a mini adventure with the family.

Top 3 Reasons for Playgrounds Disappearing

We are seeing play areas disappear. We might not see any of these in fast food places anymore.

What is the reason?

The math is simple. All food chains and restaurants are focusing on some criteria, which is the actual reason behind it.

So, what are they? Let’s take a look below:

It’s a Liability

First, having the equipment on the premises is just a liability. In the last few years, kids have been getting injured.

A few types of injuries become common, like broken bones, sprains, and concussions. In these cases, fast food places become the legally responsible party.

Need Funding

Cost reaching the sky!

Yes, playground equipment is a bit expensive. Besides, the authorities need to go for continuous repair of all this equipment. It’s not only a waste of money but a waste of time as well.

To keep everything in the play area perfect, everything should be scheduled. Like cleaning, sanitation, monitoring, and repairing.

All these things take money away from the core fund. To minimize the cost and provide better food service, most fast food places are shutting down play areas.

Health is Wealth

Because of ongoing health issues, many fast-food restaurants have closed play areas. It’s true; play areas and surroundings aren’t sanitary at all. All the equipment, like swings, slides, ball pits, and handrails, should be cleaned regularly.

Otherwise, the unhygienic equipment might cause tons of diseases.

Wrapping Up

In the world of fast food, finding which fast food chains have indoor play areas catering to both your cravings and your kids’ needs for fun can feel like striking gold.

From the joy of climbing and sliding to the satisfaction of a tasty meal, these fast food chains with indoor play areas offer a haven for families on the go.

So, the next time you’re planning a meal out with the little ones, remember to check out these kid-friendly establishments. After all, a meal with a side of playtime might just be the perfect combo for a happy family outing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why doesn’t McDonald’s have play areas anymore?

McDonald’s is currently not offering any play areas anymore in their store. It seems that a playground is a great liability for them, especially with the proper equipment. On the other hand, the number of injuries is increasing, and parents are complaining about it. That’s why McDonald’s doesn’t have a play area anymore.

What fast food places have a playground?

Despite the decreasing number of play places, some fast food places have a play place. You can check out 27th Pine Lake Runza, old Cheney McDonald’s, 48th St. McDonald’s by Dr. John’s, Scheels, The McDonald’s at Van Dorn Plaza, and so on.

Are indoor playgrounds (like at fast food places) safe for kids?

Yes, it’s completely safe because fast food places are very serious about it. They keep the playground clean all the time. They inspect it regularly to monitor if any issues arise or not. That’s why parents can keep their kids in this area without any worry.

Do you let your kid play on fast-food playground equipment?

Yes, I do. Fast food playgrounds are a great option to let my kids play safe and happy when I’m enjoying my meal with my family. My kid also loves all the playground equipment because it is colorful, safe, and helps to burn off energy. It even lets my kids make new friends of the same age and improve their social interaction.