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6 Steps of How to Reset the Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker

By Albert G. Croley
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Isn’t it frustrating when you’re all set to chill those drinks and keep the party vibe cool, but suddenly, your ice maker decides to act up? Indeed, it is.

But fear not, mate!

The fix is closer than you think—a rapid reset could be all that’s needed to jumpstart your ice production once more.

That’s why, in the following discussion, we are going to have a detailed talk on how to reset the Bosch refrigerator ice maker.

So you can finally tackle minor glitches like slow ice production or unresponsive buttons yourself. And, of course, keep the ice flowing!

Key Takeaways:
A simple reset can bring your ice maker back to its default settings, clearing glitches for smoother operation.

Tackle issues like slow ice production or unresponsive controls on your own, without needing to immediately call for help.
While a reset can fix many problems, some situations require a professional’s touch—don’t hesitate to reach out if needed.

So, What Are the Included Models?

If you’re on the hunt for information specific to your Bosch fridge, note that our list includes a variety of model numbers.

To make the entire process easier, simply use the quick search function on your device (CTRL+F or CMD+F) and enter your model number.

Here are some of the Bosch refrigerator models:

  • B22CS30SNS/01
  • B22CS30SNS/02
  • B22CS50SNS/01
  • B22CS50SNS/02
  • B22CS50SNS/03
  • B22CS50SNS/04
  • B22CS80SNS/01
  • B22CS80SNS/02
  • B22CS80SNS/03
  • B22CS80SNS/04
  • B26FT70SNS/01
  • B26FT70SNS/02
  • B26FT70SNS/04
  • B36ET71SNS/01
  • B36IT70NNP/01
  • KFU5750
  • KFU5755
  • KGU6465BS
  • KGU6651
  • T18BF70FSE
  • T24BR70FSE

Why Do You Need to Reset?

Your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker runs on electronic controls and sensors, which can sometimes glitch or freeze up. It stops working due to power issues or other common reasons like dirty condenser coils, faulty ice level control boards, dirty gaskets, malfunctioning internal parts, etc.

Resetting it essentially restarts the system, wiping away any errors and returning it to default settings. This action can fix common problems like slow ice production, cubes not dispensing, or non-responsive controls, especially after a service or power outage.

However, if you’re facing bigger issues like leaks, noise, or no ice at all, it might be time to call in a professional technician for help.

How to Reset the Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker: 6 Steps to Follow

Now that we’ve covered why a reset is crucial, let’s walk through the easy steps to reset the ice maker in your Bosch refrigerator.

How to Reset the Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker
Steps to Reset the Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker

Step 1: Deactivate the Ice Maker by Switching it Off

Start the reset process for your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker by turning it off. This step is crucial to make sure it’s not trying to whip up ice while you’re in reset mode.

The next task is to spot the control panel or the ice maker switch, that’s basically the brains behind your ice maker’s operation. You might find this inside near the ice maker itself or on the fridge’s exterior control panel.

Once you’ve found the control, simply switch it to “off” to disable the ice maker.

Some models have specific ice maker buttons. So, keep an eye out for those labeled “Ice Maker” that resemble ice cube and water dispenser icons.

Step 2: Disconnect the Refrigerator from the Power Source

After you’ve turned off your Bosch refrigerator’s ice maker, the next step is to unplug the fridge. You’ll find the power cord at the back.

Trace it to where it connects to the wall socket and carefully pull the plug out. Do it very carefully to avoid any damage. If it’s a bit of a stretch to reach the plug, you might have to slide the fridge forward a bit.

Now, with the fridge unplugged, wait around 3 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, you can clean up any mess inside the ice maker area using a cloth to keep things clean and smooth.

Step 3: Remove the Ice Maker Bin

Before you get down to resetting your ice maker, there’s a little prep work involved—taking out the ice maker bin.

Open your freezer door and spot the ice maker assembly. You’ll typically find this tucked inside, often near the top or on the left-hand side.

Spotted it? Great!

Now, keep an eye out for a little latch or lever on the bottom or side of the assembly. And give it a gentle push or slide to unlock the bin and pull it out.

Step 4: Perform the Reset

Resetting your Bosch fridge’s ice maker can differ slightly by model, but it typically involves a simple sequence. Find the reset button on the ice maker, often marked as “Reset” or with a reboot icon, and press it for 10 to 15 seconds.

This starts the reset, clearing any errors. You might hear some noise as it starts resetting. After releasing the button, give it a moment, and then you will see the ice maker reset itself. It will be indicated by changes on the control panel.

