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20 Tips to Organize Car for Road Trip: A Handy Guide

By Albert G. Croley
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A long drive in the family car for the weekend is just the perfect break you need to balance out a tiring week. Or maybe you just feel like taking a road trip. That’s totally valid as a car owner.

You should definitely plan more trips in your car. But how should you organize your car for road trips? Following some simple organization tips for the road can make your long drives all the more enjoyable.

That’s why, in the following blog, we are going to talk about the top tips to organize car for road trip. So you can have a stress-free journey.

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Keep Your Car Neat and Tidy for Road Trips?

A family car should always be kept ready to take on long trips. That’s one of the privileges of owning a private car, right? So you should make sure the car has all the necessary materials needed for a family trip.

If the items are kept neat and tidy using organizers, the outing becomes much easier to manage. It also reduces any hassle and increases the enjoyment of the trip.

Here’s why:

Organize Everything To Prevent Car Sickness

It’s necessary to learn how to properly utilize car space to maximize storage and comfort. Your car might have a large storage capacity, but it is overshadowed by a lack of management and organization.

So make sure to practice some simple car storage hacks. Such as the following:

  • Use organizers to group together similar items
  • Attach cup holders to the side of the seats or the center console
  • Keep paper bags or plastic barf bags in the glove compartment and the back seat covers for emergency use
  • Keep a canister of rolled tissues or tissue boxes within easy reach
  • Pack water bottles in the trunk as well as the back seat cover pockets
  • Place a pack of clean wipes in the console or on the dashboard

Arrange Activities To Make The Trip Fun

When packing for a road trip, it’s best to plan out some activities for long hours in the car. Children and toddlers might like napping and using their devices.

However, adding some bonding activities to the list can make the time enjoyable for all members. But what to do on a long car ride?

Here are some fun activities to pass the time when traveling by car:

  • Play iSpy with all the members
  • Dial up the music and have a fun sing-along
  • Start a round of easy quiz questions and keep it going so all members are involved
  • Keep art supplies such as coloring books, pens, and colored pencils to entertain the young ones

Some families may have their own traditions or games to play on the road. Anything that makes a fun pastime is good to add life to your long drive.

20 Tips to Organize Car for Road Trip You Must Know

Now we’re jumping into the main content of this article. There are several ways to prepare your car for the road and some ideas to organize your car the right way.

The tricks listed here are easy to follow, even if it’s your first trip in the family car.

They are as follows:

1. Set Up A Plan

The first step in genius car organization is to plan ahead. You’ll plan your trip and decide where to go, who to take along, the trip budget, and other details.

Set Up a Plan
Set Up a Plan

The same steps are needed for car organization.

Write down everything you need for the trip and the things you can carry in the car. Decide what items can be stored in the trunk and which items you want to keep within reach. And if needed, get help from your family members when planning a trip.

2. Make A List Of Essential Items

The tip to a stress-free road trip is to carry only the essentials. Avoid overcrowding your limited car storage and weighing down family members. This also gives you less to carry when you reach the destination.

Make A List Of Essential Items
Make A List Of Essential Items

Here is a list of essential items you can store in a well-organized car:

  • Pre-packed snacks and water bottles
  • Wet wipes, paper towels and tissues
  • First aid kit
  • Cup Holders or silicone baking cups
  • Mobile chargers and power banks
  • Sleeping bags and foldable tents
  • Extra car materials like. spare tire, fuel, and toolbox

3. Invest In Backseat Organizers

Back seat car organizers can be attached to the back of the two front seats. These organizers are made from fabric and have multiple pockets.

Invest In Backseat Organizers
Invest In Backseat Organizers

You can use these compartments to carry water bottles, makeup organizers, snacks, and magazines. Utilize the organizer to keep your car tidy.

4. Use Containers Or Bags

The center console and dashboard of your car can be organized with containers. Measure the car storage space and purchase containers that can be stacked neatly.

Use Containers Or Bags
Use Containers Or Bags

Use the containers to organize medicine, small tools, jewelry, and small items. Also, you can invest in zipper bags that can be stored in the trunk or the back seats.

5. Pack Chargers and Cord Organizers

Pack Chargers and Cord Organizers
Pack Chargers and Cord Organizers

Moving on, a power supply for your devices is an essential must-have for any trip. Store extra chargers, cables, and a power bank in the car’s seat organizer or center console. Cord organizers prevent all the cables from getting tangled together.

6. Utilize the Storage Pockets on the Car Door

Most car doors have a solid compartment or pockets for storing lightweight items. This pocket is perfect for storing water bottles, keys, tissue canisters, cup holders, and more items. Use this storage space well to maintain a tidy car.

7. Organize Your Car’s Under Seat Space

The car’s under-seat space is truly underrated. You can remove the back seat covers to check how much backseat space your car has.

This space can store items such as extra car parts, sleeping bags, folded tents, and clothing. It can also act as a secret storage compartment for emergency storage.

8. Empty And Rearrange The Glove Box Space

Glove box space is the car’s inbuilt limited storage space. This area is a great place to keep the essential elements in car organization.

