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How to Easily Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator?

By Albert G. Croley
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I was feeling like I was defusing a bomb.

One wrong move, and the next moment it’ll be a Ka-Boom!

I thought it was going to be tougher than anything. In fact, I was holding my breath for those ‘seconds’.

But when it was done…I was like – okay. That was easy. I’m not a tech guy, never was. So, if I’m calling something techy ‘easy’, probably it’s one of the easiest things on earth.

Do you know what it means? It means that if I can do it, you too can reset your Samsung refrigerator.

So, let me explain the whole process. Don’t worry; I’m not filling it with techy words. 

Keep reading to find out!

Key Takeaways:
A Samsung refrigerator needs a reset when there’s a power outage, error code issue, frozen touchscreen, or temperature display issue.
Unplugging the fridge for 5 minutes and replugging it after that is enough for resetting.
Don’t reset when the fridge is in demo mode, has the wrong cooling temperature, or has a minor usability issue.

When Do You Need to Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator?

The right thing to do at the right moment—isn’t it what we all want? So, here are the times when resetting your Samsung refrigerator is the right thing to do:

Power Outage

A power cut is nothing unusual. What’s unusual is if your fridge starts acting strangely after that.

It can even show error codes like 1E or SE. This is when you need to reset your Samsung refrigerator.

What to do? Go for a soft reset. And perform a hard reset only when the first one isn’t working.

Error Codes

Error codes might sound like a job for a professional technician. But it’s not, always, at least.

A reset can fix some of the issues. But you need to be sure about the problem the code is indicating. If it’s a deeper issue, make sure to request service from customer support.

Issues with Temperature Display

Inconsistency, flickering, or showing nothing at all – are you seeing something like this on your refrigerator’s display?

If yes, try all the troubleshooting tricks you know on this. If none of them are working, I recommend resetting your refrigerator in the first place.

Frozen Touchscreen

Sometimes I see the issue of frozen touchscreens in Family Hub models. In some cases, that issue can be fixed by resetting. But if that doesn’t work, go for the resetting.

However, don’t reset your fridge if it’s in demo mode or cooling off mode. Simply turn off the demo mode, and it will be as functional as you want.

Cleaning or Moving

When you’re cleaning the Samsung refrigerator, you’ll surely have to turn off the power. As there will be no power for a long time, to put that back in a functional state, it’s better to reset it once again.

You should also maintain that when you are moving the refrigerator as well.

Cleaning or Moving
Cleaning the Refrigerator

How Do I Reset My Samsung Refrigerator?

The best part about resetting a Samsung refrigerator is that you don’t have to call a professional for that. All you have to do is follow these steps to reset your fridge:

Hard Reset a Samsung Refrigerator

  • Step 1: Disconnect the fridge completely from the power source.
  • Step 2: Wait about 5 minutes at least, as that amount of time is enough to drain all the remaining power from the system. Plus, it will reset the fridge’s components fully.
  • Step 3: Plug it back in again. Now it should boot up with its factory settings.

Reset Family Hub

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings on your refrigerator’s Family Hub screen.
  • Step 2: Select the About Family Hub option.
  • Step 3: Select the Factory Data Reset option.
  • Step 4: Proceed to reset by tapping on Reset twice. Confirm by selecting the Delete All Data option.

Network Reset (Models with Wi-Fi Capabilities)

  • For Standard Models: Find the ‘Lock’ button on your fridge’s control panel. Hold it for the next 12 seconds and keep holding as long as you see ‘A’ and ‘r’ on the display. Seeing these means the reset was successful.
  • For Family Hub Models: Go to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Wi-Fi’ to select your current network. Once you do that, select ‘Forget’ or ‘Disconnect’ to remove the network information.

Things You Should Know Before Resetting

There are a bunch of things you need to understand before performing a reset on your refrigerator, and here’s the list:

Understand the Problem

You don’t have to hit the reset button for all the problems with your fridge. For instance, if it’s a cooling issue, a reset will do no good there.

In such cases, fixing the faulty door seal or fixing the temperature settings will be more useful. So, understand the problem first before you reset the refrigerator.

Error Codes

Every error code is an indicator of one or more problems. So, note down the refrigerator error codes before resetting the fridge.

This way, you can understand which problems were solved with the reset and which ones are still unsolved.

Losing Customizations

When it comes to resetting, especially the hard one, it will erase every single personalized setting of yours. So, if you’ve fixed your temperature preferences before or display options, they will all be gone from your Family Hub model.

