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4 Easy Steps to Reset Water Filter on LG Refrigerator in Minutes

By Albert G. Croley
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It was 3.48 a.m.! The room was so dark that I felt like my eyes were still closed.

I went down to the kitchen for a glass of water, and that’s when I noticed it. I’m sure it wasn’t there before!

Like a confused character in a horror movie, I started walking towards it slowly. No! It’s not a ghost! It was a light on my LG refrigerator, asking for a water filter reset.

So, that’s what I did—in just 30 seconds!

I guess that’s what you’re here for too – to reset water filter on LG refrigerator.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you read a long manual to learn that. Just keep scrolling, and I promise you’ll get there in minutes.

Key Takeaways:
Indicator light, low water flow, change in taste, cloudy water, expired filter, low ice production—all indicate that a filter needs resetting.
To reset the filter, press and hold the water filter or filter button for 3-5 seconds.
A turned-on indicator light or ‘replace filter light’, smaller ice cubes, and low water output are some potential signs that the filter needs to be changed.

Top 6 Signs That the Water Filter Needs to Be Reset

Yes, your water filter will ask you to reset it. No, it’s not going to text you, but surely will leave you with some signs, such as:

1. Indicator Light

If the indicator light is turned on, it’s time to hit the reset button. This mostly happens when the time has passed. Yes, I’m talking about the 6-month duration. The indicator light might also pop up if the filter is clogged and needs replacement.

2. Low Water Flow

If the water flow has gone down, you’ve probably got a clogged filter in there. So, when the glass on your hand is taking comparatively more time than before, get ready to reset the filter.

3. Change in Taste

Is it already tasting a bit funny? Or smelling like ‘something’s wrong’? If yes, then probably your water filter is successfully failing to get rid of the contaminants in the water.

Usually, the taste could be metallic or chlorine-type. And the odor? It should be musty.

4. Cloudy Water

You don’t need to be an expert to understand that cloudy water is more of a sign of your filter’s failure to trap contaminants. It doesn’t matter whether the color is brown, red, or black; just replace and reset the filter.

5. Expired Filter

Has the age of your filter crossed 6 months already? If yes, it’s time to put your hands in the wallet to get a new one. Keeping it for more than 6 months will give you poor-quality water, and drinking it can raise health issues.

6. Zero or Low Ice Production

One of the reasons why the ice maker in your fridge slows down or fails to produce ice is a clogged filter. So, if you’re seeing something like this, your filter probably needs some attention.

How to Reset Water Filter on LG Refrigerator: 4 Steps to Follow

The process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, at most. That’s enough to explain how simple the whole thing is, I guess. All you have to do is:

How to Reset Water Filter on LG Refrigerator
How to Reset Water Filter on LG Refrigerator

Step 1: Finding the Reset Button

For resetting the filter, find the reset button first. You’re supposed to see a button on the refrigerator’s control panel with the label ‘Water Filter’ or just ‘Filter’.

If you’re not seeing something like this there, make sure to check out your user manual for clear instructions.

Step 2: Pressing and Holding the Button

Have you found the reset filter button? Great!

Now press and hold that for the next 3 to 5 seconds, approximately. Pay attention to the indicator light, as a change in it indicates that the filter is now reset.

Keep pressing and holding the reset button until you make sure the display confirms the reset.

Step 3: Waiting for the Filter to Reset

Depending on the model, it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to a few minutes for the system to register the reset. So, wait for a while after releasing the button.

Step 4: Verifying the Reset

Check the indicator light. If it has been turned off, count the reset process as successful. If things don’t seem to be working out the way they should ask for help from the LG support center.

Potential Signs for Replacing the Water Filter

Okay, as I said before, you need to replace the water filter before resetting it.

But how do you figure out whether you should change the water filter or not? Well, if answers to any of the following questions come in ‘yes’, replace the filter as soon as you can.

  • Is the indicator light still on?
  • Has the ‘replace filter’ light turned on?
  • Has the output of your water dispenser decreased?
  • Are the ice cubes coming out smaller than the regular size?
  • Has the age of the water filter crossed 6 months?

How to Replace the Water Filter on LG Refrigerator?

There are two types of filter installation: the upper left corner and the one located inside.

So, let me tell you about both of them, as I don’t know which one you’ve got in there.

