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How to Store and Organize Necklaces: Storage Trick You Should Know

By Sophia W. Martin
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The most beautiful thing in your neck. But it doesn’t make sense; why is it always hard to find a favorite one in a jewelry box? Yes, I always lose pendants and have some damaged pieces as well, and all of them are tangled with good ones.

Well, if you are one of those who face the same problem, then you are not alone! 

It’s time to get them organized. Now, the million-dollar question is how to store and organize necklaces.

Take a few jewelry storage options in your account, like jewelry boxes, trays, travel storage boxes, and hooks, to solve this problem.

With some simple tips and tricks and storage options, you can keep them organized and increase longevity, as experts do.

Read on to find out!

Key Takeaways:
Adopting different storage methods, jewelry boxes, drawer organizers, and travel storage solutions will help you store and organize your necklaces better than ever.
Follow some simple and effective tricks and tips to maintain your necklaces. It will help to increase its usability and lifespan.

A Guide to Accessing Your Necklace Collection: How To Store And Organize Necklaces

First things first!

Before you start to store and organize, make sure to assess your valuable and lovely necklace collection in the following three ways:

  • Size: You might have different-sized jewelry. Group all of them into three sections, small, medium, and large.
  • Type: Not every necklace comes with the same material. Inspect the material, like gold, silver, stone, and dedicated details. Remember, grouping the metal increases its longevity.
  • Storage requirement: Lastly, you might need to store in different but accessible storage options, depending on the quantity and location.

So, based on your personal preference and storage requirements, pick the right option.

What Necklace Storage and Organizing Options Are Available for You?

Well, I am happy to share with you that there are lots of options available for keeping your necklaces separate, perfectly stored, and organized.

Depending on a few criteria, like type, collection, size, and personal preference, we made a list of storage options that you can try:

  • Hanging Necklaces
  • Jewelry Box
  • Drawer Organizer
  • Travel Storage solution

Let’s start with hanging necklaces:

Hanging Necklaces: Make Everyday Accessorizing Easy

I never doubted picking this method to store my large collection of necklaces. It allows easy access to my necklaces without tangling when they are hanging with hooks or holders.

It gives me the freedom to check all of them at once and pick the right one for today’s occasion.

Now, let’s find out a few hanging methods to make your necklace collection visually stunning:

Wall-mounted Jewelry Organizer

It is a convenient option to hang your necklaces and comes with multiple hooks to keep your necklaces separately organized.

Plus, it has a solid build to mount it on the wall and enough hooks. But you can put it in your closet, dressing area, or bedroom as well.

Necklace Holder

Necklace holders are popular with those who prefer stand-alone storage solutions. The best part is that such options come with great decorative design, including multiple arms or hooks.

To browse all of your necklace collection at once, you can rotate its base as well, which makes this option more convenient. Such holders easily fit on a tabletop, vanity, or dresser. Additionally, it creates a stylish appeal.

Jewelry Boxes: Never Forget a Classic Method

The most popular storage solution that is near your hand. Do you know why I’m still using a jewelry box for my beloved necklace collection?

Well, there are a few reasons for it, like:

  • Different sizes
  • Designs
  • Compartments and sections
  • Built-in necklace racks or hooks
  • Convenient
  • Perfect to store delicate necklaces
  • Prevent damaged, scratched, or tangled

So, what about you?

Hang tight!

Before you go for this option, you need to consider the following factors:

Material and Design: How Strong is Your Box?

The right material and design make the jewelry box durable and have an aesthetic appeal. Most of the jewelry boxes are made of three types of material. These are:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Leather

Among traditional, vintage-inspired, sleek, and contemporary designs, choose your preferred one. It also influences how you are going to use it. All these materials provide excellent protection for your necklaces.

Size and Compartments: Does It Matter?

Make sure your chosen jewelry box has enough compartments and a large space inside it to prevent it from getting tangled.

