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9 Clever Hacks to Store Blankets without a Closet

By Sophia W. Martin
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Weighted blankets are a blessing in any chilly weather. Everyone feels the shivers when it’s winter, fall, or just the setting of spring. But not everyone has access to a spacious closet or storage room. 

So, have you ever wondered how to store bedding without a closet? In that case, this post is just for you, mate!

As there are several quick and creative ways to store blankets without a closet or a large storage space. In fact, you can easily repurpose the storage your house already has. You can even try out some DIY hacks. 

9 Hacks to Store Blankets without a Closet 

In this section, we’ll explore creative and practical hacks to store blankets without relying on a traditional closet. Whether you’re dealing with limited closet space or simply looking for unique storage solutions, these ideas will help you keep your blankets organized and easily accessible.

Let’s dive into these clever and functional storage solutions for your cozy blankets.

1. Make Use of Under-Bed Space

Do you have a high-rise bed? Then, you may have experienced the annoyance of having to clean under your bed. The gap between the floor and your bed can become a pesky dusty land if not cleaned regularly. What to do?

best way to store blankets long term
Under Bed Space

Well, you can put that space to good use by storing your folded blankets there.

First things first, clean the gap properly before you turn it into a storage space. Make sure your cardboard boxes and other belongings are moved to the side to make way for your winter clothing and blankets. Fold the blankets neatly into compressed sizes. You can use plastic zipper bags or other bags to hold the blankets in place.

Moreover, placing blankets and heavy clothing under the bed also lets you dabble in fun stacking puzzles. Afterward, check how neatly you can store your blanket bags under the bed while adjusting the rest of your belongings. 

Under the bed is a good storage space as it puts your bedding and blankets out of sight until you choose to take them out during the cold season. This is one of the most common ways to store blankets without a closet.

2. Use Zipped Storage Containers or Blanket Bags

Measure your blankets and heavy clothing. Ask why?

It’s because you can easily select a blanket bag if you know the size and weight of your bedding. These storage bags are usually made of polyester, plastic, or cloth. The polyester bags are stronger and a much better choice as storage bags.

Blanket storage bags are large with straps attached to them for easy carrying. The zippers help keep your items secured. 

how do you store bedding without a closet
Zipped Storage Containers

Some zippered storage containers are solid cases. They are made of solid plastic or fiber. These zippered container cases will keep your bedding safe for a long time. You can also use solid zippered cases to store blankets and winter clothes when the cold season ends and it’s time to pack up.

Once the blankets are zipped up and packed, you can store the bags in any corner or nook of your room. The bags will slide right into the space between a wall and a set of drawers. They can also be stored in your attic or wall storage nook

3. Decorate Ladders or Racks

Get creative and put old ladders or empty racks to use to store bedding without a closet. Prop your steel ladder against a wall and make sure it’s steady. Fold your blankets neatly and place them on the ladder steps. You can also hang the blankets without folding them on the ladder steps.

Small blankets with less weight are ideal to be put on top of steel ladders. They can act as artsy decor for your home. Prop this ladder next to a sofa or a futon and complete the comfy look of your home. This is a smart and creative way to store blankets without a closet.

how to store blankets without a closet
Decorate Ladders or Racks

Old empty racks can also hold up your blankets until it’s time to take them out again. You can also store many blankets after folding them and arranging them on top of each other. 

Lastly, you can put the blanket pile on the racks to add an aesthetic look to your home.

4. Fold into Empty Drawers or Wardrobes

Check if you’ve got some extra room in your clothing drawers or wardrobes. Many drawer desks are not used to their full capacity. You can empty out a drawer and use it for blanket storage.

It’s better to pack the blankets in a plastic protective bag before putting it in the drawer. Plus, add some insect-repellent with the bag to make sure your blankets stay protected. You can stack multiple blankets together in a single drawer.

how to organize blankets in a closet
Wardrobes to Store Blankets

Small-sized wardrobes may also have sections that aren’t completely used. Move around your belongings a bit to make some space. Pack your blankets properly and fold them to make it fit snugly into your wardrobe.

5. Fill in Trunks or Chests

Chests don’t just hold treasure. Sometimes they’re perfect for holding your essentials for the chilly weather. If you have a storage trunk or chest at home, you can store your blankets and winter clothes in it with ease.

where should i store my blankets without a closet
Storage Trunk or Chest

Trunks are usually far more spacious than they look from the outside. 

