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How to Pack and Store Necklaces Without Tangling While Traveling?

By Sophia W. Martin
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After opening my suitcase, I found all my necklaces were tangled. Do you know what was most frustrating? It took me half an hour to untangle it before I wore it!

Then I thought about how to pack and store necklaces without tangling while traveling! Guess what? I’ve found many innovative ways to do that.

Using jewelry pouches, zip-lock poly, tissue paper rolls, soft fabric, and even a straw can solve this tangled situation.

Finally, I realized that many people like me are facing the same problem. So, I’m here with my gathered knowledge to share with you about it.

So, without further ado, let’s try something different when you’re traveling with jewelry.

Key Takeaways:
With the right storage method, keep the necklace safe and tangle-free.
Pick the right storage case, like a jewelry roll or case, zippered pouches, mint tins with cotton padding, or a daily pill organizer, as you need.
Use a tissue roll, zip-lock poly, straws, soft fabric, a sandwich bag, a hanger, plastic wrapping, and many more to keep necklaces from tangling.

Picking the Perfect Travel Case

Hold on! Don’t rush!

Before you start to pack jewelry, check the travel case. I know that choosing the right bag is a challenging task.

Do you have the right one?

You can choose jewelry rolls and cases or alternative containers. If you love to be compact and organized with your jewelry, including necklaces, then invest in a jewelry roll or a jewelry case. Certainly, all these cases have individual compartments to store jewelry by type.

On the other hand, alternative containers like zippered pouches, mint tins with cotton padding, and a daily pill organizer could be your right travel companion.

Sorting Necklaces Based on Type

It’s true that picking the right travel bag is not the last thing that can save your jewelry from tangling. Remember, not every piece of jewelry is the same or comes with the same quality.

Additionally, some of your precious gems might get lost if the clasp is not fixed. To avoid further damage, you need to inspect them before you start traveling.

“Start to categorize them according to their type: length, style, metal like gold or silver, gemstones, and pearls.”

Top 10 Innovative Ways to Pack & Store Your Necklaces While Traveling

Not again!

My necklaces are tangled, and now I don’t have much time to untangle them! It’s just a painful job.

Luckily, there are a few innovative ideas, and in this way, necklaces don’t get tangled. Want to know about it?

Here are some clever ideas you can adopt without worrying:

Idea 1: Securing Necklaces with Jewelry Pouches

Jewelry pouches come with variations, especially with their closure. It offers drawstrings, snap buttons, and ribbon/tie features to keep your jewelry safe and minimize the risk of tangling.

When traveling, such pouches can be the ultimate choice to keep them safe and tangle-free.

It’s made of soft material, and that is the key thing that keeps the necklace safe all the time. As a versatile option, it easily fits in a corner of your bag.

Idea 2: Use Tissue Rolls to Keep Necklaces

Ever tried a tissue roll to store your necklaces?

Yes, it’s a better option and works perfectly. Just unclasp your necklace and thread it through the tissue roll. Now re-clasp it.

The best part is that if you have multiple necklaces, you can put them in the same tissue roll without any hesitation.

Idea 3: Put Necklaces in Sandwich Bags

Do you have a sandwich bag? It’s a great option!

Yes, it’s to prevent tangling and ensure your necklaces are damage-free.

Such an option never lets you face any tangled situation when you put on a few necklaces at a time. It’s true that necklaces are particularly fragile.

First, wrap them with tissue paper and put them in the sandwich bag. Make it flatten. How? Force out extra air in it. Now it’s ready to roll.

Idea 4: Keep Necklaces in a Hobby Box

A hobby box is also a perfect way to store necklaces, including earrings and rings, wherever you go. The only reason is that it allows you to store your necklaces separately.

Yes, hobby boxes come with a few small compartments. And every compartment has enough space to store your necklaces.

Idea 5: Use Hangers to Store Necklaces

You can use a plastic hanger to store the necklace you want to store. It’s simple to do! Warp the necklace around the lower ring.

See, your necklace won’t tangle anymore. It’s ready to get a place in your travel bag.

Idea 6: Keep Necklaces Safe In a Plastic Wrap

You can try something else to avoid tangling your necklaces, like plastic wrap. It also works better. To do that, lay out a plastic sheet.

“The size should be the cover of a medium-sized bowl.”

You can also have a small plastic sheet and make sure the 2 ends of the necklace are beyond the other side.

Now, lay down the necklace and wrap the plastic. Last but not least, connect the two ends of the necklace.

Idea 7: Utilize Trays to Keep Necklaces from Tangling

Trays are a good way to store your necklaces. This option is endless because you surely have a tray with a compartment.

Didn’t get it?

Well, from holding office supplies to kitchen utensils, such trays are very effective for storing your necklaces separately but in one place.

After storing them in the tray, wrap them in a plastic bag for more security. Otherwise, it can accidentally open.

Idea 8: Try Soft Fabric for Rolling Necklaces

Most of us love this method.

It’s similar to rolling the necklaces with a tissue paper roll or jewelry roll.

First, take a clean washcloth or soft fabric napkin. Now lay it on a hard surface, like a table. Take them and lay them on the cloth, one by one. Roll the cloth and make sure the necklaces don’t touch one another.

Keep rolling until the fabric is filled with necklaces. Lastly, using the tape, close the opening.

Idea 9: Make a Necklace Holder with Straws

Worried about your thin chain necklace store? Then this DIY method is definitely for you.

What to do?

Take the straw and thread your thin chain through it.

Try to avoid using disposable drinking straws. Reusable straws will give you better results and more protection. Once you thread the chain, re-clasp the end of the necklace.

Idea 10: Put Necklaces in a Zip-lock Bag

Zip-lock Poly may be the simplest method that comes as a blessing for the necklace owner. It lets you pack a necklace without tangling.

All you need is a sandwich zip-lock bag. Put each one into it and zip it. Make sure the chain is right up to the lip. So, it doesn’t get tangled in any way.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, when you open your travel bag once again, you’ll see all of your necklaces in the perfect place and shining.

Yes, the days of tangling are long gone. You already know how to pack and store necklaces without tangling while traveling.

There is no right or wrong answer, but by packing them in the right way and even adopting some innovative options, you can make them tangle-free and organized all the time.

So, no more panic when you are on the go.

Happy Traveling!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any DIY solutions for storing necklaces without tangling?

Yes, there are tons of DIY solutions to store your necklaces. You can use an ice cube tray, tower racks, a cork board with push pins, and many more to store your necklace.

Are there any tips for packing necklaces to prevent damage?

Properly packing is essential to keeping your necklace organized, safe, and tangle-free. To prevent it from being damaged, you can use a jewelry box with individual compartments and padding. Additionally, you can use pill cases to keep them tangle-free.

How can I ensure that my necklaces stay organized while traveling?

When you need to organize your necklaces while traveling, you must ensure that you are doing the right thing. To keep them organized, avoid packing necklaces altogether. Keep them in separate compartments, trays, bags, or pouches.

Is there a specific type of storage solution that works best for preventing necklace tangling?

Yes, using a specific type of storage solution for a strong necklace is the best solution to prevent tangling. Such small jewelry pouches, zip-lock poly, and a few other options work best to store your necklaces separately.

What should I do if my necklaces are already tangled?

With a few easy steps, you can easily untangle your tangled necklace. Take a few drops of cooking oil or baby oil. Use it on the knots. It will lose the knot. Now try to separate them gently. You can also use a straight pin or needle for it. Take your time, and you can untangle it soon.

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