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Top 9 Reasons and Fixes for Faulty ADT Doorbell Chimes

By Sophia W. Martin
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I’ve been using an ADT doorbell for the last few years. Do you know why?

Because it has the best security and monitoring system! But suddenly, it’s gone off.

I know there is an issue that I don’t know about. So, I was wondering where to find the right answer!

After deep research and consulting with professionals, I’ve found the most common 9 causes and fixes for ADT doorbell chime not working.

Well, ADT doorbell chime goes off for different reasons, like wire connection, Wi-Fi, app settings, sensors, hot weather, and many others.

Read below to explore all these issues and solutions.

Key Takeaways
ADT doorbell chime is a part of the ADT security system that stops working for different issues like power shortage, Wi-Fi connection, system glitch, speaker, transfer, etc.
Check the power, wire connection, sensors, and app settings to keep the chime functional.

Why Does My ADT Doorbell Chime Not Work?

An ADT alarm door chime can malfunction for different reasons. And understanding all these reasons is the first thing you need to know to solve this issue.

They are as follows:

Reason 1. Power Issues

ADT doorbell might struggle to offer service because of power issues. It may be that the battery charge is too low to function properly. As a result, you might hear a beeping sound from your ADT panel.

In this case, you must charge it.

If you don’t have the chance to charge it on time, then open it and take the backplate off. Now charge it with a USB-C cable.

On the other hand, if the doorbell chime shuts down because of a power surge or outage, then reset it. This step will help you connect the chime with the main ADT network.

Reason 2. Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Check the doorbell chime! Who knows, it might be offline in the app.

But why?

The reason could be the Wi-Fi connection that helps to sound the chime.

If it is not connected to Wi-Fi or somehow gets disconnected, set it once again correctly from the app. Your problem will be solved.

Reason 3. ADT System Glitches

The ADT security system and firmware are just fine if you don’t experience any bugs or failures.

Because of the system glitches, your doorbell chime might stop working without showing any hint. It’s very common for ADT doorbell chime users.

You might need to reset the system to solve this issue. In this case, there is always an ADT troubleshooting guide available.

Just check their guide and fix it without any professional help. In this way, the ADT alarm door chime should take a few minutes to solve.

Here, you can see some of the common issues with the system:

  • Your panel doesn’t have electricity
  • One of your devices has a low battery
  • Your backup battery needs to be replaced or recharged
  • Your panel cover doesn’t close properly
  • One of your devices has a problem
  • You have a loose panel component
  • One of your doors or windows is open
  • Your system can’t communicate with ADT
  • Another radio wave–emitting device is blocking your alarm system
  • Ethernet is down
  • Your internet connection isn’t strong enough to communicate with ADT

Reason 4. Internal Doorbell Setting Disabled

Most of the time, the ADT door chime doesn’t work because the internal doorbell setting is disabled. Yes, the ADT device settings are not right for ringing the chime.

Internal Doorbell Setting Disabled
Internal Doorbell Setting Disabled

Did you share your doorbell access with other devices?

Maybe it disables the system and turns off the chime. Sometimes, it can change the chime duration as well.

To solve this issue, simply go to the app, set the function once again as it was before, or do what you need.

Reason 5. Chime or Speaker Malfunction

Do you know where your doorbell sound coming in your home?

Its may be your cute little chime box or speaker. But this can make an issue and stop working.

At first, if the doorbell chime or speaker is not functioning, then the wiring inside the chime could be the culprit.

What to do? Use a multimeter.

It will help you detect wiring-related problems or current flow. If your guess is right, then it’s time to call a professional to test it and solve the issue.

Reason 6. Transformer Voltage Issue

Did you check the transformer?

If it doesn’t meet a specific requirement (power), then look for the power rating.

Also, check the transformer’s voltage as well. Because of the unsuccessful delivery of power, your ADT doorbell chime won’t work.

Transformer Voltage Issue
Transformer Voltage Issue

On the other hand, a doorbell transfer works as an effective way to step down from high voltage to lower voltage.