So, if you have one, empty out your trunk’s contents and set them to the side. After you’ve cleaned the trunk, fold your blanket or bedding and add it to the bottom of the trunk

The rest of the items can be arranged neatly on top of the trunk. Now you know how to store blankets without a closet using trunks.

6. Invest in Ottomans or Storage Benches

Ottomans definitely make a strong statement when it comes to home furniture. They tie the room together and look good in any style of decor. Plus, they serve the purpose of being stylish seats as well as storage units.

In addition, ottomans have a hollow chamber that can be used to store any household item. 

how do you store bedding without a closet
Ottomans or Storage Benches

Best part? It’s super easy enough to fold and store your blankets in an ottoman. 

And in case, you don’t have an ottoman yet, find one that matches with your room. Ensure the seat size is larger than your folded blanket. You can cover the blanket with a blanket cover or blanket bag and store it under the ottoman seat.

There are other low-style benches that have hollow interiors. These benches are much more affordable and easy to store. You can store your blankets without a closet in such benches. 

Don’t worry! They will fit right in with the rest of your furniture.

7. Repurpose Empty Shelves or Open Bookcases

Some houses have pre-built shelves or a storage nook within the walls. These spaces can be used to store blankets without a closet. 

Fold your blanket and cover it with some plastic to keep them safe from dust. You can store multiple blankets without a closet if you have empty shelves or storage corners in the house. How to do it?

how do you keep multiple blankets together
Empty Shelves or Open Bookcases

Empty wooden shelves can hold blankets and bedding until they need to be used again. You can also decorate the shelves with books or other items to make the blankets look more natural as a decoration item.

An open bookcase is a great storage space for winter blankets. The blankets get to breathe and remain fresh if stored in an open case. Add some insect-repellent just in case to keep those pesky moths away.

8. Repurpose Baskets, Hampers, or Buckets

Using old baskets or buckets as blanket storage is a great way to recycle anything available in your home. Plus, it is one of the DIY solutions to storing blankets without a closet. Collect a wicker basket and keep your folded blanket in it.

how do you store lots of blankets
Baskets, Hampers, or Buckets

Hampers or buckets can hold folded blankets or lighter blankets. Once the bedding fits into the bucket, cover it with a handkerchief or any colored clothing. You can leave this hamper in any corner of your house or store it under your bed. 

Now, how to avoid your blankets from getting all dusty? Opt for closed baskets!

So, the next time you’re thinking of throwing out an old basket, remember that you know the hacks of how to store blankets without a closet by repurposing old hampers. 

9. Vacuum Bags for Easy Storage

Removing air from a storage package will make it smaller in size and easy to fit in between the rest of your clothes. Any tips?

Well, fold your bedding or blankets into neat and tight bundles. Afterward, put the blankets in a plastic bag and remove the air. The bag is now tightly sealed and devoid of air.

should you store blankets in plastic
Vacuum Bags

Air-tight bags will shrink and fit between drawers easily. You can also store multiple blankets in your drawer, under your bedding, and in your storage boxes by using this method. 

Talk about convenience!

Closing Notes

All the methods mentioned above are far more cost-effective than investing in a closet. Now you have the answer to the dilemma, How to store my blankets without a closet?”

Hopefully, using our storage techniques, you can easily store blankets in limited spaces. Plus, it will also help to keep your blankets organized more than ever!

without a closet space.

Now, the next time you snuggle up with a good book or binge-watch your favorite series, you can do it in a space free from blanket-induced stress. So, which storage solution will you try first? Make sure to share your thoughts with us. 

Happy Organizing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why do blankets smell after storage?

When you keep your blankets tucked away in storage for too long, a mixture of bacteria, moisture, and mildew is formed. The musty smell you get when you take the blankets out of storage is caused by this combination and the lack of air passage.

Are there any tips for keeping stored blankets fresh and clean?

The best way to prevent smell in stored blankets is to ensure ventilation. You can store the blankets on open shelves to avoid dampness. Plus, drying out the blankets in the sun every once in a while also helps keep the stink at bay.

How often should I deep clean my room?

The frequency of deep cleaning your room depends on the environment you live in. For instance, if you live in a dusty city with too much pollution, it’s better to run a deep cleaning session every 2 months. On the other hand, if your surrounding air is cleaner, you can deep clean your room every 3 or 4 months.

Can I use vacuum storage bags to store blankets?

Yes, you can use vacuum bags to store blankets and bedding. Plus, taking out the air from the bag also prevents any smells when the blankets are later used.

How do you store a lot of blankets?

The best way to store multiple blankets is to fold and stack them in a pile. You can also try different storage methods for every blanket you own.

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