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The Ultimate Guide to Velvet Hangers: Are They Worth It?

By isha.m
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Velvet Hangers

When I saw all my clothes fall to the bottom of my closet, I didn’t know if I should be angry with my luck or the clothes hanger. My luck was pretty decent on the other things. So, I decided to blame the hanger this time.

I bet you felt the same about yours too. Otherwise, why would you have come up with the idea of shifting to velvet hangers? But you’re still confused, aren’t you?

Well, it’s time to put a full stop to that with the ultimate guide to velvet hangers. But why velvet hangers when you’ve got the chance to pick cheap and thin hangers?

It’s something I can’t answer unless you start scrolling down.

What Are Velvet Hangers and Why Should You Use Them?

Google it, and you’ll find tons of different types of hangers. I bet velvet hangers can easily pass them with a higher score.

By the way, velvet hangers are the ones made of velvet-like materials with a plastic core and a metal hook.

So what was I saying? Yes, velvets are getting a higher score.

But on which parts, actually?

Well, keep scrolling; you’re close to the answer.

choosing the best velvet hanger
Velvet Hangers

Benefits of Using Velvet Hangers

You can call velvet hangers a pile of benefits, making them probably one of the best options you can pick for your closet. But why? Well, here’s your answer.

  • Velvet hangers are more gentle on the fabrics and don’t mess with the shape of any clothes.
  • They prevent clothes from slipping off, along with preventing unwanted wrinkles and creases.
  • Thanks to the slim design, they provide comparatively more space for a larger amount of garments, including sweaters, blazers, tank tops, and dresses.
  • Regardless of the fabric type, velvet hangers can hold clothes of almost any type, even the slippery ones like silk.
  • The ones with a hooked or notched design make it easier to keep accessories like belts and scarves, along with strappy clothes.
  • These durable hangers can securely carry a decent amount of weight, contrary to hangers made of cheaper material.
  • As velvet hangers come in contoured designs, velvet hangers can easily prevent unwanted shoulder bumps.
  • These hangers give the closet a clean, aesthetic, and elegant vibe, especially the black velvet.
  • As these hangers are available in different colors, categorizing clothes based on that becomes super easy.

Space-saving Properties of Velvet Hangers

What is the purpose of getting a hanger? Having a well-organized closet and saving space, right? Well, it seems velvet hangers have some useful space-saving properties, such as:

  • A slim design for optimizing closet space.
  • Standard size that keeps the appearance organized and consistent.
  • A non-slip surface that ensures no additional space takes place between the garments.
  • Hooks and notches allow enough space for accessories and eliminate the need for spare organizers.
  • Versatile design that makes sure different garments are properly accommodated and reduces cluttering.

Different Types of Hangers to Consider When Choosing

You’ll never feel confident enough about your pick if you don’t have the chance to check out other options. After all, choosing the best velvet hanger comes later. First, you need to explore your available options.

So, which options do you have when it comes to hangers?

Different Types of Hangers
Different Types of Hangers

Here’s the list you’re asking for.  But before that, as it’s the velvet hanger vs. plastic hangers and other hangers, I won’t be mentioning velvet here or the recycled ones.

Wooden Hanger

If you’re asking for hangers that can handle all your heavy garments, you need something like wooden hangers. The best things about this one are that it’s stylish and durable, usually more than any other hanger.

Plastic Hanger

When you’re a bit short on budget but still need something decently useful, plastic hangers can be really handy. They can handle everyday ready-to-wear clothing, such as blouses, shirts, and light jackets. Plus, they ensure more room in your closet.

Wire Hanger

They’re more of a temporary option and for light use. The best sides of these hangers are that they’re easy to find and cheap. But the downside is that they’re a big NO for heavier clothes.

Comparing Velvet Hangers to Plastic Hangers

Probably you too thought plastic ones were better than velvet. This is where I’ll have to disagree with you. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to understand if I could just clear things up with a simple table? Let’s see:

AspectsVelvet HangersPlastic Hanger
MaterialSoft Velvet-like MaterialDurable and Lightweight plastic
GripBetter grip with a non-slip surfaceSmooth surface and weaker grip
Space-savingMore space-saving due to slim designComparatively bulky and saves less space
VersatilityCan handle a wider variety of garmentsVersatile enough for everyday clothing
AestheticMore aestheticLess aesthetic
CostA bit expensiveComparatively cheap

How Do Velvet Hangers Save Space in Your Closet?

Yes, they do save space.

But how? Well, as the design is slim and sleek, they take only 1/3 space compared to plastic hangers, even if you’re using the 50-pack hanger sets.

Plus, the flexible material minimizes taking up additional space as the hangers adjust themselves to the type of clothing you’re putting there.

And yes, they allow you to securely hold all the garments in place, perfectly close to each other. They even make it easy to hang pants. So, putting in more than enough clothes shouldn’t be a problem.

Another good thing about velvet hangers is that they can take in accessories like belts, scarves, ties, etc. So, you don’t need to manage a separate space for them, at least.

