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18 Smart Tips & Tricks to Organize and Store Baby Clothes in 2024!

By Sophia W. Martin
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Have you spent too long organizing and reorganizing your baby clothes and yet looking for the best ways to organize and store baby clothes? 

Yes, if you are a new parent, then organizing baby clothes does seem like a never-ending task. You plan and think that this time you got it all. But, something always seems to be missing.

After all, your munchkin is already keeping you busy by just laying there or running around doing their super-cute activities. Why stress over making new strategies every day?

Well, I got you almost 18 smart tips from experts, who, just like you, spent time planning strategies too. Read on to find out!

Featured image: realistic image of organizing baby clothes 

What If I Told You That

As new parents there are many times, we felt that this is the time I got it all. But then, the next day, or 2/3  days later, I’d start planning again. 

This is a never-ending loop, especially for new parents. Then comes the second one and there you go again. Trust me, it again turns into a new challenge. You only master it when you’re finally experienced enough and have almost done seeing your baby growing up. 

But let’s not worry. As you keep reading, you will see how one by one, all your confusions and daily struggles get sorted.

18 Expert Tips to Organize and Store Baby Clothes That Every Parent Must Know!

Organizing kids’ clothes is not actually that hard if you know and follow some simple tricks and steps. 

Here, we got you all the expert tips so that you never run late or get exhausted again while doing this task:

Take the Tags Off

First things first, let’s talk about those adorable outfits from their taggy confines. There’s something strangely satisfying about peeling off those tags – it’s like opening a tiny present for your little one. 

Best ways organize and store baby clothes
Take the Tags Off

Plus, it avoids those awkward moments when you realize your tot is rocking a onesie with a tag sticking out during a family photoshoot. Last but not least, it helps your baby’s clothes feel softer and cozier than ever!

Wash Clothes Before You Put Them Away

Now that your baby’s wardrobe is tag-free, let’s move on to the wash-and-wear ritual. Before those clothes meet the closet or dresser drawers, give them a gentle spin in the washing machine. 

how to store baby clothes long term
Wash Clothes Before You Put Them Away

This not only ensures they’re squeaky clean but also removes any irritants that might be lingering on the store shelves. And here’s the fun part – pick a baby-friendly detergent with a scent that makes you go “aww.” Your little one will thank you for the extra cuddliness.

Organize By Category

Now that the tags are history and the clothes are as fresh as a daisy, it’s time to get organized. Just imagine a closet where finding tiny socks and sleepers is as easy as picking your favorite ice cream flavor. 

how to organize baby clothes by size
Organize By Category

How cool and time-efficient it is!

A dream come true, especially for every new mother out there! What to do? Well, categorize those teeny-tiny clothes by type – onesies, sleepers, tiny socks, and everything in between and you will be all good to go. 

It’s not just a practical move; it’s a sanity-saving one. Late-night diaper change? No problem! You know exactly where the pajamas are. Efficient and adorable – that’s the goal!

Here’s some extra tip for you:

  • Keep the less used, exclusive wears in the lowest drawer, on-season ones on top or closest to your reach, and finally, the off-season ones in the back.
  • While stacking, make sure to sort according to size
  • Lastly, organize them in a way that rotating drawers won’t put you under too much pressure. 

Use Drawer Dividers

Before I go into the details, know that drawer dividers are the ultimate storage solutions for your munchkin’s variety of attires. This lets you keep everything in place.

How do you arrange baby items?
Use Drawer Dividers
  • Get tote bag organizers or nursery organizers from Amazon or Walmart. Check out some of the super cute ones here:
  • You can also get small organizers for those itsy-bitsy headbands and accessories. Keep them on your dresser top. That’s the hack, it’s a cherry on the top of your dresser.

Storing Baby & Kid Clothes By Type

The next step of categorizing is sorting those adorbs-wears by type. 

how to organize baby clothes by size
Storing Baby & Kid Clothes By Type
  • First, sort by pajamas, t-shirts, onesies, exclusive clothes, short-sleeves, long-sleeves, shorts, pants, frocks, skirts, and all other types you’ve got.
  • Your baby is small, and so are the clothes. Hence, the best is to use dividers in dresser drawers to keep them organized.
  • For storing them in the closet, you can use cube containers.

Are you forgetting the napkins or small items? I have tips for them in later sections.

File Fold

File folding clothes and organizing them vertically lets you see everything at a glance. Once you organize by size and type, start folding and organizing those cut pajamas, ts, and onesies vertically. 

Now, imagine, you open the drawer and all the cute colorful pajamas and t-shirts and onesies, are organized. The feeling of being overloaded with cuteness immediately takes the stress away.

Use Bins as Additional Storage

File folding and organizers might be the new game changers. But do not forget your old friend, the bins.

  • Firstly, you can use them to keep the dresses that your kids wear less frequently
  • Secondly, you can use bins with lids to keep napkins and small towels. After all, those tiny hands and feet need extra care.
  • Lastly, you can use different size bins for fitting in the corners and maximizing space. 