It’s true that most of the doorbells, including the ADT doorbell, require 10 to 20 volts of power-to-power functioning.

If the transfer becomes faulty, then your doorbell chime won’t work.

Reason 7. Disconnected or Loosened Circuit Wiring

Faulty wiring never lets your ADT doorbell chime work properly. Even if it causes a short circuit as well. So, if you are facing a chime that is not working, then check the wiring.

Ensure the connector is securely connected to the wires. Also, check its solidity. If you see any loose wire at the end of the connector, then take a screw and retighten it.

Besides, check for the wire that exposed the metal part.

Don’t touch them with your bare hand. Additionally, take the ADT doorbell instruction manual and check if the wire is connected and installed according to the manual or not.

Reason 8. Faulty or Disconnected Doorbell Button or Sensor

Doorbell buttons and sensor devices tend to malfunction and stop working. If it is happening because of the button, you can easily check by clicking it.

If it is not responding or feeling unusually stuck, then there is a problem. To be more precise, you can bypass the connection by adding the wire directly. If the bells are ringing, it means the buttons are long gone and need to be replaced.

So, just disconnect the old button from the wire and replace it with a new one.

On the other hand, check the sensor as well to make sure it is initiated. If it is set, switch off the security framework, then turn the sensor on.

Sometimes, the sensor gets disconnected from the power source. In this case, reconnect it with the power (battery) and set the time to avoid a false alarm.

Reason 9. Temperature Fact

The environment could be the reason your ADT doorbell chime is not working.


Well, it happens when the weather outside your house is extremely hot, especially when you get direct sunlight on your device.

To protect the internal circuit, the doorbell chime turns off automatically.

At that time, it also gets disconnected from Wi-Fi. Plus, when the temperature returns to normal, the chime turns on automatically.

How to Maintain ADT Doorbell Chime?

Installing ADT doorbell chime is not the last thing. Instead, you always need to take care of it. Yes, a little supervision can save you from replacing your chime or fixing an issue as quickly as possible.

So, how do you maintain an ADT doorbell chime? Here is the answer:

  • Ensure the power is getting a way to keep your doorbell chime functional.
  • Check the battery or power source, and make sure it is connected and sealed with the doorbell chime.
  • Keep your Wi-Fi connected with the chime for wireless devices.
  • Understand the system firmware and app to keep the settings appropriate.
  • Make sure every sensor is in working condition and enabled at every point.
  • Keep the speaker connected with power and devices.
  • Wire everything perfectly and ensure security.
  • Always check for any loose connections.
  • Place the doorbell chime where the sunlight doesn’t shine directly on it.

Final Thoughts

The ADT doorbell chime issue is not a big deal to solve, especially when you know the causes and fixes. As an electrical device, it has technical issues as well.

And thus, you always need to be ready to solve these issues when they arise.

It might be related to batteries, power, connectivity, app settings, or sensor issues. So, before you set your mind to replacing the doorbell chime, make sure to try all of the above-mentioned fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the ADT Alarm Bypass?

It is a process of avoiding unnecessary alerts and false alarms. Just deactivate the alarm sensor in your specific area to freely move through the point.

How long do doorbell chimes last?

Doorbell chimes durability was a challenge for their manufacturer, but not anymore. A good quality doorbell chime lasts at least 10 to 15 years, with only a few units being faulty.

Can I replace doorbell chime?

Of course, you can replace the doorbell chime with a new one when needed. Just unscrew the chime box and disconnect the wires. Now take the new chime box. Screw it and connect it with wires.

Can ring doorbell work without an existing chime?

Yes, but when you have a battery-powered doorbell model. Such a model works without any interruption, even if there is no working doorbell chime. And all you need to do is connect the doorbell with wires.

How to test if a doorbell transformer is working?

To test the doorbell transformer, look for the screw head. You can touch each probe. If the voltage is around 16, then the transformer is functional. If it indicates low voltage, then replace it.

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