Are Velvet Hangers Worth the Investment?

If you’re asking for a one-word answer, I’d say ‘YES’. But if you’re into more detail about how they are worth every penny, then you’ll have to stick with me a bit longer:

Pros and Cons of Using Velvet Hangers

Though hangers are not coins, they’ve got two sides too. I call them pros and cons. So, clearly, velvet hangers got some as well.

  • Less chance of clothes falling
  • Grips delicate and regular fabrics perfectly
  • Maximizes closet space
  • Handle a wider variety of garments
  • Better aesthetic appeal
  • Comparatively flexible and durable
  • Hooks and notches for accessories
  • Can hold up to 10 lbs. weight
  • Not good for wet clothes
  • Attracts dust or lint
  • Not ideal for heavy items
  • Requires careful handling

How Do Velvet Hangers Compare to Traditional Wooden Hangers?

No, velvet hangers can’t beat wooden hangers in the race for sturdiness. Clearly, there are certain aspects that make them different from each other. And in some senses, they are superior to each other.

Features Velvet HangerWooden Hanger
ProfileComparatively slimBulkier profile
UniformityKeeps it consistent Might clutter
Surface Non-slipperyComparatively slippery
Notch/HookAllows accommodation of accessoriesDon’t allow additional items too often
Durability Decently sturdyStronger and more durable
Space ManagementMore efficient Less efficient

Why Are Velvet Hangers Better Than Plastic Ones?

I’d say velvet hangers are better than plastic ones, probably in every possible way.

  • Velvet hangers have a non-slip surface to keep clothes in place; plastic hangers don’t.
  • Velvets are gentler on the fabrics. But plastics can crease or damage them.
  • Velvet saves more space than plastic.
  • Compared to plastic, velvet can handle a wider variety of clothing.
  • Velvets are ahead in the race for aesthetic appeal.
  • Unlike plastics, velvets accommodate accessories.
  • Most velvet hangers have a 360-degree swivel for proper adjustments.

Considering the Benefits of Using Velvet Suit Hangers

While starting with this Ultimate Guide to Velvet Hangers, I was thinking about how many of the hangers out there can actually work as a properly functional suit hanger.

After all, the thing with suit hangers is that they need to have certain properties in their cart. It seems velvet hangers have a few of them, such as:

  • Wide Shoulders: Support the suit’s shape perfectly.
  • Non-slippery: Non-slip surfaces prevent slipping.
  • Strong Construction: Can hold suits with a decent weight (up to 10 pounds).
  • Trouser Bar: Can hold pants of the suit as well.
  • Swivel Hook: 360-degree swivel chrome hook moves in any direction.
  • Slim Profile: Allows for more room for other clothing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Type of Clothes to Hang on Velvet Hangers

Okay, who said it’s okay to throw any clothes on your velvet hanger?

There are certain factors you need to take into account before making a move on that part.

Yes, I am talking about factors like:

  • Understand the type of fabric you want it to handle, whether it’s silk, satin, or any other fabric. Velvets are great for delicates. But it doesn’t mean that you should start using damp clothes.
  • The weight of the fabric matters a lot here as well. Don’t go for anything heavier than 10 pounds.
  • Do your clothes have straps? If yes, velvets are perfect. By the way, I’m talking about hangers with notched shoulders.
  • Does your outfit need to skip shoulder bumps? Then, it’s better to use velvet hangers.
  • Do your clothes eat up too much space with other hanger types? Then Velvet can surely help you with that.
  • Is it for casual or day-to-day wear? If so, velvet will work great.

How Do Velvet Hangers Compare to Other Types of Hangers?

It’s often the type of hanger where people mess up most of the time. Some even pick hangers based on which colors are available in the store.

velvet hanger vs other hanger
Velvet Hanger vs Other Hanger

So, do you really want velvet hangers that will hold your garments without dropping them at the bottom of your closet? If so, then you need to know why they are different or better than other options.

The Space-saving Design of Velvet Hangers

There are a few reasons that kind of make me call velvet hangers the ‘best and most affordable’ hangers out there. Here are the ones that came to my mind in the first place:

  • Slim profile: Velvet’s sleek design makes it the space saver that plastic and wooden hangers miss. Wire hangers have that, but they miss the required amount of strength.
  • Non-slip: This is where velvet hangers can simply beat all the types of hangers, as none of them got it so perfect.
  • Shoulder Contour: Velvet’s contoured shape keeps the shape of the clothes on point. This is something you probably won’t be getting most of the hangers for.

Why Are Velvet Hangers Ideal for Delicate Fabrics?

No, I don’t think any other hanger can deal with delicate fabrics better than velvet hangers. Here’s why:

What are velvet hangers good for
Image by Amanda Canas, WlDjrxUGLUE from Unsplash
  • The gentle grip of velvet takes care of delicate fabrics perfectly without causing any damage.
  • Velvet’s are great at preventing cloth stretching or distortion, as they don’t put any extra pressure on the fabric.
  • Thanks to the ‘zero rough edges’ of velvet, snagging has no chance of slipping in.