Empty And Rearrange The Glove Box Space
Empty And Rearrange The Glove Box Space

Empty out your glove compartment and separate the items into categories. Only store important car-related documents such as your license, car documents, national ID, and medicines in the glove box. Last but not least, keeping band-aids, spare keys, and car wipes in this compartment is also a good idea.

9. Pack Snacks And Refreshments For Kids

Avoid any car trash by pre-packing snacks and drinks. Remember to keep snacks in the car. You can use sealable plastic bags or containers to store dried fruits, biscuits, cakes, and other dry snack items in the car.

Pack Snacks And Refreshments For Kids
Pack Snacks And Refreshments For Kids

This storage method cuts down on any extra trash buildup and the need for frequent stops along the way on road trips.

10. Hang Small Items On Carabiners

There are several items that can be tricky to store. Such as keys, handkerchiefs, towels, clothes, and so on.

In this case, the best solution is to attach carabiners or binder clips to the car seat belt slot or the seats to solve this issue. Carabiners can also be used to hang keys, water bottles, toys, and much more.

11. Arrange Paper Using Document Holders

Document holders or desk organizers can also be used for car arrangements. Clear files can be used to hold important documents and cards.

Plus, you can easily store these folders in the glove box or under the seat. And use desk organizers to separate files, tissues, keys, and more.

12. Pack a Box of Entertainment Goodies

Consider the tastes of all the members of the trip when you’re planning entertainment. Your friends may enjoy board games, while younger family members may enjoy getting crafty.

Pack craft paper, drawing books, and coloring pencils for the young ones. Gather a collection of board games and activities for people your age and older.

Secure all these items in a zipper bag or a container, and you’re ready to have fun on the trip!

13. Invest in a Handy Pop-up Trunk Shelf

Pop-up trunk shelves can be folded and stored away in the trunk when not needed. But these shelves amp up your organization’s game by a lot.

The shelves can also be used as makeshift tables on your trip to keep the back storage area tidy.

They’re easy to store, carry, and keep the car well arranged.

14. Use a Bungee Cord to Fasten Groceries

Use a Bungee Cord to Fasten Groceries
Use a Bungee Cord to Fasten Groceries

Equip your car with a bungee cord or a strong rope. This can be tied to the front seats and used to secure grocery bags, luggage, spare clothes, and different items. Store the rope in the trunk or under-seat space.

15. Prepare a First Aid or Car Emergency Kit

The car is your main home when going on a long road trip. So make a box with all the required elements that will aid in emergencies.

Prepare a First Aid or Car Emergency Kit
Prepare a First Aid or Car Emergency Kit

Here are some things to include in a first-aid kit:

  • Headache and digestion medication
  • Cotton swabs, spare cotton, and gauze
  • Band-aid and antiseptic liquid
  • Small scissors or blade
  • Burn cream
  • Insect repellant

16. Use Baking Cups Or Muffin Holders

Your car’s center console should have enough space for cup holders. So, attach silicone cups or muffin holders in this space.

Now the holders can carry keys, pencils, stationery, and other small items. This is a handy trick to keep small items organized.

17. Attach Shower Caddies To Seats

Shower caddies are a great storage hack for road trips. They can carry makeup items, toothbrushes, hygiene items, and tools to keep your car clean.

Attach these holders to the car seat or the dashboard. And arrange all necessary small items on the shower caddies for simple storage and easy reach.

18.  Rearrange The Trunk Storage

Your car’s trunk is built to carry a heavy load of belongings. So it can be tempting to load it up with absolutely anything you can fit in it.

But this will not keep your car organized. Hence, empty out your trunk and only pack what’s necessary for the trip. You can use a trunk organizer or a zipper bag to categorize similar items and store them neatly in the trunk.

19. Set Up Recycle Bins Or Garbage Collection Bags

It’s always best to assign a foldable trash can or a garbage bag to take care of the car trash and to manage the plastic organization.

This container can be stored in the car trunk or kept on the car floor at the back. Hence, the smart call is to empty out the trash after every trip to ensure car hygiene.

20. Keep An Emergency Kit Handy

Lastly, store some necessary items in a container or zipper bag and place them on the backseat or on the car floor. This emergency sachet can contain a first aid kit, emergency contact information, and some cash.

That is, the ultimate goal is to set up your emergency kit in such a way that it will come in handy in case something unfortunate happens on the road trip.

Let’s Hit The Road!

Now you’re all set for a stress-free road trip. Hence, check all the items on your packing list and have a small chat with everyone you’re taking along.

Hopefully, these tips to organize cars for a road trip will make your next road trip even more fun.

Just be sure to drive safely and keep your eyes on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Prepare for a Long Car Trip?

The best way to prepare for a long car trip is to keep essential medication at hand to avoid car sickness. Always pack necessary food, water bottles, and supplements, and check if you have enough cash on hand for emergencies.

How Often Should You Stop on a Road Trip?

A long drive means you might need to make some stops along the way. A few emergency bathroom breaks and car fuel refill stops are essential for a properly planned trip.

What Are the Fun Things to Take on a Road Trip?

Well, you can make the trip interesting by packing some extra lunch, puzzle games, board games, and family karaoke sets. Also, taking picture books or notebooks will provide a pastime for the younger members of the family.

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