Data Loss

Like the customizations, the data will also be gone from your Family Hub model with the reset. So, if you’re keeping any notes, calendars, or app information there, they might lost.

Hence, if you’ve got something important there, ensure its backup before returning to the old default settings. You might not be able to save all the data but give it a try.

Alternative Solutions

Consider resetting as the last resort. Before that, it’ll be better if you can go for a soft reset (if your model has the option). It should be enough to resolve minor glitches.

Another thing you can do is consult the manual. If the manual suggests ways to diagnose and solve the problem, follow it with closed eyes. This might save you from the hassles of resetting.

Food Spoilage

When you’re resetting the fridge, there’s a high chance of it showing signs of temperature fluctuations. This can potentially lead to food spoilage.

So, before you reset it, remove food items that can deteriorate at the wrong temperature.

When to Reset and When Not to?

I believe fixing this part is more challenging. So, let me make that a bit easier for you with a table.

SituationsReset or Don’t Reset
Post Power OutageReset
Error CodesReset
Wrong Temperature DisplayReset
Wrong Cooling TemperatureDon’t Reset
Frozen TouchscreenReset
Cleaning or MovingReset
Demo ModeDon’t Reset
Minor Usability IssuesDon’t Reset
Unsure CausesDon’t Reset

Error Codes on a Samsung Fridge

Error codes are sign languages. All of them mean something. So, if you see error codes on your fridge, this table might help you a bit to understand them:

Error codesUnderlying Problems
85E, 86E, 83E, 88 88Electrical issues/power issues such as loose connections, faulty power lines, surges, etc.
22 E or 22 CFan issues; can be caused by a door left open for a longer period of time.
FF, FC, HI, or LOTemperature sensor errors; can be anything like airflow issues, faulty sensors, defrost cycle issues, etc.
ICE MAKER ERROR or DISPENSER ERRORIndicates ice maker or dispenser malfunctions, such as water line issues, clogged water filters, or faulty ice maker components.
Communication ErrorsWiFi connection issues.
E or dE (followed by numbers)Check the user manual, as it can vary from model to model.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Having a few tips in your sleeves can save you from a ton of hassles. So, it’ll be better if you can note these down:

Before Reset Tips

  • Look for a simple solution first, such as the basic troubleshooting techniques. Don’t jump in for the reset first.
  • User manuals always come with a ton of solutions. So, make sure to check it out first whenever there’s an issue.
  • Try utilizing the power cycle. It’s basically turning off/on the fridge, which can potentially fix temporary glitches.
  • Ice build-up can possibly cause malfunctions too. If your fridge is a frost model, a partial thaw might be helpful here.
  • If you’re confused about the issue, opt for a professional technician to diagnose the problem.

During Reset Tips

  • Completely unplug the fridge. Otherwise, proper power draining won’t be possible. Turning off the power at the circuit breaker will also do the trick.
  • Follow the instructions specified for your model. However, following the other fridge’s instructions on resetting can potentially damage its functionality.

After Reset Tips

  • Monitor the performance. Look into the error code history to see if the issues have been resolved or not after resetting.
  • Ensure optimal and consistent temperature after resetting, though it might take a bit of time.
  • Reconfigure the setting, as the previous settings will be wiped out after resetting.

Final Thoughts

As I said, you don’t have to be a tech guy to reset your Samsung refrigerator. But you need to know your way to that. So, in this blog, not only have I told you about when and how you should reset your fridge, but also when you shouldn’t.

And I believe those error codes will be a help too. And if you’re stuck with any part of the resetting process, the additional tips should come in handy.

I hope after all that, you won’t have to worry about resetting your fridge, at least.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the ice reset button on the Samsung refrigerator?

There is no dedicated reset button on the Samsung fridge. To reset, you need to locate the test button and hold it for a few seconds. To be sure of the process, make sure to check the user manual.

How long do you unplug a refrigerator to reset it?

Keeping the fridge unplugged for 5 minutes is enough for resetting. By this time, all the power draining should be done.

Why is my Samsung refrigerator touchscreen not working?

This can happen due to anything, like a child lock or an activated control lock. Sometimes a touchscreen malfunction or software glitch can also cause this issue.

How often should I reset my Samsung refrigerator?

Resetting the fridge is not part of the regular maintenance. So, do it only when you need to troubleshoot specific issues.

What is the alternative way to reset your Samsung fridge?

Plugging out the power line and plugging it back in after 5 minutes should be enough for resetting. But as an alternative, you can press and hold the power cool and freeze buttons simultaneously.

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