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5 Easy Steps to Reset Craft Ice Maker on LG Fridge

By Albert G. Croley
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I was bragging to my buddies about how cool my craft ice maker has been doing lately. In fact, they were impressed to know how good the new ice is, with slower melting and enhanced flavor.

One of them suddenly said, Hey! Why not just try it this time?

I was glad that he asked for it. So, I grabbed a few glasses, poured some drinks, and went for the ice maker.

That’s the moment I knew I had messed it up.


Thankfully, I knew how to reset craft ice maker on LG fridge in the first place. So, it took me just a few seconds. But I could get no ice for the boys that day.

Don’t tell me you’ve faced the same thing too. If yes, this article is for you.

Key Takeaways:
Issues in performance, changes in the fridge, fluctuations in power, faulty sensors, and system glitches can trigger the need for resetting the craft ice maker.
To reset it, finding the reset button and holding it for 3–5 seconds should be enough.

Reasons to Reset the Craft Ice Maker

Why would you reset something if it’s not causing any trouble?

Well, that’s true for a craft ice maker too. So, here are the reasons why or when you should reset the craft ice maker on the LG fridge:

Issues in Performance

If the ice maker on the LG refrigerator has put the ice-making hold, you better think of resetting it. The same goes for situations where the ice seems to come in a smaller or wrong shape. Usually, resetting should fix minor craft ice maker issues like this.

Changes in the Fridge

An ice maker doesn’t like changes in your fridge. So, when you’re adjusting the water supply, replacing the water filter, resetting the water filter on the LG refrigerator, or tweaking the freezer temperature, a reset might put things back on track.

Fluctuations in Power

Things like surges or power outages can mess with different components of LG devices and appliances. So, when it’s about the ice maker, resetting it should solve minor issues in such incidents.

Regular Maintenance

It’s a must to maintain and troubleshoot your LG devices regularly to ensure their optimal performance, which includes ice makers as well. So, whether you’re cleaning or maintaining your ice maker, make sure to reset it to give it a fresh start.

Faulty Sensors

Sometimes even the sensors can go wrong and stop the ice maker from working correctly. So, in such cases, you better reset it to see if the ice production comes back on track.

5 Simple Steps to Reset Craft Ice Maker on LG Fridge

Like I said, it takes seconds. All you have to do to reset your LG craft ice maker is:

Steps to Reset Craft Ice Maker on LG Fridge
Reset Craft Ice Maker on LG Fridge

Step 1: Find Reset Button

The first thing you need to do is find the LG craft ice maker reset button location. The location basically depends on the model of the fridge. So, make sure to check out the user manual to trace it.

Step 2: Hit the Reset Button

Once you’ve got it, press and hold the button for the next 2 to 5 seconds. This will get the reset cycle started.

Step 3: Wait for Completion

When you’re done with that 5-second action, wait for a minute to let the process complete. This can be done within seconds, but to be on the safe side, it’s better to wait for a minute.

By this time, you might hear some sounds or blinks on the display. So, don’t worry; it’s part of the process.

Step 4: Confirm the Completion

If the process is complete, check the display panel for confirmation. If there are any on-screen instructions regarding the confirmation, follow them.

Step 5: Test It

It’s important to run and test the ice maker to be sure if the process has been successful or not.

What to do? Well, let the ice maker have some time to go into its ice-making operation again. If things are okay, you should see nice ice balls in a while.

Troubleshooting Tips for Craft Ice Makers

Looking at the history of ice, the concept of craft ice is nothing new. But the concept of craft ice makers surely is (comparatively).

So, clearly, like any other electronic product, ice makers are not free of issues, yet. Here are some common issues you might face with it:

Zero Ice

You might see your ice maker making no ice at all. This can happen if the freezer’s temperature is set to the wrong number.

Put it back at the recommended level to make it all normal again. And don’t forget to check if the water supply valve is fully open or not. Plus, make sure the water pressure is right on point.

Wrong Ice Size

Does your ice maker make ice balls of a misshapen or irregular size? Then probably there are some issues with the water supply.

Your water inlet chute being partially frozen can also be the culprit. In that case, fix the water supply and free up the inlet chute from any obstacles.

Stuck Ice

This is probably one of the most common issues out there with ice maker trays. In such cases, all you have to do is remove the stuck ice.

Be gentle, and don’t even think about using metal or sharp objects for that, as they can leave the tray damaged. Using something made of plastic will be better.

Leakage Issue

A leaked water supply line, too, can mess with ice production. In such cases, check if the line is connected properly or not. Also, check if the line is damaged and replace it if needed.

Noise Issue

When your ice maker starts to produce unusual and loud noises, there’s probably something wrong with its motor unit. The fan can be the source of the noise as well. In that case, the smart call is to ask for help from customer support.

Safety Precautions While Resetting a Craft Ice Maker

  • Read the manual properly. This will give you a clear idea of both safety guidelines and the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keeping the ice maker connected to the power source makes it dangerous. So make sure to unplug your appliance.
  • Use safety gear, such as gloves. Using these can possibly save you from potential hazards.
  • Turn the water supply off. After all, you don’t want water leaks or water damage anywhere.
  • Don’t overload the ice maker. This can put extra pressure on the components and damage them.
  • Let the reset process be completed properly. Don’t try to make ice before that.
  • Don’t try tempering with the ice maker’s components. Stick to the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard.

Wrapping Up

Craft ice can be good. I mean, really good!

But that depends on how your ice maker gets the job done.

So, you need to take care of that in the first place. I hope this guide on how to reset craft ice maker on LG fridge made that part at least a bit easier for you.

But, then again, you need to be concerned about the common issues as well, as I mentioned above. The same goes for taking safety measures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my LG refrigerator not making craft ice?

If the ice maker is turned off, the filter is clogged, or the bin is full, the refrigerator might not be able to make ice. Plus, the malfunction plays a big part here. So, check the settings, bin, and filter first. If resetting it doesn’t fix the issue, let a professional technician handle it.

How long does the LG craft ice maker take to make ice?

It usually takes around 24 to 48 hours to make craft ice right after the installation. But that’s for the first batch. For the rest, it takes 18 to 30 hours to make the ice on standard settings.

Where is the test button on the LG ice maker?

It usually doesn’t come with a dedicated test button. But you can check the user manual to see under which settings you can test the ice maker. And if you don’t find anything in the manual, contact the LG site or customer service for further details in this regard.

Can you change LG craft ice to regular ice?

You can’t do that directly; the dedicated mold and internal design won’t let you do that. But if your LG fridge has a separate ice dispenser, you can try getting cubed or crushed ice there.

Why is my LG refrigerator not making ice but water?

This can happen when the filter is clogged or the ice bin is full. Plus, if the ice maker itself is malfunctioning, it won’t be able to make ice.

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