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20+ Expert Tips to Organize Your Life And Home

By Sophia W. Martin
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Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “I just want to have an organized home and a life like them?”

Well, you are not alone, mate!

But how do you get this?

It’s not that big of a deal as it seems. All you need is some tips to organize your life and home, specify tasks and spaces, declutter from time to time, set up a flexible routine, maintain a task list, and finally turn this into a habit or mindset.

The same goes for getting your life together. So, here I am going to talk about some expert tips to boost your personal growth. So, instead of feeling like a hassle, it will work as a productive therapy session.

Want to know how? Keep reading to find out.  

What Are the Key Reasons to Get Organized?

Once you see how organizing your home can help you pull everything in life together you’ll love the idea.

Besides, an organized home brings mental peace. On the other hand, unorganized surroundings can cause stress and anxiety. 

Also, it helps with time management and increases productivity. So, overall, it gives you much more control over life

Now, you might be wondering how all these are connected. Let’s find out: 

Reducing Clutter for a Calmer Environment

More open space and a minimalist interior are the keys to mental peace. 

Open space gives a relaxing vibe, thus reducing stress and anxiety. 

For example, you walk into a room, and instead of being greeted by a chaotic jumble of stuff, you find a serene oasis of order. 

That’s the magic of decluttering!

Now, just think your kids’ toys are all over the place, cutleries and utensils are here and there, and a book opened left in a corner beside a mug. How did it feel? Suffocating, right?

reasons to get organized
Physical Space in Room

Well, you know the drill.

Hence, clearing out the excess not only gives your physical space room to breathe but does wonders for your mental space too. A clutter-free environment is like a deep exhale for your mind – calming, refreshing, and oh-so-necessary.

Improving Time Management

Ever feel like time slips through your fingers like sand? 

Well, here’s the secret: organization is the time-management superhero you’ve been waiting for. When everything has its designated place, you spend less time hunting for your keys or the elusive matching sock. It’s like giving yourself a gift – the gift of time. 

Suddenly, you find yourself with more minutes to savor that morning coffee or tackle that passion project you’ve been putting off.

Keeping Track of Items in Your Home

Lost keys? Misplaced that important document again? 

Admit it – we’ve all experienced the frustration of misplacing important items. 

The keys playing hide and seek, the phone decided to take a silent vacation – it’s a universal struggle.

But fear not fellow forgetful beings! 

The organization is your memory’s best friend. With a system in place, you’ll bid farewell to the days of frenzied searching and the panic that accompanies it. 

Everything in its place, and a place for everything – it’s a game-changer.

Bringing Efficiency to Daily Tasks

When your space is organized, your tasks follow suit. From meal prepping to paying bills, everything becomes a breeze. Efficiency becomes your middle name, and you tackle each day like the productivity guru you were born to be.

In other words, you will start feeling more in control. Trust me, you’re going to see your productivity stonk.

Keeping Your Home Neat and Tidy

A tidy home is like a warm embrace at the end of a long day – comforting and inviting. 

how can I organize my home and life?
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

When everything is organized, maintaining that pristine look becomes a piece of cake. No more last-minute clean-up marathons before unexpected guests arrive. 

Your home becomes a reflection of the calm and collected individual you are, creating a space that welcomes you with open arms and encourages relaxation.

How Can I Get More Organized at Home?

Once you start organizing your home, some parts of your life automatically fall into place. Here are the ultimate tips and hacks to turn your place into heavenly bliss:

Decluttering Your Space

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” 

– Barbara Hemphill.

When you already got so much on your plate a cluttered home would clutter your mind more. So, from time to time, decluttering is a must. 

decluttering your space
Decluttering Your Space

Here’s how you can declutter frequently without turning it into a big task:

  • Throw away immediately: Throw away damaged or unusable tech accessories, dresses, bottles, cans, containers, grocery bags, and most importantly, old documents and receipts immediately.
  • One in one out: The moment you bring something new, get rid of the previous alternative. This happens more with electric equipment like blenders, grinders, hair dryers, etc. Trust me you don’t need these backups.
  • Do not rethink: Rethinking simply stops you from decluttering and piles up your bags, drawers, or storeroom with unnecessary mess. 
  • Do a routine declutter: Even though you throw away most of the things after using them, some things just never become outdated till you get rid of them. 

Designating Specific Spaces for Items

Leaving small stuff and accessories here and there messes up your routine. Imagine running around the house during a meeting or just before leaving looking for a key or a pen or your earbuds. You really don’t want this extra stress. 

