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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove the Door of LG Refrigerator

By Albert G. Croley
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To remove the LG refrigerator doors, first, you need to gather the necessary tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers or wrenches, gloves, a flat surface, etc. 

Then, unplug the refrigerator, remove its contents, and locate the hinge covers at the top, middle, and bottom. Afterward, unscrew the hinge covers and the door is all set for removal.

Well, it’s just a glimpse. Whether you’re looking to clean behind the door or replace it entirely, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, so that you can do it yourself.

Key Takeaways:
Test the seal with paper to verify its condition and defrost the freezer if frost buildup is present.
Wear gloves for protection, unplug the refrigerator to avoid electric shocks, and handle the door with care to prevent damage or injury.

Ensure the Door Needs Replacing

Removing the refrigerator becomes obvious when it is damaged or broken. In some cases, replacement becomes essential. So, make sure your LG refrigerator door needs a replacement. 

Most of the time, it happens because of the malfunctioning of the door mechanism (door gasket or seal).

Once you know where the problem lies, you can remove the door. So, make sure to follow these tips carefully to identify what’s the problem:

  • First, take a look at the gasket, which is the rubber seal around your freezer door. Check if it’s broken, loose, or cracked, as you might need to get a replacement.
  • You can test the seal easily by using a piece of paper. Just place the paper between the freezer and the door, then shut the door. If the seal is working properly, you should feel some resistance when you try to pull the paper out.
  • Go all around the door, checking every part. If the paper slips out easily in any spot, it’s a sign that the gasket isn’t sealing properly and may need to be replaced.
  • Another thing to watch out for is frost buildup, which can also prevent the door from sealing properly. If you notice a lot of frost, you might need to defrost the freezer to clear it out.

If you don’t have any issues I’ve discussed earlier, then the problem is the door itself. That means it’s time to remove & replace it.

Gather the Necessary Tools and Supplies First

Before you start removing the door, make sure you have all the necessary tools and supplies at hand.

Gather the Necessary Tools and Supplies
Gather the Necessary Tools and Supplies
  • Screwdriver (based on the screw type)
  • Non-scratching surface for placing doors
  • Pliers or wrench for disconnecting water tube fitting [Optional]
  • Gloves (To protect hands)
  • Sponge or cloth
  • Cleaning solution/Mild detergent

Before you start, make sure to remove any food and bins from the refrigerator doors. This will make the process easier and safer.

The Process of Removing Doors from an LG Refrigerator

Removing the door of an LG refrigerator is relatively easy if you know how to do it. 

Here are the steps you are looking for –

To remove the old door of your LG refrigerator –

  • Start by unplugging the water dispenser hose.
  • Remove the three screws from the top hinge of the freezer door and take off the plastic cover.
  • Unplug the two wiring connectors on the left side of the cover and remove the ground wire screw.
  • Carefully pull out the water hose from the top of the freezer door.
  • Remove the hinge locker and slide the hinge over the wires and water hose to detach it.
  • Temporarily place the water hose in the same hole as the wires to keep it out of the way.
  • Lift the freezer door off and set it aside.
Locate the Hinge Cover and Remove it
Locate the Hinge Cover and Remove it

Now, if you need a replacement door, install it by following the steps below –

  • Position the new door and insert the water hose into the holder at the top.
  • Replace the hinge, ensuring it is securely hooked into place, and press it into place in the new door.
  • Secure the hinge locked into place.
  • Push the water hose into the hole until it reaches the connection point at the back of the door.
  • Reattach the ground wire and plug the wiring connectors back together.
  • Position the cover back into place and secure it with the three screws.
  • Reconnect the water hose to the dispenser.

Test the New Door –

  • Close the door and check to see if it seals properly. It should close smoothly without any gaps.
  • Test the water dispenser to ensure there are no leaks from the hose.
Plug the Refrigerator Back in and Return the Items Inside
Plug the Refrigerator Back in and Return the Items Inside
  • Lastly, plug the power cord back in and check the fridge. Make sure the indicator lights are on and the compressor is running. If everything looks good, you’re all set!

LG Models That Will Work

LG refrigerators come in different models and specifications. However, the process of removing doors for all these models is not similar.

Here is a list of the main models of LG freezers and refrigerators that will work with the process I’ve given you above –

  • LFC25760SB
  • LFC25760ST
  • LFC25760SW
  • LFC25760TT
  • LFX21960ST
  • LFX25950SB
  • LFX25950SW
  • LFX25950TT
  • LFX25960ST
  • LFX25976ST
  • LFX28968ST
  • LFX28978ST
  • LFX31925ST
  • LRDC22743ST
  • LRDC22744ST
  • LRFC25750TT
  • LRFD25850ST
  • LRSC26923TT
  • LRSC26925TT
  • LRSC26980SB
  • LSC26905TT

So, check your user manual to ensure the model of your LG refrigerator and if the manual has some special process, follow it.

Practical Tips for A Smooth Door Removal Process

Here are some essential tips that I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made when attempting the process –

  • Check the Door Alignment – Once the door is back on, test it to ensure it closes properly. Adjust the hinges if needed for a snug fit.
  • Clean the Seals – Use a mild soap solution to clean the door seals, maintaining a tight seal to prevent air leaks.
  • Inspect and Replace Damaged Parts – Check for any damaged hinges, seals, or other components, replacing them as necessary to keep the fridge in good condition.
  • Level the Fridge – Check if the fridge is level from side to side and slightly tilted back to ensure proper door closure and prevent water accumulation.
  • Avoid Overloading the Door – Don’t overload the door with heavy items. It’ll strain on the hinges, leading to misalignment.
  • Regular Maintenance – Regularly clean the coils at the back of the fridge and watch for leaks or unusual noises.
  • Use Caution with Door Removal – Be cautious when removing or reinstalling doors, as they can be heavy. Consider asking for help if needed.
  • Refer to the Manual – Consult the refrigerator’s manual for guidance on maintenance and safety if unsure about any step.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for today!

If you encounter any issues, as mentioned, this complete guide on how to remove the door of the LG refrigerator is always here. Whatever the reason, learning to fix doors is a crucial part.

Remember, it’s better to ask for an additional helping hand. And, make sure to always inspect the door of your refrigerator. Sometimes simple issues with the door can be bigger than your imagination.

So, before it goes that way, solve it instantly and create a safe environment.

Until next time, happy fridge fixing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can refrigerator doors be removed to fit through the doorway?

Yes! To do that, measure the “path of delivery.” This method will let you know whether the refrigerator door will fit through the doorway or not. Check the appliance dimensions, like the unit depth (with the door or without the door). If necessary, you can remove the door.

Do refrigerator doors come off for delivery?

Well, it depends on the situation. Most of the delivery providers remove the door for delivery. It’s essential to keep the unit safe and deliver it to your home. Additionally, they will cover the unit with protective material to keep your floor from being damaged.

Can LG refrigerator doors be removed for delivery?

Yes, the delivery man for your LG refrigerator can remove the door to keep your unit safe. It’s a temporary step. Sometimes, they not only remove the door, but they remove the hinge as well.

Are LG refrigerator doors reversible?

Of course, you can reverse the LG refrigerator doors, but only for some specific models, such as the French Door Model Standard (M325SW) and the French Door Model Standard (R-M321GCV), that have a serial number after January 2015.

Does the refrigerator door handle come off?

Yes, the refrigerator door handles do come off, but the process might vary depending on the specific refrigerator model and build. Hence, refer to the user manual to get the necessary instructions and information.

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