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How to Fix an ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red Light?

By Sophia W. Martin
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The meeting went on for so long that I had no choice but to come home in the middle of the night.

Usually, the neighborhood doesn’t go so dark, even at this time.

But that day it was, and things got a bit more fishy when I looked at my door.

No, it wasn’t an R2-D2 from Star Wars. It was my doorbell camera blinking a red light.

Clearly, I didn’t know what was happening, but there was something wrong for sure. And the worst part is, I had no idea how to fix ADT doorbell camera blinking red light.

Well, I know there are more like me facing the issue. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come here, would you?

So, let’s get started with the reason for this issue. Don’t worry; the fixes are there too.

Key Takeaways:
The red light issue with ADT doorbell camera can happen because of temporary glitches, low battery, faulty power supply, Wi-Fi issue, or a software issue.
Resetting the camera, recharging or replacing the battery, updating the software, and fixing app settings can fix this issue.

How the ADT Doorbell Work?

The ADT doorbell is basically a traditional doorbell cooked with an advanced security system. With it, you can have a check on potential intruders along with remote monitoring.

This device usually comes with motion sensors that activate the high-definition camera whenever there’s a movement on the door. The camera will give you real-time video and even let you hear sounds outside. Thanks to the two-way audio system, you can warn unwanted guests too.

You don’t have to worry about the recordings as well. The cloud recording will allow you to retrieve the footage whenever you want.

So, if there are any ‘unfavorable’ circumstances, you can grab the evidence within minutes. Overall, you can say that ADT security doesn’t only make a home more secure but also ensures peace of mind for homeowners.

9 Issues & Solutions on Fixing ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red Light

Clearly, you’re not happy about that red light. I wasn’t either. So, here are the reasons why that is probably happening:

1. Temporary Glitches

As an electronic device, not even your ADT doorbell is free of temporary malfunctions or glitches. These can possibly make the red light on your ADT doorbell blink.

A malfunction can happen due to anything like software bugs, connection issues, or power fluctuations.

The Fix

A restart should be able to fix the issue. All you have to do is switch off the power and turn it back on. Once the connection is restored, the glitch should be gone. But if that doesn’t help, performing a factory reset should do the trick.

2. Low Battery or Battery Failure

An ADT camera is on the stand 24/7. So, the battery is on the run all the time. Clearly, that lowers the battery life, and when the camera’s battery is dying, the red light will blink. And yes, the same thing will happen when the battery is bad.

The Fix

Check the battery level and make sure the battery is seated properly. Sometimes the battery may make the red light blink once it’s misplaced. And if the battery is running low on juice, recharge it. But if the battery is not recharging, make sure to replace it.

3. Internet Connectivity Issues

Without a stable internet connection, your ADT doorbell is as good as a random one. After all, it needs a strong WiFi signal to transmit the video to the cloud.

Plus, when there’s no Wi-Fi signal, it can’t connect to your mobile app or ADT’s servers. The red signal will go live when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable or disconnected.

The Fix

First of all, check your router. You can use the ADT pulse app to be sure if there’s any issue with your Wi-Fi.

If there’s any issue with the router, restart it. Once the wi-fi connection is restored, check the signal again. Make sure the wi-fi network is strong enough and can reach the range of your wireless ADT camera. In case it’s too weak, try installing a Wi-Fi range extender.

4. Power Supply Issue

Just like the internet, your non-wireless doorbell camera needs a stable power supply as well. So, if there’s any issue with the power source, the red light might start dancing. This might include issues like damaged power cables, loose connections, or a power surge.

The Fix

Check if the power supply is functioning correctly. If the power surges are causing trouble, use a surge protector. In case it’s your home’s faulty wiring, get in touch with an electrician to fix it.

5. Issue with App Setting

You never know when your mobile app can turn into the reason why your ADT doorbell camera is blinking red. Usually, it’s the wrong configuration of the ADT+ app that messes things up. It can be anything like the wrong device status setting, notification setting, or correction parameters that trigger the issues.

The Fix

Make sure the app is up-to-date. If things are still not working out, try reinstalling the app. This should get the app back to its original settings and fix the issue.

6. Software or Firmware Issue

It’s the firmware or software of the doorbell that makes it operate smoothly. So, they must be updated regularly to fix bugs and make performance better.