Utilize the Backs of Doors

Did anyone say, maximizing space? Time to use the doors efficiently! How?

how to organize baby clothes in small space
Utilize the Backs of Doors
  • Use hanging pocket organizers like hanging tote organizers to keep small items like socks and napkins.
  • You can also use them for keeping wipes, moisturizers, and those adorable manicure sets, etc.
  • Be a DIY expert. Just like your toddler fits in anywhere, looking like a cute munchkin, so do their small fits and mini-accessories. Install floating organizers for these.

Now that you know the guidelines, let’s see some more organizing hacks.

Stock Top Drawers With Diaper-Changing Essentials

I have been saying this many times now. Keep your little angel’s essentials closest to your hands. 

What is that? Diapers, diaper changing essentials, wipes, and hygiene set, right?

For example, it’s 2 a.m., and your little baby’s giving you the “I mean business” look, and you’re fumbling in the dark for a clean diaper. 

Not less than a nightmare, right? 

This is where the top drawer can come to the rescue!

Hence, to make every such task simpler and smoother, keep all these essentials at your fingertips. So, whenever you need it, everything is ready for action.

Stock Middle Drawers With Most Used Clothes

How do I organize my baby's clothes with limited space?
Stock Middle Drawers With Most Used Clothes

Now, onto the middle drawers – the fashion hub for your tiny trendsetter! These drawers should house the clothes your baby will wear most frequently. Onesies, t-shirts, sleepers, and comfy outfits can find their forever home here. 

Stock Bottom Drawers With Bulky or Lesser-Used Items

Perks of being a baby are, looking cute 24/7 in the most comfy fit. 

And bottom drawers are like the perfect place where you can stash away bulkier items or those adorable outfits that your baby might only wear on special occasions. Think about items like jackets, sweaters, and the tiny tuxedo or party dress you’re saving for that family photo session.

Didn’t understand? Let’s break down a bit:

  • Always keep the less used, fancy-wears in the bottom drawers. Shirts, shorts, and pants for boys, and for girls, frocks, tops, and skirts.
  • Remember the extra wear? The one-size bigger ones your munchkin is soon going to fit in? Keep them folded in the bottom drawers too.
  • Pile by size while organizing your bottom drawers.

Know What Items are Best Hanging in The Closet

You may be thinking what can even be new here? But wait, have you thought of adding an extra rail? 

how to organize baby clothes in dresser
Best Hanging Closet

Here are some more tips like this:

  • Add extra rails for hanging small items, like the tiny socks and plushy shoes 
  • A great way to hang onesies is hanging 2 to 3 of them together by hanging alternatives upside down
  • Finally, if you have a spacious nursery organizer, then hang the fancy attire, your cutie-pie will look extra cute. Blazers and party dresses of boys and girls of age 2++ should be hung properly. These are the musts if you want to maintain them for the long.

Have a Place for Clothes That are Too Big

Now, onto the bigger side of things. When your little one is swimming in clothes that are just too big, don’t let them get lost in the mix. 

Designate a specific space for these larger-than-life items. It’s like a closet waiting room for outfits that your baby will grow into. Believe it or not, you’ll be grateful for this dedicated zone when that growth spurt hits, and suddenly those oversized rompers become the perfect fit!

  • Fold these in smaller sizes, just the way your baby looks like a fluff ball in these. 
  • Stack them according to the size and weight from the bottom to the top 

Have a Separate Place for Clothes That are Too Small

Conversely, don’t forget about those itty-bitty clothes that have been outgrown. Create a special spot for these sentimental pieces. 

It’s a bit like a time capsule filled with memories – the first onesie they wore home from the hospital, the tiniest socks you ever did see. Who knows, you might find yourself feeling a bit nostalgic while going through them.

  • Keep them in bins in the closet and fit them in a space so you can see them easily
  • Keep several bins for different types of these are small colorful stuff
  • Label the bins

Label Everything

One of the biggest organizing hacks is to label everything. But this time, it is extra exciting. After all these years, you can use colorful markers to label those adorable organizers.

Yes, you can use small cardboard or notes to label. They can be listed this way, 3Tts. Here, 3 is the age(MM/YY), and it means t-shirts. It is just an example of how you can label things, the best is to find your own short forms for other size labels. So you can easily understand. 

One thing to keep in mind is, that you will soon need different size labels, as your baby will grow so fast and the clothes will just get smaller. So choose easily changeable storage labels. 

And give yourself an extra bit of dopamine by using erasable pretty markers on plastic boards, or sticky notes.

“Just to add some aesthetics, you can download free printable labels for baby clothes and fill them in as you want to.”

Keep a Donation Bin Close By

As your toddler outgrows clothes, you may want to keep some for the future angel and give others away. Here are some tips for keeping outgrown baby clothes organized:

  • Purge every 3 months till your baby turns one
  • Repeat it at a slower frequency of 4-6 months
  • Give away the ones you don’t need anymore
  • Store the ones you want to keep if there’s one waiting to wear them

Keep a donation bin close, gather all the clothes, sort them, and put all your babies outgrown clothes there. 