For some Bosch fridge models, the reset method might vary. Hence, check your fridge’s user manual for the exact steps to reset the ice maker.

Step 5: Reconnect the Refrigerator to the Power Source

Plug your refrigerator back in by aligning the power cord prongs with the outlet and pushing it in securely. Ensure a tight fit for a stable electrical connection, and avoid using extension cords.

After plugging it in, give it a few seconds to start up. You might hear the sound of the compressor activating. During this waiting time, clean the ice maker bin and nearby areas. You can also use some warm water and a gentle cleaner to get rid of any dirt or buildup.

Step 6: Turn on the Ice Maker

To finish resetting your Bosch fridge’s ice maker, just turn it back on. This helps ice production and gets things back to normal.

Find the same control panel or switch you used in the first step to turn it off. If there’s a specific “Ice Maker” button, press and hold it until the ice maker activates, as shown on the control panel.

Or, if there’s a switch, flip it to “On.” Give it a bit of time to get going. The ice maker may take a few hours to produce ice cubes.

Are There Any Precautions I Should Take Before Resetting My Bosch Refrigerator Ice Maker?

Of course, there are!

First off, if your fridge doesn’t dispense water, you’ll need to slide the fridge out and inspect the water line at the back. But if water flow isn’t the issue, consider a reset for your ice maker as your go-to solution.

However, take a moment to ponder a few precautionary steps before hitting the reset button. Such as:

Check the Chute

Inspect the ice-making chute for blockages. Then, defrost or remove ice using gentle methods like a chisel, hairdryer, or warm water without damaging the plastic bits. Clear ice molds with warm water for new ice formation.

Check the Ice Maker Switch 

If your ice maker starts malfunctioning, first check the switch behind the ice bucket, which might have been accidentally turned off.

If your ice maker still doesn’t work properly, don’t worry! The switch can be tested with a multimeter.

Check the Freezer Temperature

For optimal ice making, keep the temperature of the ice maker between 0 and 5 degrees F. If ice production halts, ensure the temperature is below 10 degrees F, clean the condenser coil, and check if the condenser fan is functioning.

Replace the Faulty Door Switch

A non-functioning ice maker could signal a defective freezer door switch. When the door switch fails, it prevents the dispenser from activating.

You can use a multimeter to check for continuity. A lack in there means the switch needs replacing.

Replace the Dirty Water Filter

If your ice maker stops and the filter replacement light is on, replace the clogged filter with a new one to ensure safety and prevent low-quality ice production.

Fix the Issues of Low Water Pressure

If the ice maker isn’t working, check if your home’s water pressure is at least 20 psi. The inlet valves that supply water to the ice maker need this much water pressure to function properly.

Replace the Ice Maker Assembly

Ice makers can have short lifespans, and sometimes replacing them is more practical than fixing them, especially if you’ve ruled out simpler issues like the water inlet valve or shut-off arm.

Closing Notes

And that wraps up our guide to the easy steps to reset your Bosch refrigerator ice maker. Clearly, sorting out those typical ice maker hiccups in your Bosch fridge is nothing to sweat over, agreed?

Surely, this guide on how to reset the Bosch refrigerator ice maker will work as your one-stop resource for troubleshooting and enhancing the performance of your Bosch refrigerator.

However, make sure to start with precautions and keep up with regular cleanings and maintenance to ensure your ice maker performs at its best.

And in case you are stuck even after a reset, the user manual or Bosch’s customer support are your next stops for solutions.

Happy Resetting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for a Bosch refrigerator to make ice?

After turning on the ice maker in your Bosch refrigerator, remember to give it ample time to refill the ice cube container. It typically takes around 24 hours for the container to be filled with ice again.

Where is the reset button on the icemaker?

Well, you’ll find the reset button at the bottom of the ice maker unit in most models, However, in others, it’s positioned at the bottom of the ice tray.

Why is my ice maker not working but the water does?

If your valve isn’t working right, the flow of water might not reach the ice maker, though it still allows water to flow to the spigot. Also, if you have a clogged water line or ice maker, water can’t get through to make ice.

Where is the on-off switch on my Bosch ice maker?

If you’re confused about locating the Bosch ice maker on/off switch, start by taking out the ice bucket. If you still can’t spot the switch, try feeling under the ice tray or bucket, as some models tuck the switch away there.

How often should I reset my Bosch refrigerator ice maker?

Well, your Bosch fridge’s ice maker doesn’t require a specific timeframe to reset. Instead, it’s advisable to reset only if you face problems with the ice’s production or its quality.

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