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How to Pack Eyewear and Sunglasses for Traveling?

By Sophia W. Martin
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Packing for a trip is always a head-scratcher for many people. First, you need to plan the bare essentials. Next, you must decide whether to pack heavy or light.

We all get that, but these decisions take time. And even though we focus mostly on clothing and toiletries when packing for trips, knowing the right way to pack eyewear and sunglasses for traveling is also equally important.

It can be quite tricky to properly pack prescription glasses and sunglasses, as eyewear is fragile and can break easily. And ending up with broken or lost glasses is enough to spoil your mood.

That’s why, in the following discussion, we are going to talk about how to pack eyewear and sunglasses for traveling. So you can have a stress-free trip while protecting your beloved shades throughout the journey.

Key Takeaways:
Opt for a hard case for luggage or a soft case for pockets. Leather cases are ideal for multiple glasses, providing extra protection.
Carry spare glasses and recent prescriptions for longer trips.

How to Pack Eyewear and Sunglasses for Traveling: 8 Steps to Follow

Packing your eyewear and sunglasses for travel is crucial for both style and protection. Here’s how to keep them safe and stylish while you jet-set:

1. Cleaning the Eyewear

Before you store your regular glasses and eyewear inside the protective case, make sure to clean it properly. Any new purchase of a spectacle set comes with a microfiber cloth to clean the lens. This is to make sure you don’t scratch the glasses when rubbing.

However, it’s okay to wash your glasses with water and handwashing soap in case the lenses get too foggy. Remember to thoroughly wipe away the water to avoid spotting.

2. Choosing the Right Cases: Hard Case Vs Other Options

Eyewear cases are designed to protect your glasses and store them in your luggage or backpack. For instance, hard cases can protect eyewear from any damage when they are kept in luggage or backpacks. On the other hand, soft cases or cloth covers can be used if you want to carry the glasses in your pocket or inside another bag.

If you want to keep your glasses without a case, you can carry them in your shirt pocket. Outer pockets of handbags can also be used to transport glasses without a case. You can also balance the classes on your head or wear them around your neck.

There are also rectangular leather cases that can carry multiple glasses. Such carriers have buttons to keep the glasses from falling out. So, it’s a good idea to invest in a leather glass case if you have multiple eyewear items, such as reading glasses, spectacles, and sunglasses.

3. Use Microfiber Cloths for Wrapping

Next up, we have the microfiber cleaning cloths. They are usually provided with the eyewear case upon purchase. These clothes can be used to protect sunglasses and spectacles from scratches.

Hence, make sure to wrap the cloth around any eyeglasses and sunglasses before putting them in your pocket or another carrier.

You might be wondering if it’s okay to use tissue paper or other types of material to wrap up glasses. Well, you can use tissue or different materials, but they are likely to damage your eyewear, leaving behind scratches.

4. Pack Eyewear in Your Luggage

It’s a good idea to pack eyewear inside protective cases before placing it inside luggage.

What to do?

Pack Eyewear in Your Luggage
Pack Eyewear in Your Luggage

Put the case in the outer pockets of the luggage or in the lid compartment. This prevents any damage to the glasses from pressure.

If the lid compartment is filled up, you can also place the sunglasses case on top of all the clothes and other contents and close the luggage. However, don’t pack the glasses under other items, as it may crush the case.

5. Protect Your Eyeglasses While Traveling

Sunglasses and eyeglasses need to be kept in protective cases to maintain their shape and avoid breaking. You can also store eyewear in handbags or open carriers to keep it safe. In case you don’t find any eyewear cases, you can wrap the glasses or sunglasses in cloth and store them in your pocket.

Plus, you can keep your sunglasses in the outer pocket of your handbag or hang them on your dress collar. A glasses case or a sunglasses case can be bought separately to protect your prescription lenses.

Usually, sleeping eyewear cases into the outer pockets or bottle holder section of backpacks is the best way to keep them safe.

6. Dealing with Loss or Damage

It might be upsetting if your expensive eyewear gets damaged or broken. In most cases, the frames or lenses can be repaired.

If the damage is too much, you might want to replace them and buy a new pair.

When you’re traveling, it’s always best to keep a close eye on all your possessions. If you lose your favorite pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses, it will surely ruin your mood.

7. Bring An Extra Pair and the Recent Prescription

For longer trips or vacations, carry the latest prescription with you to get a new pair. You need your sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the glare of the sun.

So, if you wear contact lenses, it’s a good idea to bring an extra pair of prescription glasses along when traveling. Contacts may get lost or cause eye irritation on long trips. Hence, the smart call is to switch to spectacles for the journey.

8. Pack A Repair Kit and Lens Cloth

An eyewear repair kit can consist of extra lenses, tape, glue, tweezers, and more handy tools. The toolkit bag should also have a pocket for storing eyewear. Selecting a proper cleaning cloth for your glasses is essential.

Glass lenses can get scratched quite easily. So only use a soft fabric to clean the lenses. The repair kit can also hold the lens cleaning solution and the contact lens cap.

Plus, it is super easy to make a DIY repair kit at home. Just collect some supplies and store them in a pouch or small bag. You can keep an extra box or glass cover in the kit for emergencies. You can store the cleaning cloth here as well.

Final Words

Now you know various packing tips on how to pack eyewear and sunglasses for traveling. These above-mentioned steps will ensure your glasses stay intact throughout your journey.

So, make sure to keep your eyewear close, as traveling is never complete without the right materials.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab your shades, and get ready to explore the world with clarity and confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to pack sunglasses?

You can store your sunglasses in plastic cases for travel. Just store the case in your luggage or handbag. Also, keep your sunglasses safe from any pressure damage by using firm cases.

Can I bring eyeglasses on a plane?

Yes, eyeglasses are approved to carry on planes. You can carry your eyewear for travel in a separate backpack or in your shirt pocket. Make sure to pack a spare pair of glasses when traveling.

Do sunglasses set off metal detectors?

Generally, sunglasses and eyewear don’t have enough metal to set off metal detectors. So you can easily carry eyeglasses through security without worrying about setting off detectors.

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