Differentiating Velvet Hangers from Wood Hangers

If you’re a fan of sturdiness, you’re going to love wood hangers. But exactly what makes them different from velvet ones?

The following table will surely clear up that question:

FeatureVelvet HangersWood Hangers
MaterialMade of soft velvet materialsMode of wood
GripNon-slipperyComparatively slippery
Durability Less durableMore durable
VersatilityMore versatile Less versatile
Fabric HandlingGentle on delicate fabricComparatively harsh on delicate fabrics
Color optionsMore color optionsFewer color options
MaintenanceA bit tough to maintainEasy to maintain

Comparing the Durability of Velvet Hangers to Plastic Counterparts

Okay, I admit it!

It’s tough to say which hanger is the most durable, as longevity often depends on the usage pattern. But still, there are certain points that draw a line of difference between these two:

Point of ComparisonVelvet HangersPlastic Hangers
ConstructionVelvet covering with a plastic coreEntirely plastic construction
Wear and TearProne to wear and tear over usageLess prone to wear and tear
Weight capacityUp to 10 lbs.7–10 lbs.
BreakagePlastic core is breakable under pressureComparatively resistant to breakage
FlexibilityPerfectly flexibleRigid

Benefits of Using Thin Velvet Hangers for Specific Clothing Items

Yes, it’s true that velvet hangers can’t handle all types of clothing items.

But they can surely handle most of them. Now the question is: what kind of benefit should you expect from them? Here’s the list:

  • Velvet hangers with a thin profile ensure space maximization for most of the clothes.
  • These hangers give delicate clothes better support.
  • They don’t mess with the cloth’s shape with shoulder bumps, even while hanging suits.
  • Velvets don’t stretch clothes or damage tough items such as jeans or delicates like silk dresses.
  • They make it easy to access clothes, even in crowded closets.

Tips for Maximizing Closet Space with Velvet Hangers

Even if I get you the most expensive and best hangers in the world, it still won’t be enough for you if you don’t manage them properly.

why do velvet hangers save space
Maximizing Closet Space with Velvet Hangers

So, why not give you some tips to make the best use of them? Plus, how can I call it the ultimate guide to velvet hangers if it doesn’t even come with the tips you need the most?

Organizing Your Entire Closet With Velvet Hangers

Keeping the closet organized doesn’t depend on your velvet hangers; instead, it depends on you. So, try following these tips, and keeping it all organized should get easier.

  • Categorize the clothes by season and type.
  • Create a color code to detect different types of clothes.
  • Use velvet hangers with thin profiles to optimize space.
  • Get rid of items that are not needed in the closet.
  • Declutter the space regularly.

How to Prevent Clothes from Slipping Off Velvet Hangers?

Yes, velvet hangers have a better grip. But that doesn’t mean clothes can’t slip from them at all. Keep these below-mentioned tips in mind, and you won’t have to worry much about the slippage issue.

  • Pick the hanger size as per your clothes size.
  • Get hangers with notches or clips.
  • Use garment layers to prevent slippage.
  • Get hangers that have a curved design.
  • Make sure the clothes have enough space in between.

Utilizing Swivel Hooks and Non-slip Features of Velvet Hangers

It seems swivel hooks have turned into a ‘must have’ for not only velvets but for other types of hangers as well. So, try to make them useful in a way where you can maximize your closet’s accessibility and hang your accessories like belts and ties.

But make sure you’re hanging delicates and strapped items securely. If possible, organize your clothes by occasion or color on matching hangers, as that’ll make finding them later easier.

Clever Ways to Combine Velvet Hangers for Better Space Utilization

I bet you’re craving to know something like this. Well, here are the tips you’d like to take screenshots of:

  • Layering Technique: Put more than one item per hanger. Make sure you’re using lighter items.
  • Clip-on: Try using clips to attach accessories so you don’t have to make separate space for them.
  • Double Up: If you’ve got a heavier item, rather than putting it on a bulky hanger, use two hangers for that one outfit.

Maintaining a Uniform and Aesthetically Pleasing Closet Look with Velvet Hangers

Who doesn’t like seeing a uniform and aesthetically pleasing closet look in their closet? I bet you do, too.

But how do you get that with standard velvet hangers? Simple! By following these tips,

  • Keep the color coordination right on point.
  • Always use thin velvet hangers.
  • Maintain consistency in hanging style.
  • Keep clothes facing the same direction.
  • Space all your clothes evenly.
  • Don’t even think about overstuffing.

Final Words

Hangers don’t seem like a big deal, right?

I would say, Wait, my friend, till you run out of space in your closet. I believe it’s the velvet hangers that can save you there. So, I thought of giving you an idea of the good and bad sides of velvet hangers and why these hangers are better than other options out there.

I hope with this ultimate guide to velvet hangers, you won’t have to run into the alley of confusion anymore, at least not while buying hangers.

Happy Space-Saving!

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