But when you’re missing the updates, it doesn’t only affect the performance and compromise your home security. It also triggers malfunctions and causes the red light problem.

The Fix

Check your current ADT software to see if it’s updated or not.

If not, the issue should be resolved as soon as you install the latest update. And, when you’re done with installing, access the settings menu with your app and fix any settings if needed. Also, don’t forget to check the instructions from ADT regarding new updates.

7. Hardware Problem

The doorbell camera is a combination of tons of components, including circuits, sensors, etc. Over time, any of these components can go bad.

Once that happens, the red light will show up. After all, without the support of these components, the camera can’t function properly.

The Fix

If the camera is still under warranty coverage, contact ADT customer care and tell them the issue.

In case the warranty is gone, it’s advisable to contact a professional technician to look into the matter and replace the defective components. Depending on the damage level, you might have to replace the whole unit.

8. Server Malfunctions

Though rare, the server malfunction can also be causing the issue. Sometimes, the server that communicates with this home security gear can go through technical difficulties. Even resetting the doorbell might not be able to fix the problem.

The Fix

Check ADT’s service status on their website. You can also check their social media to find out if other users are facing the same issue or not. If you’re not getting a satisfying answer there, the best is to contact customer support.

9. Wear and Tear or Damage

For obvious reasons, you’ve left your doorbell outside. Clearly, that exposes them to dust, rain, and temperature fluctuations and leaves wear and tear on your camera.

As these elements can damage the camera eventually, you might notice a red ring on it at any time.

The Fix

Inspect the camera regularly and look for signs of damage. Remove any debris or dust you see.

If it’s still showing the red light, even after trying all the troubleshooting methods, get professional help or consider repairing/ replacing it.

Tips for Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Future Issues

Now you know how to fix the ADT doorbell camera blinking red light? Great! But what if you can prevent or delay the issue? Well, following these tips might help you with that.

Tips for Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Future Issues
Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Future Issues
  • Clean on a regular basis, especially the lens part. Use a dry and soft cloth for cleaning.
  • Check regularly for physical damage, such as cracks, water damage, or loose parts.
  • Always keep an eye on the battery level using the ADT app. If needed, replace the battery before it starts to underperform.
  • Ensure regular power cycling. This will help you get rid of minor glitches and keep the video recording capabilities on point.
  • Update the doorbell firmware regularly. Also, keep the app updated. This will help you ensure continuous performance.
  • Use a Wi-Fi extender if necessary. This should boost the signal in the house.
  • Properly test the camera’s night vision, as that’s essential for better security.
  • Review the footage regularly. If there are any potential issues with video quality or motion detection, this should help you find them.
  • Maintain a log of the issues you’ll face. Write down the date, signs, and troubleshooting steps you’ve taken.
  • Read the manual properly. This will give some clear ideas on troubleshooting methods.

When Should You Be Contacting ADT Support?

Yes, I’ve already told you about how the ADT security system works and how you can fix the issues. But it won’t always be your cup of tea.

Sometimes you’ll have to let ADT support take care of things. But when? Well, if the answer to the following questions comes in ‘yes’, you better pick that phone up and call ADT support.

  • Have you gone through all the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier and still couldn’t fix it?
  • Is it the hardware issue that’s causing the trouble?
  • Is it a power supply issue that is beyond your fixing? 
  • Is the firmware or software issue beyond your control?
  • Is it a server malfunction?
  • Is it a question of warranty claims?

Final Words

So, now if someone asks you how to fix ADT doorbell camera blinking red light, I bet you can speak like an expert. After all, this blog has told you everything about why that red light blinks in the first place and how to fix it.

Also, don’t forget to follow the maintenance tips I’ve shared. And if things are too complicated for you, you know when to call ADT support. Let’s hope a red light this time doesn’t bother your sense of security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know when my doorbell camera is fully charged?

You’ll see a solid green light on the battery once it’s fully charged. Till then, keep your charger connected.

Do ADT cameras work without Wi-Fi?

No, it can’t. It’s a must to have an internet connection or Wi-Fi signal for the camera to operate. Without it, the camera can’t stay connected with the user.

How long do ADT batteries last?

The ADT batteries can last up to 3 months. But it’s still better to keep a check on the battery recharge when the juice is close to zero.

Does ADT charge to replace the battery?

Yes, ADT does charge for the battery replacement. The best thing is that you can replace the battery on your own, as per the instructions given on their website.

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