Organize Baby Diapers

Once again, I am highlighting this: Always keep the diapers nearest to your reach.  You are already running around with your small one. So to keep things a bit easier, you can:

  • Keep dresser drawers then put them on the top shelf. 
  • Use a nursery closet, then keep them in the space your hands and eyes reach first.

Keep Baby Safety In Mind When Organizing

Clothes have a long-term close contact with your kid. You cannot see the piece of your heart suffering from rashes or allergies. Below are some tips to ensure your sweetheart’s health and hygiene:

  • Keep them in clean bins and containers
  • Make sure the environment of dressers or closets has proper airflow
  • Clean them regularly, do not let dust or moisture grow. Wearing dresses after keeping in these spaces may cause skin issues.
  • Do not keep the containers in the garage, attic, or basement – not even the laundry items
  • Purge and wash immediately

Image: realistic images of the marked headers 

Organizing Baby Clothes: Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

One common question most of young parents come up with is, How to organize baby clothes in small spaces.

Organizing Baby Clothes
Organizing Baby Clothes

If you are running low on storage space, then, here are some smart ways to organize and optimize your storage system:

Maximize Closet Space with Slim Hangers

First up, let’s talk about those closets. They take up less space, making your baby’s closet feel more like a boutique than a puzzle. Plus, they’re super cute!

Use Over-the-Door Organizers Like a Pro

Go vertical with over-the-door organizers. Hang them on the closet or nursery door for instant pockets of storage. Socks, bibs, and tiny shoes – sorted and stylish!

Roll, Don’t Fold: Drawer Edition 

Drawer space is precious, so let’s make the most of it. Instead of folding clothes the traditional way, try rolling them. It saves room and lets you see everything at a glance. Easy access and a neat look – win-win!

Under-the-Crib Storage

Slide in cute bins or baskets for a hidden stash of blankets, onesies, and bedtime storybooks. Much like a baby wardrobe basement without the need for a basement!

How to Organize Baby Clothes by Size?

As simple as it sounds, it seems pretty complicated while doing. Here are some tips for storing baby clothes by size when you have less space to store them:

1. Decide Which Clothing to Fold vs. hang

Big or small space, once you sort items between hanging and folding, your work is done here. 

  • Add extra rails for hanging small socks and onesies
  • Use hanger and pocket drawers to keep shoes and accessories
  • Use the back of doors as discussed in previous sections

2. Sort Hanging Clothes By Size Using Closet Dividers

Get closet dividers of different shapes to hang those itsy-bitsy-looking socks, onesies, lightweight pants, tops, and baby frocks

3. Organize Folded Baby Clothes By Sorting Them Into Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are the ultimate game changers for maximizing space. Get them in different sizes to avoid wasting space.

4. Store Outgrown Baby Clothes In Bins By Size

To organize and store outgrown baby clothes for the future, keep them in plastic storage boxes and keep them in empty spaces. You can keep them in the bottom space of your closet or under your bed as well.

Why Even Organize Baby Clothes? Explore Advantages

First off, it saves you so much time, that you cannot even imagine until you start. But, let’s see the advantages in detail:

how to organize baby clothes in small space
Advantages of Organizing Baby Clothes
  • You have it sorted, which means you can easily find whatever you need whenever you need it. 
  • If you want to store your kids’ wear as hand-me-downs or keep wondering about how to store baby clothes long-term, you must keep them organized 
  • Once everything is organized, you don’t need any extra time to put them away 

Using & Maintaining This System

Now that you’ve transformed your baby’s wardrobe into a masterpiece of organization, let’s find out how to keep it in tiptop shape and use it like a pro:

Swapping Clothes

As your little one grows faster than you can say “cute onesie alert,” it’s time for a wardrobe update. When the seasons change or your baby outgrows those adorable booties, take a moment to swap things around. 

Your cutie pie looks fabulous in different fashions and different seasons. So, rotate the clothes in the drawers and closet to keep the most used and weather-appropriate items front and center,  according to your needs and reach.

Sizing Out

I know you get really emotional seeing your baby grow really fast. So, always buy the next size for them to fit. Also, you can consider donating or sharing with friends and family who have little ones on the way. It’s not just decluttering, it’s spreading the cuteness and making room for the next wave of adorable outfits. 

Final Tips for Baby Clothes Storage

  • Keep the most used ones closest to your reach
  • Put away the less used ones in the back of the closet or bottom of the dresser
  • Swap the organizers with on-season and off-season system
  • Hang lightweight dresses, socks, and other small items to maximize space
  • Use extra rails and the door backs to maximize spaces
  • Label everything by size, type, and age
  • Purge from time to time and whenever needed
  • For hygiene and health, wash immediately

Whew! You made it! (Conclusion)

Now you know how to dress your munchkin fabulously and keep everything under control. No more stressing about doing such a cute task.

Use the same system and repeat. Follow the tips as per your need to organize and store baby clothes without any hassle. Let it always add some dopamine for you.

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