Also, check if it has any racks, hooks, or extra layers available or not! Some of them have this feature as an additional one.

So, when you are storing necklaces, consider their length to avoid a bend or twisting situation.

Portability and Additional Features

Your jewelry box should be compact and portable, with some additional safety features like a closure mechanism, a latch, a zipper, and a built-in mirror. It will help your necklaces remain intact and safe when traveling.

Drawer Organizers: Protect Your Fine Jewelry

A discreet storage option! What more can we say about it?

To protect your necklaces from dust, damage, and tangling, the drawer organizer is for you.

“Life isn’t perfect, but your jewelry can be.”

It’s known for its small compartment that lets you store necklaces individually. A few things make drawer organizers a better option to store necklaces, and these are:

  • Individual pouches or dividers
  • Velvet-lined trays
  • Small Compartment

All the time, drawer organizers let you access all of your necklace collection. It’s a practical and space-saving solution.

To ensure the best use of it, you can consider the following facts:

Use Separate Pouches or Bags

Do you have precious necklaces?

Try separate pouches or bags. It can make your necklace minimize the risk of scratches and damage. You can find these bags or pouches that are made of the following material.

  • Soft Fabric
  • Velvet
  • Satin

When you place necklaces individually in pouches, it will help you easily differentiate and locate your desired necklace.

Velvet-Lined Trays: Effortlessly Organize Your Necklaces

Ever tried valve-lined trays provide a protective surface that prevents necklaces from scratching. Following the shape of your necklaces lay them, and that is it.

Your necklaces are not going to get knotted or tangled.

Small Compartments: Make Best Use of It

First of all, it has a tray and all those have a small compartment or divider. To store necklaces in a box, you always need to segregate your jewelry according to length, style, thickness, and other specifics.

Some of the organizers have adjustable dividers. Based on your preference, adjust the divider at the right moment.

Travel Storage Solutions: Keep Things Extra Organized

Are you one of those who loves to travel now and then?

Then you must have chosen the right travel storage solution that offers functionality, as you need to keep your necklaces as you want.

So, what do you need to look for to choose one?

  • Secure
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Designated compartments
  • Anti-tangle features.

Well, to pick such an option, you need to consider your necklace collection based on a few factors, like material, pendant size, and length. That’s why you can keep your necklace damage-free and organized all the time.

At the time of travel, you can consider the following options:

Travel Jewelry Cases

A compact option has individual compartments or pouches to store each necklace separately. This way, it is possible to prevent tangling and scratching. Most of these cases have secure closures like clasp or zipper.

Additionally, a few models also have built-in necklace holders or hooks. So, if you don’t want to fold or bend necklaces, then you can easily hang them.

Pill Organizers

The pill organizer is an easy-to-fit option that lets you store necklaces separately in its multiple compartments. Just simply place every necklace with care into a separate compartment.

Note that necklaces should be laid flat and not overlap at the time of storage. That’s how you can avoid any bending or twisting.

Small Drawstring Bags

This versatile and lightweight option takes up minimal space to store your necklaces. A few things you can find in small drawstring bags, such as:

  • Soft, lint-free fabric
  • A satin or velvet lining

Tips & Tricks: They Never Get Tangled Up Again

Tangled Necklaces! It’s a common problem, isn’t it?

You can damage your delicate chains or lovely, valuable pendants at the time of untangling them.

To avoid this situation, the following tips are for you:

Regular Checking and Untangling

Please, please, please! Check your necklaces regularly!

Do you know why? You can benefit from it, like:

  • Prevent damage
  • Free from scratches
  • Prevents from tangling

Besides, when the necklace tangles, it weakens the metal. Hence, use a fine-pointed tool (a straight pin) or your finger to untangle them. Do it gently, and never use excessive force.

Otherwise, you can damage it.

If needed, use lubricants like baby oil or talcum powder in tangled areas to untangle them with ease.

Layering Techniques

When it comes to organizing layered necklaces, you might face a tangling situation.