How can I be more Organised at home?
Door Hanger

Here are the pro tips to help you with designating space for maximum optimization.

  • Hanging racks: Save space and look minimalist with hanging racks. This way, you can put away anything easily and immediately.
  • Floating shelves: Set up floating shelves to keep small accessories nearby to the places you usually need them. 
  •  Multipurpose furniture: Furniture that wears multiple hats? From ottomans that double as storage to coffee tables with secret compartments – these pieces are the undercover agents of the organization.
  • Small organizers: Get these for makeup and small accessories to find them easily.
  • Toy Drawers: Set up toy drawers in one specific space. And teach your kids to always put back the toys. This also helps develop a good organizing habit from childhood.
  • Dresser drawers: Use dresser drawers for small items like socks and undergarments.
  • Upgrade your closet game: Utilize the doors to hang small and light items, like scarves.

Creating a To-Do List for Chores

Always keep a to-do list for chores. For this, apps like Google Keep and Evernote help so much to stay on track. Get one to make sure that you don’t miss any important tasks or events.

Setting a Timer for Tidying Up

Setting a timer for any work actually gives you a lot of control. 

  • Make a task list for organizing, deep cleaning, and decluttering. Set the priority and time required for each. 

Decluttering and organizing come hand in hand and work like therapy. Go one step at a time. Soon you’ll see so much has been done without feeling overwhelmed.

Implementing a Meal Planning System

If you are working full-time or have kids then this is a must. 

ways to get organized at home and in life
Meal Planning System
  • Plan your weekly meals on weekends, and prepare and preserve the ones that take longer time.
  • Use an app like Daily Meal Planner to plan your meals efficiently

This way, you’ll make so much free time and save on groceries.

More Tips to Organize Your Life and Home

Well, after the fundamentals of organizing your home, let’s have a look at some more tips to organize your life and home.

Liberating Yourself from Items That Don’t Belong

“Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”

According to Peter Walsh (Famous professional organizer). 

We often say, don’t stay somewhere you feel like you don’t belong. The same goes for our home as well. That is, if it doesn’t serve a purpose or spark joy, set it free. 

declutter your home and life
Declutter Your Home and Life

Your space deserves to be adorned only with things that make your heart sing. Break free from the clutter, and let your home breathe.

Organizing Room by Room

You’re doing this for better mental health right? Then do not let it stress you over.

How can I be Organised in my daily life?
Organizing Room by Room
  • Follow a routine. Start with one room at a time. If that’s not possible then divide it into parts. Organize the drawers one day, and arrange things on the shelves another day.
  • If you have procrastination issues then try dividing the task into smaller parts, and go one by one. This not only sorts things but also gets you back on track with your to-do list.

Implementing a Clear Inbox Method

Unread emails and too many notifications are nothing less than a headache. 

  • Sort your mailbox for peace of mind
  • Unsubscribe from all the services you don’t want notifications from. I know that all these emails are so overwhelming that opening one to unsubscribe feels like extra work. But this small work keeps your mailbox super neat and clean.
  • Categorize your emails with labels and folders.
  • Mark the important ones as favorites and delete the rest

Organizing Your Personal To-Do List

Maintaining a properly organized to-do list is a high-priority task to achieve your goals and get all your work done. What to do?

track and maintain an organized life
Track and Maintain an Organized Life
  • Break the task list into several priority meters. Maintain these blocks: according to importance, urgency, time, and energy needed to get the work done.

What Are Some Effective Ways to Get Organized at Home and in Life?

Besides the basic and most important steps, let’s check out some tips to sort things more efficiently.

Managing Reader Interactions and Junk Mail

  • Categorizing your emails and sorting them, clearing inboxes, and unsubscribing to unwanted emails – these are the must to avoid extra mental stress and stay on track.

Organizing Passwords and Important Documents

  • Write your passwords down in a journal and keep them in a safe space, or simply keep them saved in a doc file. Your virtual space organization is as important as keeping your surroundings organized. They directly impact your professional life and have a huge control on your mental health.
  • Afterward, categorize, save, and back up your documents and files. Divide them into more folders and name them properly to avoid complicacy.
tips to organize your life and home
Organizing Passwords and Important Documents

Staying Organized with Time Management Techniques

If you have come this far, you now know how organizing and time management depend on each other. Here are some do’s and don’ts to take control:

  • First of all, set a feasible to-do list. Keep enough time to take a break, relax, and have a fun time at the end of the day.
  • Going to bed early and waking up early makes things fall into place. However, fixing your sleep cycle is hard and takes time and consistency. So, make sure to keep at least two hours for relaxation before going to bed. 