Upper Left Corner Installation

Turn off the water supply first. Now look into the filter compartment. There should be levers or buttons to open the cover. Twist the old filter and pull it down. Make sure you’re doing the twisting counterclockwise.

Once you remove the old filter, push the new filter back in after removing the protective cap. Keep twisting it clockwise till it clicks into the right place. Now close the compartment and turn on the water supply.

Don’t forget to flush the system with 2.5 gallons of water. This will remove all the air bubbles and contaminants in your new filter. Once the flushing is done, reset the filter.

Located In-Door Installation

Turn off the water supply just like the previous one. You should see a bin on the left door interior’s bottom. Pull it out to remove it, which should also let you see the filter housing.

Now get the older filter out while twisting it counter-clockwise. Install the new filter by pushing it into the compartment and twisting it clockwise. Keep twisting till it gets clicked back into its place.

Once you’re done with that, reinstall the bin and turn the water line back on. Now, like the previous one, flush the system and reset the filter.

How to Troubleshoot the Common Issues During the Process?

Things won’t always work out buttery smooth. So, when there are issues like these, you better be ready to deal with them too:

The Water Filter Isn’t Coming Out

First of all, check if you’re twisting the filter in the right direction or not. 

If the filter is stuck, wiggle it gently back and forth when you’re trying to pull it out.

The filter might give off a slippery vibe. In such a case, use a hand towel here for better grip. Also, ensure you’ve turned off the water supply valve properly, as pressure might make it tough to remove.

The Reset Button Isn’t Working

The LG water filter reset button not working is a common issue. This can happen due to a fault in the button or an issue in the control panel.

In such cases, grab a dry, soft cloth and wipe the control panel properly. Make sure no water spills or obstructions are left behind.

No Confirmation on the Display

If it’s done right, you should see a water filter indicator light or an indication on the display. But if you’re seeing no sign like that there, repeat the process.

Make sure you’re holding the button long enough.

Locked Control Panel

This can happen if the Child Lock is on. So, disable this in the first place. But if it’s not the child lock and the control panel is still not working, the best is to let the support center know the issue.

Maintenance Tips for LG Refrigerator

Keeping your LG refrigerator in good shape is totally up to you. So, take a screenshot of these tips if you want it to have optimal performance.

  • Don’t open the door frequently, as that will let the cool air escape.
  • Keep the temperature on point. It should be 37°F or 3°C for your refrigerator compartment and 0°F or -18°C for your freezer.
  • Clean coils mean cooler coils. So, dust them regularly for improved efficiency.
  • Keep the door seal in check, and take care of the cracks and tears if you see any.
  • Wipe the spills instantly. This will save the fridge from bad odors and bacterial growth.
  • Clean once a month using water solution and mild soap for the job.

Most significantly, if the door is malfunctioning, you can easily replace or remove the door of the LG refrigerator.

Wrapping Up

You can reset water filter on LG refrigerator anytime, and it won’t even take that much time. But the challenging part is replacing the filter. So, in this blog, I tried to tell you not only how to reset the filter but also how to replace it.

But whether it’s about resetting or replacing the filter, you need to understand the signs first. You’ll see that here too. I hope after all that, there won’t be much left on the ‘filter’ part for you to worry about.

Happy Resetting!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to reset the water filter on my LG refrigerator?

It’s basically important for maintaining optimal filtration performance. It makes sure the filter can remove impurities properly while maintaining the quality of the water. Plus, as resetting and replacing the filter are interrelated, they help prevent health issues related to contaminated water.

Can I use my LG refrigerator without resetting the water filter?

Yes, you can use it without resetting the water filter. But this isn’t something I’d recommend. It’s better to reset the filter every time you change the filter itself. This will help you maintain the quality and purity of the water.

How often should I reset the water filter on my LG refrigerator?

It’s usually related to the filter, which has to be changed every 6 months. So, reset the filter (if needed) after you’ve replaced the filter.

Does LG have a reset button?

There is no button written ‘reset’ on it. But it should be one with ‘water filter’ or ‘filter’ written on it. Holding that button for 3-5 seconds should be enough to reset the filter.

Where is the control panel on my LG refrigerator?

In most LG refrigerators, it’s on the exterior, left-hand door. But in some others, they’re in the refrigerator compartment interior – the upper right corner.

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