Hold on!

You can minimize it. To do that, start with the shortest necklace. Now arrange a longer necklace gradually. It now has enough space to hang freely.

In addition, use a necklace extender or adjuster if you need the desired length for every layer of your necklace.

In this way, you can adjust the placement. As a result, it won’t tangle and will give you the perfect layered look you want.

Use Clasp and Hook

Use clasps and hooks effectively. What to do?

Just clasp the necklace ends together. Now hook the clasp onto the necklace. Your necklace will have a minimum amount of room to move around.

See, it’s not tangling anymore.

If your necklaces don’t have a clasp, then use a twist tie or rubber band (small and soft) to secure the ends of the necklaces.

Proper Handling and Storage During Travel

It’s really important how you pack and store your necklaces while traveling. To prevent tangling at that time, you can use travel jewelry cases or small drawstring bags.

Plus, make sure to lay them on a flat surface and gently put them in pouches to keep your necklace separate and safe.

How to Clean and Maintain Necklaces?

To keep your necklace shiny all the time and ensure longevity, cleaning and maintaining it as it is required is of utmost importance.

Here are some tips to follow:

Care Your Gemstone

Gemstones are known as showstoppers, and you can keep them shining all the time. Before you start, figure out the type of your gemstone, like:

  • Diamonds
  • Perl’s
  • Opals
  • Emerald
  • Turquoise

To care for diamonds, consider using a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water. Also, use a soft cloth dampened with water for pearls, opals, and other sensitive stones.

Gentle Cleaning Solutions


Only a few of us use a cleaning solution to clean necklaces. What about you?

Well, always opt for a gentle solution. Such one won’t damage your necklace material. On the other hand, harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners can damage the material badly.

You can use mild dish soap or baby shampoo with a water mix. Rub the material gently with soapy water. Afterward, use a toothbrush or soft cloth to do it.

Once you are done, rinse the necklace and dry it using a lint-free soft cloth.

Proper Storage

To keep your necklace in good condition, always keep it clean from any dust or residue. Also, store it in the proper place where the surface is clean and dry.

Polishing and Maintenance

Jewelry polishing cloth is a specific fabric available to polish gemstones. Hence, you can use this cloth to polish the stone and gently rub the metal to remove tarnish or dullness.

What about maintenance?

Closely inspect chains, clasps, and other settings.

Also, check if the stones are perfectly set or getting loose. Otherwise, you might need some professional help.

Final Thoughts

Necklaces are precious things that need care, like a baby. And with the right method, you can maintain them for years. Now that you know how to store and organize necklaces in the most effective way, it’s time to keep them tangle-free.

Besides, storing is always an essential part of preserving the beauty of your beloved necklaces.

So, if your existing method is not working for you, then there is no harm in swapping your system. Just enjoy what you do with your necklaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it OK to store necklaces hanging?

The hanging method is the best way to store necklaces if you have enough space. In this way, you can easily avoid necklace-tangling situations.

Where do people keep their necklaces?

A jewelry box is the best place and most common storage option for keeping necklaces. It offers a separate compartment for necklaces and helps keep necklaces organized. In addition, it keeps them visible and offers easy access as well.

Where is the best place to store jewelry?

Some unusual places can be your best choice to store jewelry, like a small container in the pocket of a dress blazer in your closet. Not only that but using a common storage option can also be best for you if it serves a purpose.

Is it OK to store jewelry in plastic bags?

No, it can damage the metal of necklaces and stones. Plastic bags can indeed trap moisture, which is not good for your jewelry. On top of that, some of these bags contain chemicals. The surface of some fine metals, like gems and pearls, can get damaged easily.

Can I use a regular jewelry box to store my necklaces?

Yes, you can. Most of us use regular jewelry boxes to store necklaces. But there are more options to store it. Remember, when you are using a regular jewelry box to store necklaces, ensure your necklace has a designated space and compartment.

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