After dinner, freshen up, watch something, play video games, read a book, or just spend lazy time listening to music. Forget about the stress of the day or any upcoming issues. You’ll have a sound sleep and wake up with a fresh mind. 

  • Do your bed every day.

Tips for Self-organization and Personal Growth

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, right?

Tips for Self-organization and Personal Growth
Tips for Self-organization and Personal Growth

So, here are some tips, follow this and see how things fall into place:

1. Journaling: Here’s how journaling helps you so much in getting your life sorted. 

  • Uncluster your thoughts: It acts like self-therapy. Once you start writing down your problems, you’ll be able to sort them linearly. 

And you’ll see how much of it was overthinking, irrelevant, or fear caused by past trauma. So, in a way, it helps with getting over trauma, stress, and anxiety.

  • Professional and Personal Growth: Journaling helps set professional and personal goals by sorting your problems, limitations, and goals.

2. “Things I Am Grateful For”: From taking charge of something new to doing a big and stressful task, we tend to get demotivated by bad experiences. This also triggers procrastination. So, success stories are important, your blessings, good days, memories, and moments are also equally important. Write them down as well. 

You know what? List them in your note apps and add a shortcut to your home screen. So that whenever past traumas or stressing over the future are eating you up, look back at those. 

Ta-dah! You’ll start smiling and your motivation will be back with added enthusiasm.

3. Limit:  Wasting time on social media? Check, and set limitations, and notifications on how much time you spent on each app. 

4. Get Over Skepticism: Self-doubt makes it worse. After all, everyone has their own way of doing things. Do not find faults with yourself thinking about how it could have been done better. Why? It hampers present enthusiasm and efficiency.

How Can I Stay on Track and Maintain an Organized Life?

Only setting goals never helps. So, what to do, then? 

Here are some tips to help you stay on track:

Implementing Daily Routines for Organization

Not having a routine means cluttering your work and life. Maintain a feasible and flexible routine, avoid rigidity, don’t hesitate to make exceptions, and just align with other tasks. Lastly, change priorities as needed.

Creating a System for Putting Everything Back in Its Place

Don’t just fix spaces for everything – always put back things, no matter how tiring it seems.

Track and Maintain an Organized Life
Track and Maintain an Organized Life

Managing Clutter-Prone Areas Like the Kitchen and Office

  • To avoid cluttering, maximize space use with bins, drawers, and floating shelves.
  • In the kitchen, organize your utensils, cutleries, and hand towels in such a way that the most used items are always hung or kept close to your hand. Also, put away everything after using or cleaning.

The same goes for your office space! 

  • Use filing cabinets, shelves, and drawers to organize your documents and files.
  • Set your workspace in such a way that everything is easier to see, reachable, and can be put away easily.
  • Use desk organizers for keeping small items. 
  • Finally, do not leave things here and there just because you feel too tired to put them away. Why? It can turn your workspace into a small mess in a short time.

Keeping a Designated Space for Items You Don’t Need

Not every item needs a front-row seat in your daily life. Create a designated space for things you don’t need right now but can’t part with. It’s like giving these items a vacation home – out of sight but not forgotten. Your space stays clutter-free, and you maintain a sense of control.

Closing Notes


You’ve just taken the first step towards a more organized and peaceful life. By implementing these top tips to organize your life and home, you will not only transform your living space but also cultivate a mindset that promotes harmony and well-being. 

Now, ask yourself: Which of these tips will you implement first? 

Remember, Your journey to a more organized and tranquil life begins with that first step. Embrace the change, savor the order, and relish the peace that follows. Here’s to life and home that reflect the serenity you’ve always deserved!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Be More Organized At Home?

Avoid keeping things here and there, do not rush while decluttering or organizing, and maintain a flexible routine for all your tasks. This also develops a mindset to work on long-term goals.

How Can I Be More Organized In Daily Life?

Make a flexible routine. Don’t escape the small things even if they don’t seem important. Finally, keep your home and workspace organized.

What Should I Remove First While Decluttering?

Start with the small items while decluttering, this increases motivation. It can be unused accessories, receipts in your bag, etc.

Where Do You Start When Decluttering?

Start from the smallest and fastest accessible space. Like if you’re decluttering your closet, start with that one old piece hanging in the door forever now.

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